And that’s why it’s called a squat booty and not a yoga booty 😂

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150425 음악중심 EXO 1위 Win


Win - 15 Months

Size and Appearance: I don’t break out my real camera as often as I should. It’s hard to get in the habit when my iPhone does such a great job and is always near by. But whenever I do take proper pictures of Win, I’m shocked at how grown up he looks in them. He is looking like such a little boy these days. He has a great big, goofy smile, and in the last month he has added three molars to it (two on the bottom and one on the top). 

Mobility: He is getting much faster on his feet and does a trotty little fast walk that is almost a run. He learned how to climb on and off of our couch, which is his favorite thing to do at the moment. His attraction to the couch means he ends up falling off of it a lot. When Eleanor was going through her couch phase I tried really hard to just to keep her off of it, but I don’t have the freedom to micromanage Win like that, so I just push the coffee table back and let him go for it. I figure if he falls off of it enough times he will figure out how not to.

Language: We are still waiting for words, but despite that he remains very communicative. He babbles a lot and sometimes “talks” with so much inflection in his voice that it seems like he truly knows what he is “saying” to us. I’m excited to report that since last month he has developed a renewed interest in signing. It was like a light switched in his head and one day he woke up super eager to sign back to me. He has learned several new signs and uses them liberally. He knows more, milk, eat, all done, change, sleep, boo boo (he made this one up himself), and book. Just today I picked him up to take him back to his room for his nap. He knew what was going on and signed “sleep.” Then when I put him down on his changing table he signed “change,” and when I was finished he signed “all done.” 

Personality: He remains incredibly sweet and affectionate. Several times a day he runs to me and hugs my legs in the tightest squeeze he can manage. He pretty much always gives me a kiss when I ask. He loves to dance and will start getting down whenever he hears music. He and Eleanor have some great living room dance parties these days. This is something he has done for several months now, but he loves to make funny faces, and he is continuously adding more of them to his repertoire. I think he enjoys making me laugh, and likes to see me mirror the faces back to him. I keep waiting for some sort of typical little boy wildness to flare up in him, but so far he is staying mellow and seems to be more on the cautious side. He plays really well by himself, and sometimes just lays on the floor and stares thoughtfully up at the ceiling.  

Food: I’ve started making him little sandwiches for lunch. He loves peanut butter and cream cheese. He’s still a great eater with a huge appetite. Last week we went out to eat and decided to order him his first dish from the kid’s menu: macaroni and cheese. He ate almost all of it by himself! 

Horrid Things: Remember last month when I said he was night weaned and sleeping better? Haha. Boy did I jump the gun on that one. Night weaning continues to be a work in progress. It’s my fault really. I started letting him nurse earlier and earlier in the morning–first it was 5:30, then 5:00, then 4:30, then 4:00–and so we had to kind of start over again. The first few nights of night weaning redo were unspeakably awful, but then he settled back down. He has some nights now where he will sleep through until 6 or so without freaking out about not nursing, but he is far from consistent. I found it helps to offer him a sippy cup of water, which sometimes he drinks from and sometimes he just holds for comfort. The hardest time is from about 4-6am. During that window he is usually restless and cries on and off. He has had a few nights though of sleeping straight through from 8pm-4am. We are still in the thick of it, but I remain hopeful that soon we will all be getting more–and better quality–sleep.  

Great Things: He has started playing with Eleanor in more interactive way. He loves to be included in her little games. She often uses the throw pillows from the couch as little beds for her dollies, and gets baby blankets to cover them up. The other day I was in the kitchen and I came out to find her putting Win to bed on a pile of pillows. He laid down on them, just like she asked him to, and then she covered him up with a blanket told him goodnight. He lay there still for a good while! He loves when she holds his hand and walks with him around the park. I love watching their relationship continue to grow and seeing them enjoy one another.

Favorite Things: We have a Cookie Monster toy that Eleanor got when she was a baby that has been a big hit with both kids. You “feed” Cookie Monster cookies, and they end up in the little red backpack he wears, where you can take them out and feed them to him again. He talks and sort of wobbles around, and at first Win was utterly terrified of him. Anytime he talked Win would cry and shake his head “no.” But Win has been so interested in taking things out of containers and putting them back in again, so I kept trying to show him how the Cookie Monster toy worked. Finally I realized that Cookie would seem less scary if I simply turned him off–and voilà, Win found his new favorite toy. He will sit on the floor and feed Cookie his cookies over and over again. He’s still a little wary of him if he makes any noises though. 

recovery win - last night I measured out a medium sized glass of wine (yes, in a measuring jug) and drank the glass slowly. and that was the only glass I had. self-control win! Still find it strange that drinking one glass of wine is a target from my therapist…but whatever. It’s cool.

10 Things you probably never wanted to know about me

I was tagged by kandidlyrandom who is the awesomest person ever and you should all go follow her! (just saying!)

1) When I’m sad, I whisper “bababooey” to myself like Ben Wyatt in the Parks and Rec episode “The Fight” and make his weird, self-satisfied, pouty face. It never fails. 

2) I don’t trust easily and can be kind of caustic to those I don’t know well. But once you become one of my close friends, I am unwaveringly loyal.

3) I have never been outside of America, but I really want to travel the world (and possibly live in Paris) (and also Antarctica). 

4) I have notoriously terrible handwriting at my school.

5) I get SUPER competitive about board games for no discernible reason. I get really manipulative and sneaky and, now when my family plays, no one will listen to me because “I’m just trying to trick them.” (I mean, it’s true….)

6) Writing saved my life.

7) I’m supposed to major in biology this fall in college, but sometimes I worry I’m lying to myself about my future.

8) I’ve never had a crush on anyone (unless you count all the fictional characters I want to marry. **coughDaleCoopercough**)

9) I have pretty terrible social anxiety (and just anxiety in general), and it can be so incredibly frustrating at times (like how I think I’m dying before tests), but I’ve also learned that this is a part of who I am and I should embrace it. 

10) I’m hella weird. And hella proud of it. 

Okay, I’m going to tag the people who have made tumblr feel so welcoming and awesome for me (besides the lovely kandidlyrandom because I don’t think I’m allowed to tag the person that tagged me):

my collaborator on the future of Twin Peaks pandapaw5160 (if you’re not too busy!), a-little-counter-esperanto (who loves 1990s KMac as much as I do), danideariedixon (who fangirled with me over Dale Cooper first and mourned with me when David Lynch left), my platonic soulmate lonely-esmerelda-countyline, the only person who knows me in real life hazelgracetfios (and who also shares her dinosaur egg candy with me before chem), mrswhichandmeg (who is actually the same person as me), evengottheframe (who noticed the mess that is my tags), staaayifyouwannalovemestay (who I had a really fabulous conversation with about Dan Smith yesterday), random-blimp (who told me to go study economics which I think was an important order), and wilfred-owens (who likes a lot of my things and also just seems like a really fabulous person).

I **THINK** that is 10, but my eyes hurt so I’m not 100% sure and also it’s hard to count because I felt the need to write a little thing about each person. Okay no one else has such long tags, but WHATEVER, it’s my tumblr, bro. Anyways, if you don’t want to do this because you’re too busy or this just isn’t your jam, feel free to ignore it! <3

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