La felicità si misura in chilometri. Nei chilometri che diminuiscono all’avvicinarsi. Perché spesso i grandi amori finiscono solo per lasciare il posto a qualcosa di più grande. #distance #Ireland #Will

Fans ship you with Will. Reactions?

Will Solace, the little hot counselor of cabin 7. Son of Apollo. Has the looks of his father and a potent whistle. So, characters, how do you respond to fans shipping you with Will?

Lou Ellen: Oooh, he is hot.

Cecil: Yes he is…

Lou Ellen: And how he managed to shut Nico up back in the forest.

Cecil: Yeah, what a pity he is not into us.

Jake: He is just a boy. But he’s fun enough.

Leo: He is very laid back. Showed me around camp.

Leo: And called me Mr. Spock.

Leo: Which was not pleasant.

Percy: He saved Annabeth.

Percy: I owe him a lot.

Annabeth: I owe him my life.

Annabeth: And a chariot. I think he’s still a little bitter about it.

Jason: He is blond, of course he is hot.

Jason: But I’m not into blonds. Sorry.

Drew: Ugh.

Nico: He is handsome. And funny.

Nico: And he managed to make me obey him.

Lou Ellen: …



Reyna: Nico, is there something you forgot to tell me?


Percy: When you told me I was not your type and turned to Will, does that meant…


Will: Yes

Nico: WILL!!

The theme of Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 is “keeping the memory alive”. On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, we remember all those who suffered so terribly in the monstrous evil of the Holocaust. We must never forget the indescribable suffering, the millions of lives shattered and the human impact behind the statistics. The commemorations allow us to honour the victims of one of the darkest chapters in human history and pay tribute to the survivors and their stories of hope. Memories are the legacy for future generations and we must keep these memories alive to learn from the past and create a safer future.
—  Prince William (x)