The wreckage of an old cargo ship has been cobbled together with other junk amid a clearing of trees. Smoke chugs out of what had once been an exhaust pipe, and the engine outside still churns, now hooked up to a sputtering generator that powers the myriad of neon lights hanging around the structure. 

The ship’s interior has been converted into a strange blend of tavern, arcade, and computer café. Old wires and safety lights hang from the ceiling along with lanterns, and half the seats at the tables are over-turned barrels with cushions placed on them, or ship benches ripped straight off of their mounting bars. Flickering letters hang above the airlock-turned-entrance, proudly proclaiming the bar’s name: THE FUBAR.


Hello and Welcome! The FUBAR is proud to open our doors to business and announce our GRAND OPENING event!

Date:  Saturday, September 13

Time: 10:30PM EST/7:30PM PST to 12:30 EST/9:30 PST

Where: The FUBAR, Housing plot owned by “Evion”, open to the public! Find it via the Visitor addon!

The FUBAR isn’t JUST a bar, but more like a bar-cade. We’re proud to offer a wide range of services and entertainment for our patrons, including:

  • Multiplayer and singleplayer capable gaming computers
  • Holonet browsing stations
  • Tabletop RPG ready masterboard (complete with GM screen and a variety of rulebooks to browse through)
  • Holoscreen display and console setup for both movie-watching and 1v1 button-mashing goodness
  • A completely refurbished and functional(ish) arcade console with access to a wide library of classic games including Skeech Quest, Loppy Lopplings, and Animate Conflict 5 (straight from Grismara!)
  • A variety of games for our not-computer-savvy friends including pool, cards, and throwing darts.
  • Our bar boasts a wide selection of drinks, including a variety of sodas and non-alcoholic drinks for the kids, and our kitchen setup can whip up plenty of bar-foods like wings, sandwiches, fried tater skins, and other treats to satisfy your munchies.

*Computer Time is FREE with purchase of a drink, or paid per hour of use! Arcade machine operates on coin usage (change can be made at the bar). There is a sign-up sheet to reserve the GM table by the front door.

*If you’re gonna rough someone up, TAKE IT OUTSIDE. We only have so much duct tape available to fix our machines and don’t need you breaking anything for us!

We look forward to lightening your wallets!


Did a little more work on Desya’s house today!  Finished 3 more Tales posters, added some more artifacts, and actually started constructing the kitchen.  (Not everything I added is pictured.)  I still have a lot to do to the outside, but I’ve been putting it off, mostly because I’m still not sure how I want to set up the things I have planned.

Also I added a little somethin’ somethin’ to the fireplace in his bedroom:

here is a story about secondmagpie
 i started building a storefront on her dominion-side plot a few weeks ago since she wasn’t using it, but we never did anything with it, and today i realised that the layout i started over there would be perfect for my exile-side character’s home instead

 so i redownloaded the housing decor set manager (use this with caution; it is a little flaky) and copied the layout of shop one over to shop two, congratulating myself on the three hours of stair-building i just saved as i watched it automatically vendor-purchase and place all of my decor

and then i noticed the floating banana

and the other floating banana

and the other floating bananas

see once upon a time magpie bought like 10 gold worth of bananas because she “thought she was spending rep instead of gold” so her crate is full of these bullshit bananas and i guess for some reason she decided to just shove them in all the furniture to see if i would ever notice and now not only have i noticed but i hAVE ALL THESE FUCKING BANANAS

Awesome Wildstar Housing Part 4 : The Return

After a long hiatus, I’m back to plot hopping like nobody’s business, and there are a ton of awesome new houses to be seen!

NCS Legacy - Kammon

   This is, hands down, the best full-plot spaceship plot I have seen. It’s used for RP, the actual house option isn’t neglected, and the space outside is well utilized to make it feel like you really are exploring a spaceship.  


Saltus Tulipas - Yuyia

   This plot feels like a secluded mountain temple, and a lot of thought was put into the contrast between the frigid exterior and the warm atmosphere of the Hoogle shrine inside.


The Fungarium - Corallin

    This house was super cute, and the use of mushrooms for stairs was a fantastic touch! I really love how the space was used, especially for the kitchen.


Lovecraft Lane - LadyGoat

   I’ve been seeing a lot of “mini-city” plots, and this one stuck out for me. It has a nice dark look with a gothic corner tucked away.


The Lost Woods - Katia

  This is another heavily wooded plot, but this time the foliage is there to make navigation tricky. There are a lot of really neat little spots hidden away, and finding each of them was fun.


The FUBAR - Evion

   Either I’m biased, or Novanerds are just great at housing. Probably both. The FUBAR is a fantastic bar plot, and there is a lot of awesome creativity put into the setting. My favorite is the tabletop rp corner. Put some roleplay in your roleplay.


Fourleaf Cottage - Klover

  The exterior of this Granok style house is frikkin adorable. The inside looks to be a work in progress, but you will see the most perfectly executed curving stairs.



Chateau Val Marthele - Ophelina

   The creepy exterior is matched by the darkly elegant interior. The place is gorgeous! It was a lot of fun exploring the twisty inside and amazing use of space. Some serious patience went into this.


  Edgewood - Leaina
     This house feels incredibly warm and lived in, despite the dark and somewhat empty exterior. The place is nicely cluttered, and full of small touches that really work!


Exile Public Library - Evangelica
   This plot is a great idea, and the library is adorable. Once again, it is nice to see the focus on the exterior without neglecting the actual house. This could make a great RP plot.




today i went to teme-xuha's new housing lot to see what he was working on this time and oh, you know, it's just a work in progress of a giant sunken ship made out of pillars and fences and floor panels that links directly into the house and also is so large that i can't even fit it in one screenshot

Wildstar Housing Plots of Awesome.

  Decided to put together a quick list of housing plots on Evindra that I find awesome (for a variety of reasons).

The Clinic - Himmel

    Pyra put some hardcore work into the design of Himmel’s clinic, and it paid off beautifully. One of the more put-together, thematic, and stunning housing plots I’ve seen.


 Unnamed - Brey

    This plot is definitely a work in progress, but Brey is aiming to turn it into an outdoors dive bar. It has a nice ramshackle vibe going for that I think suits Exiles nicely.


   Novah’s Secret Hideout - Novah

     Pretty cool use of the Spaceship house model, and gotta love the sign.


  Freebooter Haven - DreamRipper

     That frickin tower.


Shredders Bar’N Grill- Sorroto

   The use of challenge fabkits and the nice tavern setup are pretty solid! Also, giant beer signage.


Rainhaven Estate - Oskan

    A really lovely garden vibe going here, and the interior of the house is very cute.


Tavern in the Blue - Blucher

    An elevated tavern with viewing seats for the fireworks sky setting. Seriously pretty at the right moments.


 Living Tree Home - Gaien

    A really lovely home decorated in a way that seems very fitting of Aurin, and made to look like a giant tree.


That’s all I’ve got for now, but I’m sure I’ll find more!