Never Want To Be Away Again

Will and Sonny celebrate their first wedding anniversary. AU without Paul.

Will blinked himself awake to the soft pressure of Sonny’s lips trailing butterfly kisses down his neck and across his bare shoulders.

"G’morning," Will mumbled.

"Morning," Sonny said against Will’s skin. He kissed his way back up Will’s neck and then hooked his chin over Will’s shoulder. "Happy anniversary."

Will’s lips turned up in a soft smile. “Is it really? I thought it was next month,” Will deadpanned.

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Will,Sonny and Paul 03-31-15 

Days 3/31/15

At the Horton house, Ben arrives with flowers to apologize to Abby. Ugh. Oh, yes, let’s blame Kate, Ben. That’s very mature of you. Lord, I hate him. Oh, zip it, Abby! I’m not your biggest fan, but don’t you dare excuse his horribly hurtful comment! Um…EJ didn’t use Jack’s book to get you into bed, Abby. It’s never good when I’m forced to defend EJ. She tells Ben about Chad lying to you to keep her away from another guy. Ben asks her if Chad’s the reason she won’t move int with him. Ugh. Ben is such an idiot. Okay, yes, Chad hurt you and Jordan, Abby. But with EJ, you caused you own pain. Ben swears that he would never hurt her like Chad and EJ…and yet you did, jerk. I’m still not convinced that Ben won’t start physically hurting her eventually. Ew, why are you kissing him, Abigail? He basically called you a whore. He doesn’t deserve you or your kisses. Ben leaves.

Serena calls Xander to arrange a meet. They agree to meet in the HTS.

Nicole arrives at Daniel’s place. He wanted to see her. Oh this doesn’t sound like it’s going to be good. Or it will be…he wants to apologize to her. And he should! She accepts his apology. To quickly for my tastes. Now she wants to talk about him and Jennifer, but Daniel refuses. Jerk. He does have a point that what’s going on with Jen isn’t any of Nicole’s business. It’s not about Daniel and Jennifer; it’s about JJ. Ugh, Daniel is more hung up on Eric than Nicole is at this point. And now they’re fighting. Nicole shouldn’t have to prove to you that she’s over Eric, you asshat! Is this the end? Are you breaking up for good? Hi, JJ. Nicole storms out of the apartment. Poor honey. She needs to move on though.

At Salem U, JJ has a flashback to his conversation with Jen about Daniel knowing the truth. Hi, Paige. She invites him to go see her mom with her. JJ is so not down for that.

Cole shows up to Eve’s to discuss he plan.

At WilSon’s apartment, Will talks to Ari about his pathetic plan. Sonny’s still sleeping. Rafe arrives with an anniversary gift from Gabi. Is Will seriously surprised that Gabi remembered their anniversary? Yeah, she’s in prison, but she was at the wedding. She was part of the wedding party for crying out loud! Will leaves Ari with Rafe to go and wake up Sonny. But Sonny’s already gone. Dun dun dun!!! Will stayed in Ari’s room last night. Ari looks so cute. Rafe, WilSon’s marriage problems are literally NONE of your business. It’s nice that he’s concerned about Ari’s wellbeing for Gabi, but that doesn’t extend to being able to demand to know what’s going on with their marriage. Sorry not sorry. I don’t know why I’m surprise. Rafe is always butting in on WilSon’s relationship because of Gabi and/or Ari. It’s incredibly boundary crossing and rude. Will promises Rafe that he won’t let anyone hurt their little family. I don’t even know how to respond to that. Like you already hurt your family so badly, Will. It’s so obnoxious how he continues to blame others and completely miss the point.

Sonny arrives at Paul’s hotel room “to talk.” Please don’t put a shirt on Paul! We like you in this white tank. Haha. He’s surprised to see Sonny, understandably. Sonny just can’t stay away. Lol. And I don’t blame him. My fave Days characters can pretty much do as they please and I’ll always take their side, if you haven’t noticed that already. Haha. Damn it…Paul put on a shirt. Sonny starts talking about Paul saving his life. He doesn’t know why Paul didn’t tell him. Maybe because Paul didn’t want to use that to manipulate you? Sonny flat out asks Paul why he didn’t tell him he saved his life. Paul tries to downplay it, but Sonny won’t let him. Paul explains that he didn’t know the blood was for Sonny and let’s it slip that Adrienne knew and how she hugged him. Paul didn’t want Sonny to find out and feel like he owed him anything. S: “Just my life.” Oh sweet Jesus, hi, Mrs. Narita. She is NOT happy to see Sonny and Paul together in her son’s hotel room. Sonny tells her that Paul saved his life. And she doesn’t seem happy or proud? Weird. How handsome is Sonny? *sigh* His eyes are so pretty. I’m such a sucker for pretty brown eyes. Sonny explains the situation to Tori. T: “My son is a good man. I’m sure he would’ve helped anyone in need.” Sonny agrees and then tells her it was nice to finally meet her. OMG, I love him. He’s so sweet and polite. P: “…she’s not a hugger.” S: “Yeah, I noticed that.” Aww, they’re so dang cute. I love their faces. Sonny leaves. That scene was criminally short.

Serena meets Xander in the Square. He wants his diamonds, but she isn’t telling where they are hidden. Yes, please talk about your sexual affair. Ew. She won’t hand over the diamonds until Xander promises of that Eric doesn’t get hurt or find out about their diamond smuggling. She gets a call and leaves. Xander is pissed. Hi, Nicole! YAAAAAS!!! Talk, go out, make out!!! Haha. Xander invites her to join him and offers to listen to her rant about her other guy. Haha. Ugh, Serena’s back. Serena explains how she and Xander know each other. Hmm…Nicole doesn’t want to be friends with Xander if he’s friends with Serena. Yikes. What is Xander’s last name? He asks her to dinner and she gives him a “we’ll see.” Smooth like peanut butter, girl. Haha. They’re so flirty and HOT.

Eve and Paige meet at TBD and talk about JJ and their date. Eve tells her she just wants Paige to be happy. Yeah, sure you do, Eve. If that were true, you’d back the hell up and let her and JJ be. Eve suggest that she, Paige, JJ, and maybe even Jennifer have dinner sometime. That’s sweet. Eve gets a reminder message for a dentist appointment and leaves. Hi, Cole. He wants to talk to Paige. Ugh, what did Eve tell you to say, Cole? He wants them to be friends. Good move, Eve. Paige agrees that they can be friends, but Cole knows that JJ won’t be happy about it. Well, duh. Paige leaves to go to class and Cole pulls up Eve’s contact on his phone.

Back at Daniel’s, he half confronts JJ with the truth. Daniel wants JJ to admit the truth to him. JJ: “What you’re thinking is right. I went to bed with Eve.” Who actually talks like that? “I went to bed with Eve?” Lol. JJ explains everything to Daniel; him and Eve, Roxanne, Jen fixing it so JJ and Paige can be together again. Daniel is worry about Eve and about JJ and Jen trusting her. He gets call and leaves for the hospital.

Sonny’s home and they open Gabi’s gift. It’s a collage of photos of them and Ari. Aww, how sweet. Sonny tells Will that he went to see Paul. Dun dun dun!!!! I can’t with a sweet WilSon moment. I just can’t. Though this probably isn’t as bad or as awkward as the benefit will be; with everyone happily celebrating their anniversary and them barely on speaking terms. Wow, Will’s being reasonable and mature and taking the blame. Sonny tells Will that Paul saved his life. Will says that he’ll have to thank Paul he next time he sees him. They hug. Will is clearly upset and thinks Sonny is being swayed by Paul.

Back at Paul’s hotel room. Tori ignores the elephant in the room, Paul wants to talk about it and Sonny. Uh oh. Yeah, how would you know that Will and Sonny are so in love Tori? Yep, she’s met Will, honey. Oh, please tell Paul that Will threatened you!!! Omg, Paul’s reaction to that information would amazing!

The Abigail/Ben really bothered me. He’s just such a jerk. A bouquet of flowers and an apology don’t make up for him pretty much calling her a whore. Maybe I’m too jaded or cynical or sensitive or temperamental, but if my boyfriend said what Ben did, we would be over. You don’t get to call the woman you supposedly love a whore and be kissed & forgiven the next day. AND EJ may have talked to her about Jack’s book, but I don’t remember him using it to bed her. Unless I’m misremembering the whole thing. Plus, remember when Abby tried to justify that affair to Sami by talking nonsense about her and EJ sharing some of the same interests? Abby wasn’t crying manipulation then, so she doesn’t get to do it now.

OMG, the PaulSon scene was way too short! But it did get the point across. Sonny’s extremely grateful to Paul and Paul didn’t and doesn’t want Sonny to feel obligated or anything. How hot was Paul in that white tank? I will never stop talking about how fine he is. Haha. When Tori came in, my heart jumped into my throat! Oh my goodness. Her coldness towards Sonny wasn’t surprising. She needs to keep Paul and Sonny apart and then get Paul out of Salem per her, for lack of a better word, agreement with Will. Please let Tor slip and tell Paul that Will threatened her!!! She doesn’t have to tell him why or about what. Does Tori tell Paul, which prompts him to contact that reporter who crashes the benefit/anniversary celebration? Because if that’s what happens, I’m so down for it. You don’t threaten/blackmail someone’s momma and just get away with it.

Rafe annoyed the fuck out of me when he demanded to know what’s going on between Sonny and Will. He needs to back the fuck up. He has no right to speak to Will like that or demand to know the inner workings of WilSon’s marriage.

So Nicole and Daniel are basically over? Finally? I hope so, because Nicole and Xander are heating up!! One more scene with the two of them and I’ll be totally in love.

Daniel is a jerk. It’s nice that he cares about JJ, but the way he treats Nicole cancels out the kindness.

The WilSon scene was…I don’t even know how to feel about that scene. Gabi’s paper anniversary gift was very sweet, but the rest of the scene was weird for me. Apparently, Will is going to change his disposition as often as he changes his underwear. I can’t keep up with him at this point. And I don’t believe for a single second that he’s going to sincerely thank Paul…not after Sonny already did and how he did. Then again with the way Will’s temperament changes, he could buy Paul a fucking thank you gift. Who the heck knows.

Eve and Cole began their master plan today. *rolls eyes* It’s so ridiculous.

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