Days 4/24/15

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At Kristen’s castle (lol), she and Dr. Mandrake discuss Brady and Theresa’s impending arrival. Dr. M describes “the nurse” to Kristen. Uh oh. What’s the plan now, Kristen?

I am still impressed with how quickly Melanie finds the nursery and baby Christopher. Okay, you found him…now what, sweetie? You can’t just pick him up and walk out the front door. Lol. Now is not the time for flashbacks, Melanie! OMG, KRISTEN CATCHES MEL IN THE NURSERY!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! M: “…I’m the nurse.” K: “Oh, I know. Your father must be so proud.” LOL. Thanks for the chuckle, Days. Oh, goodness what is she going to do to Mel????

At the Pub, Marlena leaves a message for John. M: “I’m curious how things are going with Paul…and I’m curious how things are going with us.” Break my heart, why don’t you, Days?!?!?

At WilSon’s, Adrienne’s babysitting Ari, who she just put down. She looks pretty today. Adrienne’s phone rings…it’s Justin. Oh, goodness gracious…good luck telling your husband that you slept with Lucas…twice…over the phone. Yikes. Nope, it’s not about one of the boys, Justin. A: “…I’m having an affair with Lucas.” OMG. Oh, screw you, Justin. She isn’t rubbing your nose in it. And also, Adrienne didn’t sleep with Lucas to get back at you, you asshat. Not everything is about you, conceited! Justin says he’s going to finish things up ASAP and head home. Is that what Adrienne wants though?

Will and Lucas walk through the Square. So…Lucas told Will that Victor fired him, but not why? Okay? Of course, Lucas doesn’t want to talk about the real reason Victor fired him. Ugh. Lucas asks how things are with Will and Sonny. Will’s on his way to see Sonny now. Lucas wishes him good luck.

Outside TBD, Victor tells Sonny that he wants to talk to him because he’s worried about him. S: “…Will and I are working things out.” V: “That’s what I’m worried about.” S: “What?” V: “Is that what you want? Or do you want Paul back?” OMG. OH, I love Uncle Vic so very much. He sees and he cares. So this is what upsets Will, huh? Haha. What does Will expect? Victor cares about Sonny and what he wants. Period. Should Victor mind his own business? Probably, but where’s the fun in that? Lol.

Oh, dang…Brady sends Mel a text for her to answer “ASAP.” Not gonna happen, love. She’s doesn’t have her phone and she’s a little busy trying to figure out how to un-kidnap your son. Lol. The pilot, Lee, answers Mel’s phone! Yes, tell Brady about Melanie!! Oh crap, Kristen called Brady!!!! He is soooo going to come back up to the house to “rescue” Mel. What are going to do to Melanie?!?!?!? K: “I’m not a drama queen like you.” LMAO. Okay, Kristen, keep telling yourself that, hun. Oh, and Mel is never going to believe a word out of your mouth, so don’t even bother with the baby isn’t Brady’s nor Theresa’s crap. K: “You should be nicer to me. You really should be. We’re basically family…Say hello to your new baby brother.” WHAT?!?!?!?!? That’s what she’s going with?!?!?!? That makes absolutely ZERO sense!!!!! We are SCREAMING right now!!!!!

Will enters TBD from the back entrance and asks Terry, the barista, if Sonny’s around. Terry tells Will that Sonny’s outside talking to his uncle. Will decides to let nephew and uncle talk and he leaves the way he came. Please don’t go John Black on their conversation, William…or do, I don’t know what I want to happen. Lol.

Back outside TBD…ooooh, Sonny’s getting overly defensive. Yes! V: “The washed up baseball player-” S: “He’s not ‘washed up,’ Uncle Vic. Just because he can’t pitch anymore doesn’t make him ‘washed up.’ How the hell do you even know about him?” V: “Ha. You don’t catch on real quick do you? Your my family. I know everything about you.” Well, that’s a little creepy. Please don’t tell me Victor played some part in the Paul article? Oh, please stop me before I fall down another rabbit hole! LOL. Uncle Vic says he only brought Paul up now because Sonny “clearly has unresolved feelings” for him. S: “Because you worry so much about unresolved feelings. You being so new age sensitive.” V: “I’m right though, wasn’t I? You went off like a rocket when I slammed him just now…Sonny, I think you’re at a crossroads and you have to start to rethink your decisions…I am your biggest supporter, but I’m not a romantic. You have some thinking to do. You two are so young and…how long did it take for Will to cheat on you? And lie about it?” S: “He made a mistake.” V: “'He made a mistake?’ I read the article he wrote on Narita. I also know he slept with him. Now here’s the thing: Will knew he was married; Paul didn’t. He certainly didn’t know he was married to you.” And of course Will is eavesdropping on their conversation. Color me unsurprised that he isn’t respecting them by giving them privacy to talk. I don’t care that Victor is a bit out of line. He cares about Sonny and he wants what’s best for Sonny. And Sonny isn’t so gullible that one conversation with Uncle Vic will change how he was already feeling about Paul and Will. Oh, and “a mistake” isn’t getting naked with another guy and then lying your ass off about it. Those were choices. A mistake is forgetting to put the clothes in the dryer.

Sonny…listen to Victor. Everyone else is falling all over themselves to tell Sonny that he and Will can work things out. And maybe they can, but there’s a biggest chance, especially with the way Will’s been acting, that they can’t and won’t work it out. Sometimes it’s nice to hear someone tell you the truth, at least in their eyes, instead of trying to cheer you up, love. V: “…you asked this Paul person to marry you and when he turned you down, you settled for Will.” S: “I did not ‘settle’ for Will.” V: “Really? You thought about it? You thought about it honestly? Look, you and Will may patch things up, which might be a euphemism for postponing the inevitable with a nice word for salvaging something that’s never going to work. Sometimes, and it’s not fun, we have to cut our losses and move on.” Oh, I really like real talk with Uncle Vic. The truth hurts, but it’s better than a bunch of flowery bullshit about their vows.

Sonny tells Victor that he and Will are going to couple’s therapy. V: “And you really think a shrink is going to help? You’d have to alter Will’s DNA…It means in the Oxford History of screwing around Samantha Brady’s got an entire volume. Then there’s the father. There’s the picture of self-restraint. And there’s more! Two grandmothers. I’ll bet you neither one of them can tell you the name of their first husband.” S: “I think it goes back further than that. Didn’t Caroline Brady have an affair with someone?” V: “Now I know you said that just to be impudent, but you make my point. Do you want to end up Shawn Brady?” S: “Your hypocrisy is off the charts, Uncle Vic.” V: “As is your level of denial. You need to talk to the baseball player.” S: “He left town.” V: “I know where he is.” (Of course, he does. Lol.) S: “Did you put a chip in him?” V: “His address is on my desk in the study, just in case you’re interested. (DAMN IT. IF WILL IS THE ONE WHO GOES TO SEE PAUL, I WILL BE SO INCREDIBLY PISSED.) You know how he feels about you! You read the article! The only question is how do you feel about him? Sonny, I love you. I want you to be happy. If you can be happy with Will, fine. Mazel tov. But if you’re unsure about your feelings for Paul, it’s just going to eat at you. And no amount of therapy is going to help. It’s going to make you miserable and it’ll make Will miserable too. You’ve got to at least think about it.” S: “You’re right. I do.” Victor thanks Sonny for the coffee and he leaves. I’m not okay with Victor shaming all of Will’s relatives. Especially when he’s been an adulterer as well…and both of Sonny’s parents are adulterers too. BUT he still has a point. Sonny still has feelings for Paul and going to couple’s therapy won’t resolve them. And therapy isn’t going to make Will stop all of the shady shit he’s doing. He got his slap on the wrist and they had one conversation and Will thinks they’re back on track. If it’s so easy for Sonny to forgive Will, what’s going to stop him from cheating again?

Brady arrives back at the castle. Honey, chill. Attacking Dr. M isn’t going to help anything. Oh, good, here’s Mel and Kristen. K: “Isn’t she the daughter of your best friend? That is so creepy.” LMAO!!!!! Kristen tells Brady that she just introduced Mel to her son. Lovely, right? Ugh. Is she seriously asking them what they think about them name Christopher????? OMG, Kristen is a trip and a half! Haha. DRINK NOTHING SHE GIVES YOU, KIDS!!! You and Daniel didn’t make love, passionate or otherwise, you lunatic! Brady, please don’t believe her!!! Brady and Mel’s face are EVERYTHING right now. LOL. He IS NOT you baby, Kristen!!!!! Nothing she says is going to make me believe her. NOTHING. Oh, great…the baby’s here now. And the police are on their way. Brady demands to see the baby. B: “I’m not going anywhere until you let me look at him.” Kristen agrees to one look. Brady, you don’t seriously believe that this is Daniel and Kristen’s baby, right? We all saw your face when you first looked at him! You know that’s your son, love! B: “Before I go, I want to have this baby tested.” YAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!! Brady isn’t letting he baby out of his sight until a DNA is performed. OMG KRISTEN PULLS A GUN OUT OF CHRISTOPHER’S STROLLER AND POINTS IT AT BRADY. AND DR. M POINTS HIS GUN AT MEL!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! Now would be a good time for Victor’s men to rush in!!!!!!

Will joins Marlena at the Pub. And he’s pouting. Fantastic. W: “…Victor’s trying to get Sonny to dump me.” Okay, there are so many things wrong with that statement. Victor wants Sonny to think about what he really and truly wants…and that might be you, Will. Victor isn’t manipulating Sonny; he doesn’t want Sonny to try and try with you and then get even more hurt in the end. And Sonny can’t just “dump” you. You’re married, so “divorce” would be the correct word, honey. Lol. Oh, and Victor is only providing Sonny with Paul’s whereabouts. He isn’t locking them in a room until they get back together. Nope, that was on Glee. Haha. Okay, no…Victor didn’t say that Sonny would be better off with Paul than with you, Will. Victor just wants Sonny to think about what and who he really wants. Marlena doesn’t seem all that worried. Yes, Victor said rude things about your family, but they weren’t exactly lies or new information to Will. Oh, I like the idea of Victor finding out that Paul is John’s son and putting Paul up on a bigger and better pedestal! Haha. No, thank you to Victor 'turning down the sheets" for Paulson though. That’s a step too far. Lol. Will asks Marlena if she’s heard from John. Nope, she hasn’t; he’s still upset with her. OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IS HE ASKING HER TO INTERFERE WITH JOHN AND PAUL?!?!? TO KEEP PAUL OUT OF SALEM?!?!? Will, grow up!!!!! Your grandma can’t and won’t interfere like that. W: “We’re a family; Sonny, Ari, me. If Paul comes back to Salem, he’s going to ruin that family.” WILL, YOU RUINED YOUR OWN FAMILY. DEAL WITH IT. STOP BLAMING PAUL FOR YOUR HORRIBLE DECISION. IT’S PATHETIC AND CHILDISH AND BEYOND ANNOYING. Marlena can’t help because John won’t answer his phone. Oh, yeah let’s trespass on Kiriakis property and break into the house to find Paul’s address so Marlena can go to San Fran to…stop John and Paul from becoming close? To stop John from bring Paul home with him? To ruin John and Marlena’s relationship? Seriously????? Come on, Doc! You’re better than this!

Now Justin’s on the phone with Sonny. He apologizes for kinda sorta putting Sonny in the middle. But Justin really want to talk about is Paul! It is just one of those days, huh? Haha. J: “I read the article, Sonny. Obviously, the two of you were very close.” S: “Yeah, I guess there’s not much room in the closet.” J: “Oh, a joke! You don’t want to talk about something. You’ve never done that before.” S: “Dad, I just went over all of this with Uncle Vic. Apparently, he knows exactly what I should do with my life.” J: “And he shared that with you. How out of character.” LOL. Sonny says that Victor was rough on Will. Oh, Sonny. You have a heart of gold. Someone should be rough on Will! He’s a cheater and a liar and a blackmailer! Sonny doesn’t know what to do or how he feels. He wishes Justin were there to talk to face to face because he “listens.” Justin asks Sonny if he wants to come to see him in Hong Kong. Wasn’t he in Dubai? And no Sonny can’t…unless he makes a pitstop in San Francisco to see Paul first…or on his way back I guess would work too.

Back at WilSon’s, Adrienne is sobbing. Oh, honey. You need a hug. Flashback to Adrienne and Justin’s conversation outside TBD about his affair. And Lucas shows up. Of course. At least she got a hug. Adrienne wouldn’t be so upset if she still didn’t love Justin. Oh jeez…Lucas tells her losing his job and everything has been worth it. *rolls eyes* They kiss. Yes, let’s talk about your mother. Lucas tells Adrienne that Kate told Victor about them because she wanted his job.

Oh, fuck you, Doc. Just fuck you. Of course, she’s at the Kiriakis house, entering the study. She took a photo of the address on Victor’s desk with her phone. I hope it wasn’t Kristen’s address. Lol. Hi, Victor. Oh, great…now she wants to talk to him about Sonny and Will. Victor isn’t “upset” about Will cheating; he’s freaking pissed off, Marlena. I’m with Victor; “Cry me a river.” Will knew what he was doing was wrong and he did it anyway. And not he hasn’t “paid” for what he did because of The Spectator’s article. Give me a freaking break, Marlena. M: “He is deeply remorseful.” When and where was he deeply remorseful? He cried, sure, but “deeply remorseful” is a bit of a stretch. V: “I don’t give a damn what Will wants. All I care about is what Sonny wants.” Co-signed!!! Marlena, you can’t shrink Victor, so stop it. I am so sick of the “there’s a child involved” bullshit. Just because there’s a child doesn’t mean that Sonny has to forgive Will or that they have to stay together. That’s just nonsense. Couples shouldn’t stay together for their children’s sake alone. And fuck you, Doc, for being all up on your high horse when you entered Victor’s home under false pretenses to take a photo of Paul’s address so you can go ruin a budding father/son relationship to save an already sinking ship of a marriage.

Will enters TBD and rushes to kiss Sonny’s cheek. Sonny doesn’t seem happy to see him. Sonny tells Will that he just talked to his dad and that he’s thinking about going to see him. YES! Hurts, doesn’t it, Will? To have your husband decide all on his own to leave town? W: “You’re going to Hong Kong? Isn’t that kind of out of the blue?…And couple’s therapy? We’re just gonna Skype?” S: “I know we have a lot of work to do, but there’s more going on in my life than just us.” W: “You mean Paul, right?” S: “No. I’m gonna go see my father. I won’t be long.” W: “Kind of a long flight for such a quick visit, isn’t it?” S: “I have a lot of work to do. We’ll talk about it later.” Nice, Sonny. Lol. W: “Damn it, he’s lying to me. I knew Victor would get to him.” It doesn’t feel good to know that your husband’s lying to you, does it? Boohoo. Suck it up, Will. On the phone, Will tells Marlena about Sonny’s Hong Kong trip…but Will thinks Sonny’s going to see Paul. Marlena tells Will that she’s going to help him and go see John and Paul now. W: “Please try to make John understand and tell him that I’m sorry for all he things that I said about Paul.” Why? You aren’t sorry. Marlena tells him that he needs to be crystal clear about what matters to him. He says he is. Yeah, sure. *rolls eyes* While looking at Sonny across TBD, “I’ll do whatever it takes. Anything at all.”

Back at the Kiriakis house, Victor speaks to Justin on the phone. Justin’s just got all the time in the world to talk today, huh? V: “You needed to know the truth, so I made sure you did.” J: “Oh, no, no, it’s great. You saw a fire and decided to throw some gasoline on it.” V: “You know, Justin, it’s easy to be mad at me, but what you should be doing is focusing on your son and that low-rent neurotic that he’s married to.”

Every day I hope that we’ll see shades of old Will; that I won’t hate him more than I did yesterday. And each and every day, I’m disappointed. Eavesdropping on Sonny and Victor’s conversation, begging Marlena to help him, being upset because he thinks Sonny’s lying to him. I’ve lost my ability to even with Will. I hate him more than any other character right now. The hate I have for Will might even rival the hate I had for Nick. I don’t think Will even cares about what Sonny wants. Will just wants to keep Paul away so he can’t ruin his already fractured family. I can’t wrap my brain around Will’s point of view. I can’t.

I am so angry with Marlena that I could cry. What is the plan when she gets to San Fran? Stop Paul and John from becoming close? Nothing is going to stop Paul from coming back to Salem if/when he and John start getting on. Nothing. It’s a lost cause. Marlena is putting a whole lot on the line to help Will save the relationship he wrecked in the first place. I hope it’s worth it for her. I feel like she might have a change of heart once she arrives in SF.

I loved the Sonny/Uncle Vic scene. I always do. It was nice to see someone not feed Sonny a bunch of bull about WilSon’s wedding or their love or their family. I’m sorry, but all of that is nonsense. Sonny can’t forgive Will for Ari’s sake. That won’t be a healthy environment for a child and everyone will end up miserable. Victor is the only person to tell Sonny to really think about what he wants. Maybe Sonny really does want to be with Will and make their marriage work and he’s willing to put his feelings for Paul in a drawer for the rest of forever. But then again, maybe that’s not what Sonny wants. Maybe Sonny wants Paul. It’s better for everyone if Sonny goes and really thinks before he makes any big life decisions.

I was happy to see Justin today. I’m glad that he’s coming back full time soonish. I want him and Adrienne to work things out. Maybe that’s hypocritical, but whatevs.

I feel badly for Lucas because this isn’t going to end well for him.

I’m so scared for Brady and Mel!!!!!!!!! They need help!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of mother keeps a gun in her child’s stroller?!?!?!?!?

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