Fall TV Spoilers 2014: Exclusive Scoops On 42 Season Premieres


The Season 3 premiere, titled “The Calm,” is “a complete inverse” of the superhero hit’s sophomore opener, in which Oliver was despondent, his alter ego disgraced, EP Marc Guggenheim notes. Rather, “Arrow’s starting to win the hearts of the city.” Cue the arrival of a different sort of adversary, in entrepreneur Ray Palmer (Superman Returns’Brandon Routh). “He’s not like Sebastian Blood, looking at Oliver with disdain. Oliver quite frankly just doesn’t play this this guy’s level.” (As for talk that Ray, who is not yet The Atom, will catch Felicity’s eye, the EP affirms: “The chemistry between Brandon and Emily [Bett Rickards] is pretty undeniable.”) Episode 3 will focus on dad-to-be Diggle, Episode 5 delves into Felicity’s past (withNYPD Blue's Charlotte Ross as her mom), viewers will get to sit in on the limo convo between Malcolm and daughter Thea, and Ted “Wildcat” Grant (played by J.R. Ramirez as a Latino boxing instructor) will play a role in Laurel's evolution into Canary

BONUS SPOILER | Teasing the Hong Kong flashbacks, Guggenheim says, “We know from Episode 216 that Oliver and Amanda Waller really do not like each other. You’ll see in the premiere why that is.”


So I work at an ice cream store, and this girl walked in today and quietly asked me who the man behind the counter was. I responded that he was my manager. 

"Oh, he’s cute. What’s his name?"

"Justin, but fair warning, he plays for the, uh, other team."

"What team?"

And I swear to fucking god four people (including myself) yelled ‘WILDCATS’ so loud she spilled her drink.

Tumblr Christmas meeting
  • Google:so great to see everyone this year!
  • Facebook:yes, wonderful to see you all again :)
  • Twitter:Some Christmas Trees Are Blue.
  • YouTube:I should record the games!
  • Pinterest:where did you get that recipe? I love it!
  • Instagram:let's gather around for a picture.
  • Google:wait.
  • Google:where's tumblr?
  • All:*silent*
  • Tumblr:*kicks down front door*
  • Tumblr:FUCKITY HI