20 Day Pregnancy Challenge!!!

Day #1: A picture of you and five facts.

  1. I am 5”5” and 20 years young.
  2. I am having a boy and his name is Jack Alexander.
  3. My due date is July 8th, and I’m happy about it. Daddy’s birthday is July 13th.
  4. I currently still live with and at my mom’s. (with my mom and my Oma and Great Oma.)
  5. I am currently a student at MSJC for Business and Behavioral Science.

Those are my five facts and my face is above o.0 try not to be too scared. haha XD

wimzicalwinzy asked:

1through 20!

1. 3 turn offs
Degrading names, submissiveness… sometimes… And douchebaggery.

2. 3 turn ons
Intelligence, hair pulling, and manhandling.  

3. Phobia
Car rides with a new driver.

4. Celebrity Crush
Amanda Palmer 

5. Smoke/Drink

6. Favorite Movie
Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko, SLC Punk!, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, and a few more.

7. Name

8. Favorite Band
The Maxies

9. Favorite Music Artist
Amanda Palmer

10. Embarrassing Moment
Eating shit in my first mosh pit.

11. Last thing ate

12. Last text received.

13. 4 things you hate.
Hate. Discrimination. Destruction. Negativity.

14. 4 things you love.
Love. Creativity. Positive Attitude. Art (of all forms). 

15. Random Fact
My name will be known soon.

16. 3 people you miss.
Samantha, Becca, Rafa.

17. Tattoo you want.
666, Lucifer, Medusa, Tardis, Disney Castle, Polar Bear, Angel, Plumeria, Plus sign, clock, Minnie Mouse.

18. A regret.
I have no regrets.

19.  Wish at 11:11
I don’t really ever wish at 11:11. But the last time I did, I wished that I would get a car. And I did…

20.  Craziest thing done.
Over the counter Ecstasy. I’m pretty sure it was straight mollies.