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I love the little fights they have and how their versions of the stories are so different and hilarious. Love this episode (I miss them pranking each other and fighting and just being brothers )

BoyKing!Sam/Consort!Dean AU for Sara ♥

Dean says he doesn’t want to die, but Sam can see that his brother is resigned to his fate. There is only one way to save Dean from his deal and Sam is willing to see it through, no matter the cost. But when the only thing that’s left of Lilith are the blood spatters in which they are covered, Dean looks at Sam, shocked and revolted. Dean calls him a monster and things aren’t going as Sam had hoped. Dean runs and Sam lets him, doesn’t do anything as Dean, Bobby, Rufus and their resistance group formulate plans to kill the BoyKing. Dean never goes through with one of their plans though, Sam never makes Ruby his Queen. The pull the brothers have towards one another is too strong and one day Dean gives in to the dark side to be with Sam. Naked, collared and leashed Dean accepts his role as the consort of the BoyKing. Reborn as demon and immortal just like his brother, Dean knows he’s strong enough for them to consummate their relationship. A lot of time is spent in their chambers and when Dean finally reemerges, his stomach is swollen with Sam’s child.

It’s not gay, Sam. I just think your first time should be with someone you trust.
—  Dean to a teenage Sam… probably.
shippers always be shippers

you follow a wonderful blog  and suddenly you discover that you do not share the same ship ….


but this is not a problem for me, since all ships are beautiful


but some people do not understand it


and tries to sink your ship


no matter what you think about someone’s ship, respect and do not judge


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Hello! for acespnweek, could you please do hs!au Wincest with ace!Dean? Please and thank you <3333

super duper late but hello you speak my language
wincest; hs au; ace!dean; broooothhherrssss; sfw;

It’s a well-established fact that Dean Winchester flirts with everyone at South Lawrence High School. He’s nice, handsome, and doesn’t discriminate between sexes or genders when it comes to giving flirtatious remarks and compliments.

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Nothing but you

The silence in the car was thick and heavy around them. Another job done, people were saved, and Sam was pouting in the passenger seat.

Dean didn’t know what to think, in times like that he could only guess what was with Sam, and usually didn’t get that right. He glanced at him from time to time, trying to figure out what was wrong, but when he couldn’t bear it anymore – there were at least another hour and half of drive, and he didn’t want to spend it in a pointless angst – he sighed.

« You gonna tell me what’s up or we’re just sitting here pretending we’re not being awkward? » he asked, eyes on the road.

« Nothing, » Sam replied, staring in front of himself without really seeing anything.

« You’re not talking to me from when we found that son of a bitch, hell even before that, so what’s wrong? » Dean snapped.

« Everything’s fine, Dean, » Sam sighed, not moving. His tone was flat, not an inflexion in it.

« Why are you going to make me say it? Don’t make me go chick-flick on you. » Dean tried the I-already-know-so-don’t-you-dare-deny-it tone, but wasn’t sure it would work out. Most of times it did, but when Sam started to think things over and over, it wouldn’t. He gave it a shot, though.

« Why, what do you think it is? » Sam said, his tone ironic.

Dean just looked at him for a long instant, his gaze wandering over his entire body, his tenseness, so unusual after a well-done hunt, and for a moment he didn’t know what to do.

He turned to look at the road, lips pursuing in an attempt not to snap – again – at his brother.

Minutes passed, the humming of the engine the only sound around them.

Dean was trying to work out what he had done wrong, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Not this time. At some point, he decided to give in. He couldn’t bear a not talkative Sam, a silent Sam, not when the cause of the silence seemed to go between the two of them and distance them, even just the tiniest bit. He placed a hand on Sam’s knee, squeezing just so, a mute I’m sorry even if I don’t know why.

He really hoped Sam would get it.

He did. « He always comes when you call him, » Sam muttered under his breath, the words leaving him with a slight effort, and he didn’t have to specify.

Dean knew.

Relief washed through him. At least he really didn’t do anything.

He had  two options: talk about his and Sam’s sentiments, explaining and convincing and opening himself, or turning it into a joke. The choice didn’t need pre-thinking. « Jealous, Sammy? » he joked lightly, smirking just so.

« No way in hell, » Sam replied automatically. His answer wasn’t entirely lacking of over thinking, tough.

Dean faced him, and when he got that Sam wasn’t over this, he just smiled, shaking his head, squeezing his hand just a little more. Sam turned and faced him. « He’s just a friend. He means nothing that way. »

Sam kept his mouth closed for a moment, a hint of insecurity palpable in his look. «He’s powerful, naive and honest, and you’re not related in any—» he started then, only to be cut off by Dean.

« When have I given a fuck that we’re related, Sam? » he interrupted him in disbelief.

When his brother didn’t reply and turned to look at the road, he almost pulled over. « Sam. » His tone was steady, meaning he wanted Sam to look at him, no, he had to have Sam looking at him.

Sam did, reluctantly, and pursued his lips closer together. Dean’s heart missed a beat at the sight. « You know I’d give everything up for you. This includes him, and every single thing you think I would put in front of you. I wouldn’t. Not a single thing. » Dean meant it, his voice sincere and clear. He didn’t bother turning it into a joke now, he had to get Sam understand that. How could he ever doubt his love, after all that time, after all they’d been through? Had him that a low opinion of himself?

Sam’s eyes softened a bit hearing that words, and a little smile crept up his mouth, forcing his way through his lips. He returned his eyes on the road, and so did Dean, both of their heart lighter now.

After a while, Sam’s left hand covered Dean’s. He just left it there, warmth spreading between them as a reassuring truth and certainty.

« I love you, » Sam murmured, eyes not leaving the road ahead of them.

Dean turned to him, smiling, knowing. « I know, baby boy. » He loved that nickname, and he knew Sam did too, so he used it every time he could.

Sam flushed just the tiniest bit, and squeezed Dean’s hand under him. Dean turned his palm and interlaced his fingers with Sam’s, reciprocating the grip.

He stared at the road too, content now. « I love you too. »

Sam’s heart missed a beat.


College Sabriel or Wincest. The world may never know...

It had been a long time since Sam had allowed himself to think about him. It hurt too much. But he couldn’t help it, sometimes he’d see someone from behind and swear on his life that it was him. People told Sam remembering helped, that it would make grief disappear sooner if he remembered all of the good things, but usually all of the good things would take a dark turn and then he would remember the bad things. That was when he would block everything. He refused to think about him anymore. Screw the people who had told him things got better. Nothing got better, and nothing ever would.


God dammit! He was a grown man he shouldn’t be shivering like this in his seat. Who’s flip flopping idea was it to make the libraries negative five bajillion when it was almost winter outside? At least it was acceptable for a girl to bring a blanket in there, although he wasn’t even too sure why, so how come he had to sit there in his sweatshirt freezing his butt off? He couldn’t even feel his toes anymore. Was it allowed if he wore a parka inside? Yeah sure he was tiny, but what would his brother think of him, sitting there shivering like he was naked in the arctic?  


Sam remembered seeing him sitting across the room. He remembered seeing him shivering even though it wasn’t all that cold there. He remembered getting up and asking him if he wanted to borrow his coat. Of course he said no. He was too manly to take it. Besides, he had his own thin sweatshirt on. He didn’t need it. Sam remembered seeing the want in his eyes. He wanted to wear it, but his pride got in the way. His pride always got in the way. Maybe thats why things are the way they are now. Sam left the jacket on the table next to him, but it was forgotten.


“C’mon Sammy, lets go in the lake.” he said. It was one of Sam’s earliest memories with him. He took his clothes off and jumped into the lake. Sam was unsure, he didn’t like water all that much, he also didn’t think it was appropriate for them both to be stripping outside, especially in the spring time. Of course he did it anyway. He always followed the ones he loved, even if the things they did were stupid. He didn’t do anything with Sam in the water that he wasn’t comfortable with. He was always respectful of that. They stayed near the edge of the lake, so he was content.


It didn’t take long for them to realize things were happening quickly. And for once, Sam was actually okay with that. He didn’t know whether to call it love, or just an accident, but it didn’t bother either of them, and they never really talked about it much. They let it be. Maybe it was like that from the beginning, but neither noticed. He was still respectful of Sam’s boundaries even though he was an adult, after all he was still older than him. He was more experienced Sam guessed. Well, Sam knew he was, but it didn’t bother him. All he knew was that he was safe and happy.


They were wandering around the grocery when he addressed Sam’s strange love for bananas. Sam shrugged, “Why should i have to justify my liking of fruit?” He threw his head back, laughing at Sam. “God, I love you so much.” He said. Sam’s breath caught in his throat. Sure they said I love you many times, but this one was different, this felt real. Sam smiled and placed bananas in the basket hanging on his arm. Things should be like this all the time. The feeling of love was warm, and little did Sam know, he felt it the whole time, he’d pushed it off, he thought it was excitement.


“I know shes gone, I miss her too, but why are you letting this affect you so much?” He asked. “I’m tired of people leaving. I am trying to fix things. I just wish I could help.” Sam said. He knew he sounded pathetic, and he knew it wasn’t his fault that any of them were gone. Sam was just sick and tired of it all, the coming and going. Just as long as he understood that the only constant person was him, and Sam wouldn’t allow him to leave. Of course he knew he couldn’t control that sort of thing, but he was damn sure he was gonna try.


He hadn’t called in twelve days. He’d just disappeared of the face of the earth it seemed. And that worried Sam. He had left several messages on his phone. “Hey, where are you? I haven’t, you know, heard from you in a while.” “Sure I know that you don’t have to talk to me every day. I just want to know where you are.” “CALL ME PLEASE!” “What happened to you?” “Will you please tell me what I did?” “I don’t have a single clue where you could be.” “It’s been ten days already!” “I’ll leave you alone now, I guess.” “I’m sorry, I just really miss you a lot…”


There was another week of no phone calls. Until one came. It was from his number and Sam answered it as quick as possible. “He’s gone. I’m so sorry.” It wasn’t him, it was a girl.

“Who is this? What do you mean by gone?” Sam asked emotionless. “He’s dead, died two weeks ago. I thought I’d tell all the people in his contacts, they ought to know. I’m his girlfriend.” she answered. Sam squeezed his eyes shut and hung up the phone. Girlfriend? Dead? Why was she so insensitive? Sam was confused and upset. But the tears never came, he figured they would eventually. He really needed the obituary.


Sam had done some digging, the obituary had been no help at all. He wasn’t even mentioned in it, just the girl. It was painfully obvious she had written it herself. Sam had gone out to ask some people what happened. It was a fight. His pride got in the way once again. He was manly, he couldn’t be associated with a guy back in their home neighborhood. He tried as hard as he could to hide Sam, but couldn’t in the end. Sam knew they were drifting apart, but he didn’t know he was ashamed of him. It was over. Everything was over. Sam finally let his tears fall.


Thats when he stopped. Sam couldn’t think about him anymore. It hurt too much, it always would. Sam hadn’t cried over him in a long while. The thing that hurt him most was that he didn’t get to say goodbye. They had just parted ways. No I love you. No I’ll see you tomorrow. No farewell for now. No goodbyes. He regretted everything about the end. He probably always would. There wouldn’t be anyone better than him. There couldn’t be. Sam promised he wouldn’t let him leave ever, but he had failed. He failed and he couldn’t forgive himself, no matter how many people told him to let him go.

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