“There is a much-used saying that ” Witches are born, not made’’ and this I have to agree with, to a point. There must be a little raw material, an essential wild soul energy, than enables us to work at the craft. It is necessary to have that inherent “ witchyness” something not easily defined but that roughly translates into the world as a certain ethereal quality. Natural Witches are no or special or chosen than natural swimmer or natural actors, they just have that inner starlight “ Poppy Palin

Sarsel the Wildwitch

Cursed by the Mother Bear when she was just a young apprentice for killing a cub, Sarsel was cursed to carry the weight of the bear that the cub would have grown into as a great pelt coat. She was also cursed with the ears of a bear, which she mutilated in her hatred and youth, the sharpened teeth of a predator, clawed hands, and a second pair of arms to embody the strength the bear would have had. 

Sarsel was originally a part of a Coven, specializing in natural magic. She was known as the Witch of the Forest but now is also called the Wildwitch. Shamed by her curse, she fled from her coven and set up her own hut in a great forest. As a hedge witch, she hid from the people that would eventually come to her for aid with layers of cloaks and hoods, eventually taken on the image of a hag prematurely. 

Her curse can only be broken by the kindness of others, who do not fear her. Although she looks monstrous to most, has a mischievous streak, and as a witch she is both feared and respected, she is also kind and shy.

Sarsel belongs to Elleari