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There's already another Macbeth adaptation and it's going to Cannes. I don't think EoM will ever happen, and even if it did, it won't ever reach the same success tbh T_T

Yes it was in production before Enemy of Man started. EoM will be done, they’re waiting for Sean Bean because right now he’s filming another movie and he can’t be on the set of EoM. Vincent Regan said “Unfortunately we have missed our spring window for Sean Bean as he has work commitments in the USA until autumn. We aim to commence production as soon as he becomes available.” . Maybe it won’t have the same success since it’s very small production compared to the other Macbeth but I do think it’s going to be a good movie. The cast is absolutely fantastic, Sean Bean, Charles Dance, James d’Arcy,  William Moseley, Jason Flemyng…. I prefer that cast compared to the other Macbeth even if they are really nice actors in it too. 

- Lysander Scamander - 6th Year Ravenclaw - FC: William Moseley  - 

Lysander’s nothing like his twin brother, Lorcan. Lorcan’s full of fantasy and happy endings, but Lysander’s just…. practical. He won’t believe it until he sees a picture or some other form of proof, which basically means that he doesn’t believe anything his brother rambles on and on about. Lysander just wants to complete his education with good marks, figure out what he’ll be doing after Hogwarts, and get a good snog or two from some good looking girl. He’s not very interested in relationships (won’t it be taking away from his studying time?), but his best friend, Elyse Fawcett might be the one exception.

Pack Mr. Moseley
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