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Jaxon & Ellie. - Update.

Jaxon is trying to save up some money totake Ellie out on a romantic date, and maybe a little trip to Granite Falls. But since he’s a little low in cash and doesn’t want to ask Aaron for a loan (He wouldn’t give it to him because all the family savings went into the clothing & book store), he’s decided he would get a part time job at the Police station.

“You look so handsome”

Meanwhile, turns out Emilia isn’t very fond of the idea that Ellie takes care of her. Ellie needs to learn some things about newborns so that Emilia likes her. So she’ll be taking some courses at the community hospital on the days there’s someone at home taking care of Em.

ohmygod dani-paradise, where have this dresses been in my life? <3.


btvs rewatch ✞ 1x12 Prophecy Girl


Jo Chen’s references in Buffy the Vampire Slayer covers

  • Buffy Season 1 promo (1997)
  • Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus painting (1480s)
  • Gone with the Wind movie (1939)
  • Norman Rockwell’s paintings (1894 – 1978)
  • Superman (1938 –)
  • Twilight movie poster (2008)
  • Buffy Season 8 #01 cover (2007)

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Police Station: First day.

Hey you! We’re short-staffed. You’ll have to join me on a murder investigation

Yes, captain! *crap*

So, you say you were taking a shower, and didn’t hear any screams because you’re singing too loud?

Yes, I have an audition tomorrow and I was practicing with my micro…

The police has searched the house, and hasn’t found any microphone.


*back at the station*

You’re a suspect on a murder investigation. You’ve been seen running away from the crime scene. I’ll have to search you in order to book you on the cell. Turn around…. Mhh… a microphone… how interesting.