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Please listen to Repackage album on Baidu

First download extension youku unblock for Chrome  Firefox 


Pick the songs you want to listen to and click the button that is circled (it means play selected songs) 2nd button means add selected songs to baidu music box so if you want to browse other albums you can add more songs.  

baidu music box window will automatically pop up in a new tab and songs will play automatically.

you can listen to the full song.. not just 1 minute preview. The song lyrics are also at the right hand side of baidu music box 

Sara LudyVapors, 2015website, variable

Vapors is a fictional product line of scent-based home experiences. The title refers to diffusion in the air, as well as vaporware – both of which are fantasy products. Vapors unfolds as a parallel universe of domestic home fragrances. Each page includes a 3D rendering distorted with Photoshop paintbrushes, sparkling animated GIFs that imply noise, electricity and energy, and an .mp3 created from online sound generators. The work functions as a series of product display windows, showing a spherical diffuser whose painterly vapors are merged with the backdrop of a window box. The still motion of the 3D rendering coupled with subtle flickers and synthetic sound creates a displacement in time. Vapors refers to fleeting desire, substitution of nature and blind indulgence; symptoms aligned with our use of technology.

192/365: The Spiral on Flickr.

pre-birthday lunch with my family today. Ate at India Palace Restaurant in town, a favorite and a place my mother and I often go when she comes to visit.

Noho is FULL of spiral staircases.
I love them as they’re both smart and attractive. I don’t much like walking up and down them, though.