Cool news of the day: The Guardian has hired Chelsea Manning as an opinion columnist on the topics of war, gender & freedom of information on Tuesday.

Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst, was convicted in 2013 and is serving a 35-year term for releasing classified national security materials to the public via WikiLeaks. She will write from prison in Ft. Leavenworth, but will not be paid for her work.

Although The Guardian is far from a perfect publication, this will elevate Chelsea’s voice & experiences to a worldwide audience. Can’t wait to read her first piece!

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"i cant believe some fisher price powerpoints are finally getting ppl to open their eyes" kind of lost here, what r u guys talking about??

Back in November 2014, Sony Pictures got hacked. Like, mega big time. But a lot of the information that resulted from it got suppressed. #lawyers

Today, Wikileaks posted the entire collection of leaked materials – and made it searchable. It’s major.

Naturally, fans are now scouring the archive for information relating to One Direction. So far, people have found gems like: 

  • A Power Point laying out the marketed image of each 1D member (“poppy”! “rocky”! etc.) – and how to connect with fans – in preparation for a 1D movie. Louis’s girlfriend is specifically noted as an important part of his image.
  • This conversation about how @Louis tweeted about Captain America, and some people wanted him to tweet about Spider-Man as well. Because – guess what! – celebrity Twitter accounts are used to market things!

This is 0% surprising to the Larries – we’ve been saying this stuff forever. But apparently, some fans are now, like, “The boys’ images are super constructed? Wait, they actually wanted people to think Louis was unattainable? Eleanor was explicitly included in his image? The boys’ Twitter accounts are used for promo??? They aren’t in exclusive control about what goes on their Twitters????? HOW CAN THIS BE WERE THE LARRIES ACTUALLY RIGHT ABOUT SOME STUFF WHAT ELSE ARE THEY RIGHT ABOUT???”

Which is making me stare Jim Halpert-style at the non-existent camera documenting my life, but if people didn’t believe us before, at least they’re listening now, and to anyone in that group: you are welcome here! We have mugs. It’s nice!

Slide from the Syco deal renewal email genderblinditem found here. Important bits:

  • Sony wants to purchase Simon Cowell (“SC”)’s override on artists’ recording deals, which would include 1D. One of the other attachments indicates Sony wants to buy SC’s stake of Syco Music outright.
  • Sony thinks that even in the best case scenario, 1D will fade. They want Syco to replace 1D’s income wholly with new artists.


“We saw that Louis Tomlinson of One Direction made two tweets linking to the Captain America trailer to his 15 million followers - all of whom are female.  We have asked Modest Management, the One Direction management team for some insight given that Louis’ tweet was constructed like a sponsored ad and we’d like to leverage our relationship to get the same opportunity.  That said, we will craft messages to tweet from the One Direction This Is Us twitter account which we manage as it remains the largest followed movie handle on Twitter with nearly 3.5 million subscribers.” 


The European Union plans to use military force to curb the influx of migrants from Libya. According to leaked details, the E.U. will destroy boats used for transporting migrants and refugees on Libyan territory, thereby preventing them from reaching Europe. “They are intending to at least risk killing people in blowing up these boats,” says Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks. Watch our exclusive interview with Assange on Democracy Now! today.

Wikileaks Reveals Israeli Strategies Against Gaza | tele sur

Israel has been maliciously targeting Gaza’s economy since the 1980s and the U.S. has had full knowledge of the wider premeditated strategies against the people of Palestine, including the complete destruction of towns without consideration of civilian population, according to documents revealed Monday by Wikileaks. 

According to the documents, Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) calculated how much money they would allow into Gaza, with the intention of maintaining the economy at it’s minimum capacity, restricting the people of Palestine below poverty levels.

“The NSC acts upon the belief that Gaza should receive enough money to cover basic needs of it’s population, but it’s not interested in letting Gaza’s economy go back to a normal state,” reads one of the documents.

Furthermore, the cables report on different issues, such as the destruction of U.N. centers in Gaza, the creation of Hamas, and the wars on Lebanon. 

​Some of 3,925 cables describe the military strategy of destroying complete towns, regardless of civilian population, dubbed “Dahiya Doctrine” by the Embassy. The policy is based on the destruction by the Israeli military of the lebanese town on 2006. 

In a meeting in 2008 between the U.S. Embassy in Tel-Aviv and the Israeli Commander Gadi Eisenkot to discussi the attack on Dahiya, in southern Lebanon, the latter assured the United States diplomatic mission that their strategy was based on “causing great damage and destruction,“ and claimed that these were not “towns, they are military bases.”

Eisenkot was referring to towns like Bint Jbeil and others in southern Lebanon which were heavily and indiscriminately shelled during Israel’s second war against Lebanon.

According to one of the cables, the U.N. concludes that during the destruction of it’s facilities in Gaza between 2008 and 2009, “the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) breached the inviolability and immunity of U.N. premises…the IDF did not take sufficient precautions to fulfill its responsibilities to protect U.N. property and personnel and civilians taking shelter therein.“

The leaks are being revealed as yet another U.N. administered school was destroyed yesterday by Israeli bombings, which have now killed over 1,860 Palestinians. During the 28-day inhumane attacks on Gaza, Israel has also injured over 9,000 people, of which over 80 percent are innocent civilians, including over 400 children. 

(Photo Credit: Photo: Al-Arabiya)

Wikileaks has released a number of classified documents over the past few years that have shown a clear connection between the United States and Israel is committing serious crimes against humanity towards Palestine.

Here is a rundown of leaked information that has confirmed that Israel with the complacency of the U.S has been making Gaza Hell on Earth.

1. Purposefully Holding the Gazan Economy Hostage

This cable from 2008 shows that the United States was updated on the intentional obstruction of prosperity in the Gazan Economy. Israel was intentionally keeping the Gazan economy just above a “humanitarian crisis.”

“Israeli officials have confirmed to embassy officials on multiple occasions that they intend to keep the Gazan economy functioning at the lowest level possible consistent with avoiding a humanitarian crisis.”

2. Blockades Resulting in Lack of Access to Medical Supplies and Electricity and Water

A cable released from 2009 showed that Israeli imposed blockades are creating an artificial crisis in Gaza. Due to the blockades created by Israeli crossing points, basic necessities are kept from entering into Gaza.

“Access to Gaza for goods through Israeli
crossing points remains severely constrained. While there
are adequate stocks of basic food items in Gaza, the lack of
variety and continuing price increases are negatively
impacting people’s health. A lack of medicine is crippling
the health sector. The water and electricity grids, while
restored to 2008 levels, suffer from a lack of supplies and
basic maintenance.”

3. The Deliberate Violent Targeting and Killing of Civilians.

Israel may arbitrarily consider civilian villages, military bases but the rest of the world does not. An Oct, 2008 cable that was leaked showing that one of the greatest enemies of Israel is IDF soldiers who speak publicly about the atrocities committed by the Israeli government.

“Eisenkot labeled any Israeli response to resumed
conflict the “Dahiya doctrine” in reference to the leveled
Dahiya quarter in Beirut during the Second Lebanon War in
2006. He said Israel will use disproportionate force upon
any village that fires upon Israel, ‘causing great damage and
destruction.’ Eisenkot made very clear: this is not a
recommendation, but an already approved plan — from the
Israeli perspective, these are “not civilian villages, they
are military bases.’”

4. The Beating, Looting, and Use Of Gazans as Human Shields.

A cable from, July, 2009 shows that IDF soldiers committed terrible acts against Palestinians. Thanks to the organization, Breaking the Silence, veteran IDF soldiers admitted to committed war crimes against the people of the Gaza Strip, during Operation Cast Lead

“IDF abuses such as looting, beatings, vandalism of property and the use of the local population as human shields. But by far the strongest reverberation [sic] in Israel was that created by the Israeli organization “Breaking the Silence”, which collected testimony from 26 unnamed IDF soldiers. All of the soldiers had been involved in Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, and testified to instances where Gazans were used as human shields, incendiary phosphorous shells were fired over civilian population areas, and other examples of excessive firepower that caused unnecessary fatalities and destruction of property.”

5. Israel Facilitated the Creation of Hamas.

This is one of the most controversial documents released. While it may seem outlandish, two leaked documents one from, 1988 and one from, 1989  make it clear this is not some unsubstantiated conspiracy theory. What would would western headlines read like of Hamas did not exist today?

“comment: earlier in the uprising, some israeli occupation officials indicated that hamas served as a useful counter to the secular organizations loyal to the plo. a number of palestinians loyal to the plo alleged that the idf was using hamas for such a purpose. outlawing the organization inkcates [sic] that the idf no longer sees — if it ever did — utility in allowing hamas to operate. the israelis may have been particularly troubled over the difficulty of penetrating the organization. as hamas has directed more violence against alleged collaborators, it is likely that the occupation authorities decided action was needed to discourage its further growth.”

“many west bankers believe that israel actively supports hamas in an effort to divide palestinians and weaken the intifada. they point to the fact that hamas operatives act boldly in distributing their leaflets. shopkeepers in jerusalem and nablus report that, whereas unlu leaflets are distributed secretly for fear of israeli security forces, hamas operatives walk into shops and present their leaflets directly to the owners. mayor freij of bethlehem claims that members of some well known families who collaborate with israeli officials have been seen among hamas street gangs in bethlehem.

Furthermore, despite massive arrests–and the public identity of many mb leaders–relatively few hamas leaders have been detained. in recent weeks, fundamentalist leaders have given interviews to israeli publications that would have landed secularistleaders in detention. we believe that, while israeli forces may be turning a blind eye to hamas activities, there is insufficient evidence to conclude that israel is providing active support.”