Best punk experienced happed in the Summer of 2001, pre-9/11, when shows where everything to me. My friend Julie got punched in the face by some dick-swinging gangster bro at a punk show. Julie was just standing there minding her own business when this guy went up to her and punched her straight in the face and knocked her the fuck out. So…after dick swinger knocked her out….the crowd at the show parted like the red sea and every single woman, girl, lady, at that show went after the guy. We all started to beat the shit out of him and security dragged his ass out. There must’ve been like at least 25 women on this guy beating him cause he hit a girl. and for the record…not one guy at the fucken show stopped this idiot from hitting our friend. The next band went on to play but before they did the lead singer was like “Ladies…if you can’t handle the pit then maybe you should get the fuck out of the show”….Fuck him and his band. and this was the best show ever for me….it was the best because of how quickly each and every single one of us ladies went after the guy….it was the best because after the show ended a bunch of us met up in the parking lot and talked about what happened and how fucked up it was….it was the best show because I made friends that night that I still talk to to this day…that experience brought a bunch of us closer together.

Hung out with the Mustang crew last night pretty dope dudes down for anything! #ford #mustang #pontiac #firebird #transam #transamgta #americanmuscle #mazda #miata #mx5 #rx8 #sn95 #na #thirdgen #se3p #teamdiversity #carstagram #southbay #california #Carsonca #Wilmingtonca #gottagetmeashelby #day2theystilldontknowwerenotmustangs

My cousin lost her dog June 14th. He disappeared from her home in Wilmington around the Banning High School area. If anyone sees him, or comes across anyone who recently got a dog similar to him, PLEASE notify me! Thanks! #WilmingtonCa #LostDog

Mental health services.

My little town lacks resources to Mental Health. Actually my town lacks a lot of services for a whole lot of everything. I ranted about this earlier on facebook. I was talking to my mom and she had mentioned to me that she was thinking about wanting to talk to a professional. I encouraged her and told her it was a great idea! So I am currently looking through my own resources to see what I can do as far as getting some services for her. My mama totally needs it and I’m glad that she’s even considering it. I’m proud of her. But this also lead me to re-think the whole mental health access in my town. My town of Wilmington lacks a Wellness center or just a place where people could go and talk to someone if they need it. I think every town needs it but you have to understand something…I live in the hood/barrio…where resources for anything are few and far between. Now you may come back with “well mental heath resources suck for anybody in America”…and that is true but they also suck more for people in lower income cities and for People of Color. That’s the truth. There are a bunch of support groups in surrounding cities but hardly anything here in my community and there’s nothing for people who speak Spanish. Too much bullshit happens in my city. I think we as a community have had it rough for many MANY years but this year seemed to have surpass other years with violence…so people need someone to talk to. I want to start something…at least get started with Mental health support groups every single week…meet up at the park..SOMETHING. But I want to do something…I just need help.


The Wilmington Enrichment Community Artist Network invites you to the Wilmington Dia de los Muertos Peace Walk and Celebration Friday November 2, 2012 at Urban Arts Gallery.

This is a FREE community event to honor, remember and celebrate the lives our dearly departed. Residents, friends, and family members are encouraged to bring a framed photograph and/or offering for the community altar that will be on display at Urban Arts Gallery throughout the event.

The candlelight peace walk will begin at 7:15- so

please arrive early to get your face painted by local artists.

The festivities will continue with refreshments, art, music, spoken word, and vendors!

**We also highly encourage you to come dressed up in your best and festive calavera costume!**

Live Performances by:
Luis Guerrero
Shonowa Villalobos

Band: Los Hijos Del Sol

Spinning all night DJ Julio Cardenas

Arte mas Arte
By the Sea Hair Clips
Ms. Yellow
Tutu Cute

For more information or if you are able to make a donation (e.g., candles,face paint, food) and/or volunteer please contact us at

We thank you for your cooperation in making this a peaceful celebration for all Wilmington residents and surrounding communities ♥