imagineyourotp prompt: Imagine Person B of your OTP down with the flu for around 3 days already and Person A has been watching over Person B the whole time. The next day, it seems that Person A caught the flu from Person B because both of them shared the same spoon when Person B was being fed. As soon as Person A sneezed, both of them end up laughing.  Person B complains saying “I still feel horrible.” but Person A chuckles and says “Let’s just be sick together.” In the end, Person A and B just lay in bed together watching over each other and throwing used tissues at each other.

"Hey, you feeling any better?" Sonny asked, propping Will up on pillows and running his fingers through Will’s damp hair.

"I hate the flu," Will responded, rolling his head away from Sonny. "Go’way. Don’t want you to get sick."

Sonny chuckled. “I’ve been taking care of you for three days, Will. If I was going to get sick, I’d already be sick. Here, have some soup.” Sonny held a spoon out towards his mouth.

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