windows on washington

Nestled on a corner on Washington Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri sits an old building. Built in 1910 by architect Theodore Link for Roberts, Johnson, and Rand Shoe Company, the building has since become a common place visited by tourists and passed by residents. The building now acts as an entertainment building for banquets and weddings, known as Windows on Washington.

-Amber Rochette (Rochedned)

Hi everyone! I had a Formal event through SLU last week. We celebrated the end of the semester by dancing the night away at Windows on Washington, a venue right by City Museum in St. Louis! There was Indian food, caricature artists, photo booths, ice cream from Coldstone, and so much more. A huge thanks goes out to my date Luke for trying new things and making the night so much more special! 

I also hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter. Since we have a long weekend in celebration of the holiday, I came home to Chicago and am relaxing before finals studying begins. 

Wishing you all an Easter filled with love, peace, and joy.


by @risdarch #next_top_architects Join us this Thursday evening at the AIA Windows space at 158 Washington St. for Gallery Night Providence. We have mounted the work of Laura Cabral, BArch’15, Deb Rosenberg, MArch’15 and first year grad Amelia Millan Osma, MArch ‘17 as representative of work done at #RISD this past year that concerned #RhodeIsland. There will be work by students from #RWU

Washington National Cathedral is at the center of a Confederate Flag debate

DC News | WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJLA) - Two stained glass windows at the Washington National Cathedral are at the center of a debate. The Cathedral’s dean says it is time for the windows to come down because they include Confederate flags, a symbol of racism to some. The windows on the church’s south side were installed more than 60 years ago to honor Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

“It was meant as a symbol of reconciliation, the north and south had come back together and we were all united…the question now– is what was appropriate in 1953 still appropriate in 2015?” says Kevin Eckstrom, Cathedral spokesperson.

It’s unclear what the cost would be to replace the windows. One idea is removing them and putting them on display in a light box. Their potential removal comes at a time when the Cathedral still has more than 20 million dollars in earthquake repairs to make.

The decision, which may not come until the end of the year will be made by a Cathedral group, similar to a board of directors.

The Revered Gary Hall will talk about the windows in his sermon this Sunday.–115091.html | via WJLA News