Arrow comic promo and scene trace pages :)

I know they’re working from key frame stuff but there’s something so genuine about the effort put into these newer weekly promos. Go FLARROW U!

An Arrow rant

This is something I RARELY do. Heck, I rarely write anything longer than a paragraph. But I figured it was about time. Behind the link will be a rant containing my opinion on a controversial Arrow-related topic. It is not my intention to start any sort of argument. But I’ve seen some opinions that seem rather distorted, and I’m going to try to counter them with logic. Fair warning, this IS a rant, so be ready for the possibility that you may not like what you read.

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Tumblr Christmas meeting
  • Google:so great to see everyone this year!
  • Facebook:yes, wonderful to see you all again :)
  • Twitter:Some Christmas Trees Are Blue.
  • YouTube:I should record the games!
  • Pinterest:where did you get that recipe? I love it!
  • Instagram:let's gather around for a picture.
  • Google:wait.
  • Google:where's tumblr?
  • All:*silent*
  • Tumblr:*kicks down front door*
  • Tumblr:FUCKITY HI