Tonight is a New Moon in the constellation of Capricorn. This is the final New Moon of the year. As with all New Moons this is the end of a cycle and a new beginning. It is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start a new. Use this renewed energy to make a fresh start in the coming New Year. 

Capricorn is about hard work and strength, but it is also about hard play and vulnerability. You may be feeling a little under appreciated at the moment for all your hard work, but even though people don’t always show it, know that what you do for them is very much appreciated. Try not to dwell in negativity and let you playful and fun side out, we all need to relax and let our hair down now and again. You deserve a break.

Emotions will be high this New Moon, your feelings will be intense and heightened. Each individual is testing themselves to rise to a higher level through a challenge in some form. Many people start a New Year full of hope and promises then start to feel down as the year progresses. Don’t let this happen to you, keep your promises to yourself, don’t lose faith, this is a magical year full of powerful energy that will help you succeed.

Don’t get ready. Be ready. Uranus moves direct just hours before the Capricorn New Moon. This is a green light from the universe to go forward. Uranus rules freedom. Uranus wants to liberate you form the chains that bind you. You are creating your reality. You do this from your thoughts, words and behavior. What do you want to create in the New Year? You are setting the foundation for the next twelve months. Be practical and patient and set yourself achievable goals. 

Use the power of this New Moon for real growth, look deep within yourself and ask what it is you need to change or to grow, also ask what you need to let go of that is holding you back, don’t let fear stand in your way, push past it and make a real commitment to getting to where you want or need to be.

This is a time you should be reflecting on the past and lessons you have learned from the past year. Take the lessons into the future with you. Let go of the old and welcome the new. Take small steps you feel comfortable with to create a positive change. Start your own personal journey to who and what you want to be. Dream big, and think big. Be ambitious, follow your dreams and desires. Allow yourself to be happy.

Have a Blessed New Moon, may the Goddess watch over you.

bonjoviee asked:

What are your thoughts on black magick and white magick?

Alright, time for the  opinion that has caused me a lot of problems in the pagan community and kept me from being invited into certain eclectic covens. 

One, I believe that most magic falls into Light and Dark…not Black and White. I have come to see using the words ‘black’ and ‘white’ as adding connotations to color that have no place in modern language. Maybe that’s me trying too hard to be PC…but I feel that it works.

Two: I am Wiccan. There is a line, often quoted, from the wiccan rede which states “an it harm none, do as ye will.” This means that I do not, under any circumstances, practice ‘dark’ magics; nor can I support the practice of these forms of witchcraft.

I firmly believe that it is better to heal yourself rather than to harm others, I believe it is better to bless than to curse. To ask for fertility rather than wish barren. I believe that doing these darker forms of magic will, in time, corrupt ones soul and will turn upon you.

Has this gotten some eye rolls from others? Yup. Has it gotten me called a goody two shoes and fluff bunny? Absolutely. They are welcome to say what they want. I am comfortable with my magic and what I’ve chosen to do.

No, I don’t think it’s okay, cool, or acceptable to curse someone. I don’t think practicing magic for the sake of vengeance is acceptable.

I hope that answers your question.

Requested Topic: The Symbolism of Krampus

Blogger resendizj wants to know what Krampus is and if it is supposed to be good or bad.

  • Santa Claus is a combination of ancient shamen and European deities, primarily Dionysus/Bacchus and Odin. Therefore, he is accompanied by Pagan forest spirits, the most famous of these being Krampus. These spirits represent fertility, and they are neither benevolent nor malevolent. 
  • Santa is the essence of the forest. This entity in medieval times became known as “The Holly King,” “The Oak King,” “The Green Man,” “The Green Knight,” “The Green King of Sherwood” (Robin Hood), “Robin in the Green” (Robin Hood), etc. They represent plant fertility. Santa’s helpers are the essence of the animals in the forest. Collectively, this is an archetype called “The Horned God,” although ‘Horned Gods’ are often not gods. They represent animal fertility. I consider gods that fall under the Green Man archetype and gods that fall under the Horned God archetype to be both Green Men and Horned Gods. That makes more sense to me because you cannot separate animals from the forest in which they dwell.

Surviving Practices

  • Krampus (“The Clawed One”) are found in roughly Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, and the U.S. Generally, they wear chains and a tub (read: variation on a sack), and carry a broomstick. They try to scare people and threaten to beat them with the broomstick or eat them. The tub has blessed water for purification and people are placed in it en route to the underworld. Krampus give out coal and little broomsticks. Libations of fruit brandy are poured in honor of Krampus.
  • Krampus is overtly associated with fertility to this day. In postcards from the 1800s and later, male and female (almost always male) Krampus are either dating, capturing, or torturing adult humans of the opposite sex. Due to this fertility symbolism, the broomstick-a fertility symbol-is always present in postcards of that sort.
  • Knecht Ruprecht (“Ruprecht, the Assistant”) are creatures that are most certainly Krampus, just with a different name. Ruprecht are found in Germany. They look like Krampus (horns, long tongue, etc.), except they sometimes have ashes on their face. They generally ride a white horse, carry a broomstick, and carry an ash-filled sack with bells and chains on it. They try to scare people and threaten to beat them with the broomstick and the bag. On the other hand, they give out apples, nuts, and gingerbread.

Krampus’s Ritual Tools

  • Bells and chains are traditional instruments used by shamen to chase away malevolent spirits and bad luck with their purifying sound waves. Think of the chains on the ghosts in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
  • Broomsticks are ancient European phallic symbols used for fertility and purification. Another way of looking at it is that it is a magickal wand for increasing fertility. Yet another way of looking at it is that it’s a magickal flail that sexually excites a person, makes them want to have lots of sex, and magically enchants them to be more fertile. This phallic symbol-this magickal tool-is simultaneously a broom, a wand, and a flail.
  • Ashes are another shamanic tool. In ancient times (and in a few existing cultures), shamen knew how to building fires and what plants, roots, etc. to toss in them to create fireworks and other dazzling displays during religious observance. Fire was necessary for smithing, so it was a metaphor for creation. The Celts venerated smith gods during the winter solstice. In ancient Europe, fires were built when the new year came, and the ashes of those fires were kept for good fortune until the end of the year. Coal is seen as a ‘bad’ gift nowadays because now Krampus is seen as ‘bad’ (monotheistic religions have a concept of ‘good’ and ‘bad’/’evil’, whereas Paganism does not). Coal should be a desirable gift associated with the building of a fire. As for Krampus’s broomstick gifts, you can build a fire with them, you can magickally sweep away malevolent spirits and bad luck with them to purify a space (perhaps before building a fire in that space), and/or you can use them to sweep the ashes from the fire into a little cloth bag as a good luck charm for the year. Krampus exists to help people, not to punish them.

Krampus’s Mythology

  • Krampus’s (Ruprecht’s) horse is probably a reference to the god Odin’s white horse, Sleipnir. Odin leads the Wild Hunt (a hunting party comprised of deities and spirits) riding that horse.
  • Krampus is the son of the goddess of death, Hel, who presides over an icy underworld realm that shares her name.
  • Once upon a time, Krampus (Ruprecht in this case) lived in Valhalla, but He was always depressed. To cheer Him up, Odin/Wotan invited Him to join in a Wild Hunt. Not a hunter, Krampus ended up lagging behind and getting lost. He worried that He would not find His way home. To calm His nerves, He carved figurines out of wood. After a while, He stumbled upon a home. The humans who lived there-a couple and their son-invited Him to come in from the cold and to have some food, even though they did not have much food. Krampus was touched, and gave them the figurines as gifts. Odin finally found Krampus and was angry that He had to search for so long. However, His anger melted away once He saw that Krampus was finally happy. Odin invited Krampus to open a woodworking shop in Valhalla and Krampus happily accepted. And they lived happily ever after.

Painting Details

Loki’s Brood by Emil Doepler, 1905

The painting depicts Hel and Her siblings Fenrir (the wolf) and Jörmungandr (the snake) in the foreground. Their mother, Angrboda, is in the background. Loki is their father.

Photo Source

Topic Sources: National GeographicPagan Christmas: The Plants, Spirits, and Rituals at the Origins of Yuletide by Christian Rätsch & Claudia Müller-Ebeling (Trans. Katja Lueders); Santa Claus: A Biography by Gerry Bowler; The Winter Solstice: The Sacred Traditions of Christmas by John Matthews

What are your thoughts?

hail-coffee-drink-satan asked:

Ive never cast a spell before, and ive been a Wiccan for a few months now. I want to cast a love spell, would it be safe to do it? Also, do you have any love spells that will make someone want you more? Or a spell that will make them give you time?

Hey there,

A few things to note so that you do not get confused.

You never have to cast spells as a Wiccan. Being Wiccan is a belief system. It is the religious belief in a duo-theistic universe that falls within the category of ‘God’ and ‘Goddess’. 

Casting spells is Witchcraft. Witchcraft, as the name suggests, is a craft or skill that involves the manipulation of energies gathered from yourself, from tangible items, and the universe itself to cause something to happen.

These two words are not interchangeable. Please be careful about that in the future. I spent four years of my pagan life using both words as if they meant the same thing and I’d like to keep anyone from doing something similar. 

Also, when it comes to love spells:

The Wiccan Rede allows for you to cast spells to bring love into your life. It however is against our belief system to cast spells that target a specific person to fall in love with you. While love is a good thing, and falling in love is a blessing, forcing someone to fall in love is not acceptable. You are forcing your will and what YOU want on them…it is, in my opinion, a form of magical date rape.

However, if you ask the universe for love (in one of the billion ways that it cane be done) then the universe can guide someone into your life who can love you of their own free will.

Thus is the difference.

And finally, I don’t give out spells. There are a couple thousand spells out there for love and passion and so on and so forth. But these spells were written by one person for themselves. This spell may work for you…but there is a greater chance that it wont because magic is funny that way.

Why? Because every witch has their own talents. Herb-craft, Kitchen Witchery, stone work, or one of a thousand other branches of magic out there. While a random spell you find in a book or on the internet may work for you chances are unless you know how to alter a spell to suit you and your needs…it very well may not work.

That’s why I sell spells. A spell custom fit to you in the hopes of having a greater chance of success.

I do hope this helps you.