Grell and his main squeeze

The following blog post translation contains Yana’s comments on Grell’s feelings for William and Sebastian.

(excerpt from Yana Toboso’s blog post from April 24, 2010)

English translation:

Whenever I say “Grell’s main squeeze is William (it’s also mentioned in the official Character Guide)” in meetings with the [anime] staff, most people react “Whaaaaat!?” and then ask me like “Isn’t Sebastian the one who he’s really after!!??”.
I think, from Grell’s point of view, Sebastian is more like an idol.
It’s like there’s someone you love in real life but in front of your favourite artist you become a fan girl and scream for him.
Since he’s everyone’s idol though, you don’t really expect of him to return your love. Once he does, everything becomes too ‘real’ and you somehow lose your interest in him.
You just want to scream and enjoy [being a fan girl] one-sidedly. That’s the image I have about Grell’s feelings for Sebastian.
When I tell that to female creators, they mostly say “I know that feeling too!!!”.
That’s the way girls are, isn’t it?
Grell is a boy, but he has a heart of a girl.

Original text in Japanese: