Fear of mascots is an actual phobia: Masklophobia. It’s a thing and Today show host Willie Geist may have it. Just look at how bummed he is to be getting a hug from the Sochi Bear.

MSNBC: If Republican Said What The SC Dem Chair Said, We Would Have Led With It

Willie Geist: But you’re right Mika, role play that, flip the roles.

Mika Brzezinski: Oh my Lord.

Geist: The head of the Republican Party in the state of South Carolina?

Mike Barnicle: Oh, we would’ve led with it.

Brzezinski: Yeah.

Barnicle: We would’ve led with it.

Brzezinski: And I think we need to just be mindful here. I noticed Joe’s tweet and I thought, “Okay, we’ve got to cover this story.”

Today is a special feature, I am on day 2 of the CMA NYC 2013 Conference and just watched Willie Geist speak on the world of journalism. He had great words of advice, but student named DJ Roman Candles stole the entire show and spoke with Willie on stage!

  • Location: Sheraton Hotel Times Square NYC
  • Speaker: Willie Geist
  • Event: College Media Association National College Media Convention 2013