You know, I like this. I’m a little surprised that I like it, but I actually really do.

One of my major issues with the Starlights so far, as a group, has been their “YOU CAN’T KNOW OUR PAIN, YOU ARE USELESS” attitude. Why the hell creators pull this tactic, like we haven’t spent years being completely behind our main characters and watching them suffer and grow and know EXACTLY what they’ve been through, like that isn’t somehow just aggravating as shit when newbies come in all YOU KNOW NOTHING SAILOR SNOW I have no fucking clue, but anyway. Point is, besides being dismissive and insulting as fuck to the characters we love and so doing nothing for the characters we’re supposed to get to know, it’s also contrived and forced as shit. Since their first episode, the Starlights have seen EXACTLY what the Senshi can do, what Sailor Moon can do (the very thing they CAN’T incidentally) so their attitude now isn’t only aggravating, it’s moronic.

I am SUPER HAPPY to see that shit set aside.

And yet we still have twenty episodes of a season to fill, and clearly only so far the creators are willing to go to keep things spinning in one place. The characters can’t unite yet, because then they might actually get shit done, and we can’t have that. (It’s a necessary evil of a season formula, and it should be noted that while I comment on it and gripe about it a bit, I fully and willfully accept it, as I would any day rather have episodes that spin their wheels in the larger plot to get at the character goodness it affords us.)

Enter the Outers.

And I think this is a BEAUTIFUL use of them.

Haruka and Michiru’s job is exactly this. They are responsible for outside threats. There is an outside threat. MAYBE IT’S THESE GUYS, WE DON’T KNOW.

And the Starlights, they’re already skittish. It took them this long to agree to work with Sailor Moon. Now here come two people they haven’t even seen before, who know shit about them that they probably shouldn’t technically know (that they’re from outside the solar system), and they’re aggressive and threatening and you know what fuck this. We never thought we needed anyone anyway.

The Starlights are being uncommunicative and insular and uncooperative. That’s exactly how they’ve demonstrated they are.

Haruka and Michiru are being aggressive and unyielding and judgmental and kind of asses. Congratulations, that is Haruka and Michiru.

This is furthering the conflict and keeping things from resolving, but it’s doing it in a way that makes sense for the characters. This is is what good writing DOES: It uses the characters to drive the plot needs, not having the plot needs force the characters into actions.

Excellent development, I am completely on-board.

widgenstain replied to your post “In 10 hours I will finally be watching BOTFA and it will be glorious….”

Yay! The Bagginshield makes it totally worthwhile!

Widge I’m so excited I can’t even!!! Though I do feel a little bad that we’re lying to the five year old that we’re going to see a different movie LOL! It’s just that he REALLY wants to see BOTFA but he TALKS during the film and we just can’t have that for the first viewing! So we’ll take him in another week or so. Stellar parenting right? :D

nikorys replied to your post “In 10 hours I will finally be watching BOTFA and it will be glorious….”

i hope you like it !!!! and the bagginshield won’t dissapoint ! 8’)))

Oh god that’s what everyone says I can’t wait! I think this might be the tipping point to finally push me to try my hand at writing some Bagginshield fic…


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Widged:The sequence was too exaggerated for only 10 cm

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