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I A’d all your Q’s. There were no softballs. This was all hard-hitting shit.

In honor of the [almost] 3pm slump, I give you a picture of Malbec. Taken in Argentina, right outside of Bariloche in the Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi. With Lago Gutierrez in the background.

Also…Meredith, Andy and I are going to wine tonight. Andy! You better either be examming or napping with your lack of email response! Kisses!!

liltinysoprano said:

I don't know if you're still up because time zones, but: are you a wine drinker at all? Red or white? Which varietals do you prefer? Screw caps vs. corks? Most memorable wine-drinking experience?

Haha, I was indeed asleep, because apparently it is my m.o. to beg for asks and fall asleep thirty minutes later.

I LOVE wine! I would say I’m an equal parts beer and wine drinker (though beer tends to win in the spring and summer, because almost nothing beats drinking a beer outside). Red is okay, but it’s never what I pick for myself—white all the way. My favorite is Sauvignon Blanc, though I also enjoy Pinot Grigio and dry Rieslings. I really hate Chardonnay and any whites that are sweet. With regard to screw caps or corks, it truly doesn’t matter—you can’t judge the quality of a wine based on this, so really I only care if I’m not currently in possession of a corkscrew.

And hmm, it’s hard to pick just one memorable wine moment. I’ll always remember my first foray into wine, drinking white zinfandel (that makes me cringe now) in my friend David’s North Village apartment while watching Roseanne. Or coming down to the dining room in our hotel in Ostiglia after several, several hours of traffic and being so unexpectedly taken with their regional specialty, the sparkling red Lambrusco. Or holing up with my (now former) best friend in my room in North Village with a bottle of Gravina we’d bought at Green’s.

The awkward moment when your mum says you can move her car out of the road.. so you do.. but you forget that they dont know you’re turning slightly alcoholic and you almost crash into your uncles aldi.. that was close.

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