The Retaliators

“Get your retaliation in first”

And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves with nothing better to do so they got together and made a gang and then decided to go and find bad people to fuck up.


I decided to put together a team of characters that were not DC or Marvel (midnighter was originally wildstorm, Preacher is vertigo which is PART of DC.. but not. Same goes for hit-girl who is from Icon comics which is part of Marvel.. but not. blah blah etc)

Let’s do a headcount shall we

Hellboy- A demon who likes cats and hates nazis. Has a big gun and an even bigger fist. (Hellboy)

Lady Mechanika - Part human part machine steampunk detective proficient with many weapons (Lady Mechanika)

Cassie Hack - Found out her own mother was a “slasher” who was killing her schoolmates and serving them as lunch. She now travels around hunting and killing other slashers with her monstrous friend Vlad. (Hack/Slash)

Jesse Custer - A small town preacher who becomes fused with an entity known as Genesis which gives him the Word of God… which means he can tell you to do something and you WILL do it. His best friend is an irish vampire and his girlfriend is a badass. (Preacher)

Max Damage - Former supervillain Max Damage decides to become a superhero after the worlds greatest superhero turns reallll bad. His power is the longer he stays awake the more powerful he becomes. If he falls asleep he is vulnerable for about an hour. He had a sidekick called Jailbait who was in fact Jailbait. (Irredeemable/Incorruptible)

Midnighter - He enjoys leather and violence and gay sex with his husband Apollo. He has enhanced physical attributes and the ability to anticipate his opponents moves. He beats people by running the fight in his head.. backwards. (The Authority/Stormwatch)

Spawn - An Assassin is killed and ends up hell because of the bad things he did. He makes a deal with a demon. He would get to see his wife again but he would become Hellspawn. Basically immortal, super strength, shape shifting, teleportation, flight.. basically.. you’re fucked. (Spawn)

The Darkness - A mafia hitman who inherited a supernatural gift on his 21st birthday. Can summon demons and tentacles to do his bidding. He has enhanced physical attributes and can fly in space unharmed. (The Darkness)

Hit-Girl - She’s John Rambo meets Polly Pocket. She’s ten. She probably knows 100 different ways to kill you using only a pencil. (Kick-Ass 1&2, Hit-Girl)

Anna Mercury - Anna travels between alternate earths doing heroic shit. She’s acrobatic and skilled in armed and unarmed combat. She can use a gadget to give her superpowers. (Anna Mercury)

(probably forgetting people but oh well)

Honorable mentions to the following (either i just remembered about you or didn’t think you were good enough to get on the team or i didn’t put you on the team because i do what i want *z snap*)

Judge Dredd


Billy Butcher


Jack Hawksmoor

Jakita Wagner

This was the hardest single page I ever drew. Alan Moore was too sick to write much Top 10 for me, so he wrote one page of script of Peregrine getting ready for work while listening to the news. The second page was a top down shot of Peregrine leaving her flying mansion, looking directly down on all of Neopolis. Every inch of the page had to be covered with cityscape. It took me four days working all out to get this finished. By then he’d recovered and had to figure out the rest of the story. 

It’s widely considered the finest issue of Top 10. Including by me.

Voodoo (Priscilla Kitaen)   // DC Comics, Wildstorm 

While her teammates are Kherubim or half-Kherubim, Voodoo has ancestry both Kheran and Daemonite, the race the WildC.A.T.S fight against. Her natural abilities include shapeshifting, telepathy, the produtions of projectile quills and the secretion of poison. 

The shapeshifting requires that she have contact with an individual first before being able to copy their appearance (though this ability has been shown to operate on animals as well). She is only capable of transforming a certain times within a short period as it takes a physical toll on her body. Her telepathy is somewhat limited, though it does give her the ability to analyze an enemy for their weaknesses. (X)