My opinion of John Winchester has changed

 I have gone back and I started watching Season one again but I realized that John cries, he’s a very emotional guy. So he would not care of it Dean and Sam cried and showed emotions like men should. and I also believe that John would not give two craps if Dean is bisexual or Sam for that matter. John wouldnt care about their sexual orientation as long as the job got done. 

i think it was Bobby who taught the boys that showing emotion was for girls because that is Bobby’s generation. if John wasn’t so driven by Mary’s death the boys wouldn’t be so damaged, I know thats the whole point of the show but that’s the reality of it.  

John was scared about losing his boys, the last time john scared was at war in the Navy and what do you do in the navy? you follow directions, so you wont get killed. john only knew that way of being safe. So he took what he had learned and applied it to his life. he told Sam and Dean what to do so they would not get killed. the logic is there, I see that now. I see what John was trying to do. 

In conclusion, making John out to be the bad guy saying that he never cared about his sons is complete bullshit, he cared so much about losing them he just never had a father to show him that loving your kids and being there for them was the right way of doing things. 

I dont think I made my point clear but its the best I could do

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