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I love your conversations with crimesandkillers

Thank you.

I may not be having more public conversations through her ask box because her followers are growing annoyed and quite obviously jealous that she and I have been conversing. If you ask me, they should stop policing her blog. I digress. Thank you for the compliment. 


'360' set for August 2012 release

What a difference a day makes…

Magnolia Pictures has scheduled two of its festival pick-ups for the summer with Lauren Greenfield’s Sundance favorite doc The Queen of Versailles being released on July 6, and Fernando (City of God) Meirelles’ globe-trotting drama 360 […] coming out a month later on August 3. (ComingSoon)

A truly international film, 360 was shot on location in Vienna, Paris, London, Bratislava and Rio de Janeiro. Jude Law plays a travelling businessman who is contemplating a liaison with a prostitute; Rachel Weisz, a married woman who is breaking off a relationship with a younger man; Anthony Hopkins, a man searching for his missing daughter; Ben Foster, a sex offender recently released from prison. (Rama’s Screen)