A picture of the gang :3

In the very front row is the cute little ghost Wicu. She is a female Lampent.

In the second row, from left to right, is Gardein, who is a female Gardevoir. On the right side is Shadopaw Bluefur, a… no one really knows what the f**k this guy is. Some kind of hybrid between a human, a wolf, and a wildcat. In a top-hat. O_o

In the back is Blackout. She is a female Luxray.

Yeah, all girls on my team. I will put up real bios for them sometime, but for now, all you need to know is that we are a group of Team Rocket elites known as Team Vanguard. We take care of the problems you grunts never even HEAR about.

Ask away! We want to answer your questions :3

Meet Jasone (left) and his dark alter ego Awake (Right, blood covered.)

Jasone is a male Gardevoir who works as a nurse at the Pysch Ward For The Hurt. He is also a patient there, though that is kept a secret from most. Almost always looks like he has a high fever. He can be emotional at times, such as when he feels he is unable to help someone. Most of the time he is determined to hep make the world a better place for everyone but that can be difficult when…

His mind switches to Awake. Awake was created when Jasone was hit by a truck protecting his trainer. The collision shattered his chest horn and would have killed him had he not been snatched from his world to a separate dimension lying in wait for him. The whole thing had been a set up to capture a Gardevoir from the Badru family, which Jasone is. The cause? A strange dark cult called Gyakusatsu, after their own dark god who they wished to resurrect. But they needed a body, and decided that a Gardevoir would be suitable for the moment. They replaced his shattered chest horn with a soul stone containing the remains of the dark god’s spirit. As the soul began to take control of it’s new body, Jasone’s took it’s last chance at life and leaped into the partly empty soul stone.

Now both minds inhabit one body, each one taking control at random. One is a kind healer. The other has one gear: KILL.

Two minds. Two souls. Two very different people. One body. One rivalry.