Daredevil 236

Scripter Ann Nocenti

Penciler Barry Windsor-Smith

Inkers Barry Windsor-Smith and Bob Wiacek

Letterer Joe Rosen

Colorist “Max” Scheele

Cover Dated November 1986

Cover by Walt Simsonson

We are trying something a tad bit ambitious here at S&FwM.  We are not only celebrating Avengers Month here this May, but also, Daredevil coming to Netflix!

The problem with getting all of these Marvel 25th…

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From Avengers #4-#6 by Kurt Busiek, George Perez, Al Vey, Bob Wiacek, Al Vey, Tom Smith, Richard Starkings and Comicraft, and Tom Brevoort.

I enjoyed these issues a bit more than the opening arc, but still think it’s all a bit rigid and overwritten. #4 is a decent ‘building the team’ issue, though only Hawkeye and Justice get to show much personality. #5 and #6 feature the dorkiest version of the Squadron Supreme I’ve ever read, though maybe that’s part of the point with them.


Books ($1.91 each)

     a. Wolverine • Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection - Archie Goodwin, & Howard Chaykin

     b. Wolverine: Bloodlust - Alan Davis, & Paul Neary

     c. Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure - Walter Simonson, Michael Mignola, Bob Wiacek

     d. Origin - Bill Jemas, Joe Quesada, Paul Jenkins, Andy Kubert, & Richard Isanove

     e. Marvel Legends: Snikt! - Tsutomu Nihei