Wine in the Afternoon
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Wine in the Afternoon - Franz Ferdinand 

So summer stains a sky with inky swirls that bring the thunder low. But I don’t mind, I’m doing things and doing them with you. And if you’re smart you’ll put that book back down, you’ll drag me to the floor, drag me down for more.

“Why are you drinking wine on the street?”
“We bought this wine to drink at a music festival we are going to right now, but there are a lot of friends waiting for us there; we thought we may not be able to get to this one. So, on our way we just got off the subway and decided to finish it off. We really wanted to drink this wine.”

“왜 길거리에서 와인을 마셔요?”
“음악 축제에 가서 마시려고 산 건데, 축제에 가면 친구들이 많아서 아마 이 술을 다 뺐길까봐, 그냥 중간에 내려서 몰래 마시고 있어요. 진짜 이 술을 너무 마시고 싶었거든요.”

The seven spending a summer at piper’s summer house at a lake and the last day they ended up skinny dipping

Franz Ferdinand - Wine In The Afternoon