Save the Show

Pairing: Maxwell/ William Carter

Rating: PG. nothing but fluff here really

Word count: 1,544

Summary:Maxwell rewatches a show from his past life, just to relive good memories. He notices something in the crowd that triggers a bad memory. He rushes to help his former self out of trouble. William is confused to who this strangely similar man is and how he knew he needed help. Maxwell just tells that he is an angel from the future and gives his young past self a long passionate kiss before leaving.

Maxwell smiled a little bit as he sat in the crowd. Everyone seemed rather happy and awed on what was happening on stage and clapped each time. The few children that were in the crowd were simply delighted by the acts being performed. There was a man on stage smiling brightly at everyone. The man seemed very happy up there, like he was enjoying was enjoying what he did. Maxwell knew the man was enjoying every single moment of his time up on stage and all the smiling faces in the crowd.

Such a good memory this was. Everyone laughing at the antics and the tricks that were made. All the shows were supposed to be fun and interesting and sometimes there were the happy accidents that made each show all that more special. Maxwell never felt his smile leave once from his face. He actually felt happy after such a long time. The man on stage kept smiling as he pushed the glasses back up the bridge of his nose as he looked over the crowd.

It made his heart swell with happiness that he could entertain the people like this. William would always be glad to perform no matter what size the crowd, as long as he could make them smile and laugh it made him want to keep going. His next trick was one that the kids would love. He tipped off the top hat he wore and showed it to everyone and crouched down to the children to see that had gathered up on the stage “Look nothing is in here. Completely empty” he said tapping the top of it to prove it further.

Pulling back he stood up straight holding the hat gently. He waved his hand over the top of it and looked in. To play up the crowd he gave a small frown “Huh. How strange. It seems like it didn’t work” he said shrugging. The kids looked almost devastated. William replaced the hat on top of his head “I wonder what could have happened. I was sure that trick would have worked.” The bespectacled man crouched down towards the children “Maybe the little ones here didn’t believe in my trick. What a shame. You dear children would have loved the surprise I had.”

The children gasped and tried to convince William that they really believed that his trick was real, that the magic he was doing was real. Maxwell chuckled as he remembered this. It was just a little bit cruel to make the children think it was their fault but it was going to be worth it as William continued and sat down on it next “Now, now. Need to be so upset little ones. I just want you to do something for me. Now on the count of three I want you to say ‘I believe’ and that should provide enough for me.” The children nodded their heads as William slowly counted down and the children cried out the words with a smile.

The magician grinned and pulled off his hat only this time sitting carefully on top of his head were a pair of white rabbits. The audience clapped and the children giggled and clapped happily. Pulling the small creatures off his head and let the children play with them and hold them for the rest of the show. Maxwell smiled and clapped along with the audience to show that he wasn’t out of place and not enjoying himself which he was. But then something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. As William was standing back up on the stage a man seemed to be moving up the steps slowly and deliberately to not draw attention to himself.

At first Maxwell was confused but then the memory came back. He remembered as he prepared to do the next trick a man came onto the stage with a knife and stabbed him almost directly under the ribs. Maxwell could no longer remember the reason why but with how close and the position of the knife had been it had almost cost him his life. A hand slowly went to the spot on his own body as he felt a dull throb of pain from the memory. He had been completely unaware and by the time he had been warned it was too late. The man on stage wasn’t going to have any warning at all and he was going to suffer the same painful and near death experience he had.

Unless he did something.

Maxwell frowned and slipped from his chair. William stood back as the props for the next act came out. The man on the steps pulled out a knife from a hiding pocket on his person with full intent to hurt. Just as William turned he made eye contact and the man lunged just as a cry of warning came out. The bespectacled man put his arms up in defense expecting pain, to have the blade rip through his clothes and sink into his skin but it never came. A cry of pain never came from him but from the main that disappeared behind the thick red stage curtains behind him. William was stunned for a few moments before he pushed past people to get to the back.

He moved back and heard another cry only for it to be cut short. William moved quickly to the sound only to jump when a body fell only a few feet in front of him with the blade sticking straight up in his chest. The younger male gasped and put a hand over his mouth as another body stepped out from the shadows. As a reaction he moved back and was going to cry for him when a hand was clamped over his mouth. The man whimpered a little bit expecting to be hurt only for a gentle hand to brush his hair out of his face and quite words came from him. William looked up and found that the man seemed awfully familiar and he visibly seemed to relax.

Smiling Maxwell let go when he was sure that the other wouldn’t scream or anything. William stared in silence for a few moments before finally speaking “Who are you and how did you…. Do that?” he asked pointing to the body “How did you know he was going to come after me. You had to have known or you wouldn’t have taken him with… whatever and killed him. Tell me or I am going to get someone over here” he said trying to seem brave but on the inside he was still shaken up from what had happened. The demon chuckled a little bit and tilted the younger man’s chin up to make sure their gazes met.

“Let’s just say that I’m an angel from the future and couldn’t bear to see you hurt. If that man would have gotten to you you would have possibly died if I hadn’t stepped in at all” he said in a soft voice. As he listened to this William felt his cheeks heat up a little and he forced himself to look away “Well… thank you” he said back to him. The demon grinned at his younger self “I know you are. Just one more thing before I go.” William was about to ask what it was when suddenly he felt a pair of lips pressed rather forcefully against his own. His cheeks flared to a bright red and he grasped at Maxwell’s jacket in surprise. The older male pressed on and forced William to open his mouth allowing him to slip his tongue in and brush it against the other’s.

At first William wanted to push away but for some reason his body rejected his mind’s thoughts and relaxed and gave in. William closed his eyes and gave in to the passionate kiss that had been given to him. What seemed like forever was only a few minutes until Maxwell pulled away leaving the younger male without breath and a blushing mess. The demon ran a thumb over his lips before moving onto his cheek “Try and be a little bit more careful next time” he whispered before pulling back and slipping back into the darkness, ultimately leaving.

The bespectacled man was stunned and speechless for a few moments only to regain his wits about himself… well enough to make him realize that Maxwell had pulled away and had disappeared. William tried to find him but with no luck as someone found him and asked if he was okay. The man replied he was fine and said that someone had killed his attacker just a little bit back from where he came from. A small group of people went and found the body leaving William alone with his thoughts. Moving a hand to his mouth he ran a thumb across his lips. A smile slowly made his way up to his lips and he looked back behind him.

“An angel huh? I wonder if I’ll ever meet this angel again” he whispered to himself as he moved back to the stage pulling back the curtains with the spot light flooding over him as a wide smile came back onto his face.