Doctor Who Gifset The End of Time Part 1- Sorry so sorry for this. It was always these scenes in both parts that made and still makes me cry like my soul is being painfully ripped from my body while my one single heart is crushed. Scenes like this one where the Doctor is being open and vulnerable not trying to hide who and what he is in front of Wilfred Mott because he has gone so long trying to be brave, trying to do the right things, trying to protect everyone he cares about. That he just feels broken down and lost when Wilfred mentions Donna. His best friend he can’t be around because she will die if she remembers him, and he had to let go of so many others in his past lives as well,and he tried to be okay, he tried to move on, but he got reckless and he did things he shouldn’t have done. And with this he realizes he needs more than just someone has a companion he needs a friend. He needs someone to confide in, and Wilfred became this someone at this point. Plus the Doctor is old and he is veteran who fought in a horrible war, just like Wilfred who fought in World War II. So he feels that Wilfred would understand the losses he had to endure. Plus Wilfred even though he tries to get the Doctor to bring back Donna’s memories, he sees the emotional agony it puts the Doctor in, and he knows that if the Doctor could he would return Donna’s memories, but he can’t. This whole entire scene just breaks my heart so much. 

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One time i took a lot of acid and wanted to watch wilfred. I spent 3 hours going in and out of the main on demand screen.I couldnt find it and started freaking out cuz i thought i was crazy.I ended up googling the name and finally found it.I hated it


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Since not enough people will be Smiling God worshipped with me to Comic Con, I need to decide my third Cosplay. I’m doing Cecil and Wilfred Warfstache, and I was thinking of maybe Robbie V (gravity falls) or an Erika who is definitely NOT an angel. Which one should I do?