excuse me while i sit here and sip my wine and laugh at you as you continue to rail on angrily about why no one should ship frank hardy and nancy drew


Daenerys Targaryen challenge 

day 4/favorite location

"Before you came MEEREEN was dying. Our rulers were old men with withered cocks and crones whose puckered cunts were dry as dust. They sat atop their pyramids sipping apricot wine and talking of the glories of the Old Empire whilst the centuries slipped by and the very bricks of the city crumbled all around them. Custom and caution had an iron grip upon us till you awakened us with fire and blood. A new time has come, and new things are possible. “


heroesvs week one I vote


i mean, i'm not saying there aren't bridges that need to be built, but if we start building them now, who knows?

-sylar to claire. an invisible thread (3x25).


It’s happening. Courteney Cox & Matthew Perry reunite on Cougar Town tomorrow at 10/9c! Watch their first scene together straight from the episode.

  • "dude, it’s just a stupid list, remember? who cares what dumb girls think, right?"
  • "i want to talk about this list you girls made. the one where you rated the boys’ looks in the class. look, it really messed kyle up, okay? how could you vote him the ugliest?"
  • "i was just thinking you voted a little hastily on the cutest boy."
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Coffee Is The New Wine people. Get you some.

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— tanya b.