I got internet-married to the most amazing woman 10 years ago today on Gaia Online at the age of 13.

Now I’m 23 with the mental age of 13 (at times), but I’m grateful to have had Finni in my life for the past decade.


And thank you to all my friends who made wonderful, wonderful contributions to this gift. 


So my friend went Anime Boston and I was like I WISH I COULD GO BUT CAN YOU GO SEE nargyle FOR ME I LOVE HER WORK
I asked if she could buy me a print, but she couldn’t - BUT SHE GOT ME HER SWEET FUCKING BUSINESS CARD cries I love it ;;

Also I looked up wilmuck and found out holy shit I also love their work

So, yeah you both are great artists and I love carrying these cards THEY ARE SO PRETTY

charmwitch said: I want one TAKE MY MONEY

waaahhhhh I could save you one if you wanted~~ ;w;

wilmuck said: Pearlescent whiutttt??? Are ya gonna have these at AB?

Yeah! It’s like stuff you’d expect to use for wedding invites but works pretty cool for prints. I plan to!

Nullcast said: I think it could be done with some controlled lighting and a tripod.  My guess is set the camera up on a tripod, pointed at the print.  Adjust exposure for the smallest reasonable aperture (this will enhance optical effects).  Try to adjust where the light is coming from so it isn’t glaring off the surface into the camera but still catches the tricks of light.

I really do need to get myself a decent camera @_@ Thanks for the tips!


wilmuck replied to your post:Disappointed

omg i thought something horrific happened.

but it is a catastrophe! they turned a completely awesome song into something mediocre. *mauled*

do ‘read more’ seem like something bad has happened? I just used it to cover up really, really stupid rants (like these) and nsfw drawings. 0v0;;;;;