I missed you, Uncle Al


Winston walked into his uncles house and made his way straight up to the bedroom with pictures in hand. When he walked in the door, he saw his uncle there and offered a massive grin. “Hey there, sexy.”


Novak’s interview after his semi final win over Rafael Nadal and before his final against Tomas Berdych 

(via ATPWorldTour on YouTube)

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So I went to this store in Schenectady, New York called “Puzzles”. This store is an autistic friendly store where autistic people can eat and the workers are also on the spectrum. The food is 10/10 with an outside area if you want to eat your meals. All the food is low calories and non-GMOs. I suggest if you see any of these shops, stop in and grab a bite to eat! #autism #autismawareness #food #win #life (at Puzzles Bakery & Café)