This here is one of the most down to earth and compassionate/loving ravers I have ever met. His name is Puna, and is a Marine from Hawaii. We met after New Years on the second day of OMFG NYE and he started to talk to me about his experience as a marine. I gave him like 5 special pieces of kandi, because he had none and never traded before. He then pulled out the light in the bottom picture, grabbed my hand, and placed it in my palm. He said, “I had this with me in Afghanistan. When I was surrounded by darkness and couldn’t find my way, I used this as a guide. I want you to have it and keep it safe.” Probably one of the most intense and unforgettable moments in my life. I’m so happy to have met you Puna 💖 I will cherish our memory forever, and never forget to always see the light when I’m surrounded by darkness✨

- Today was Suicide Awareness Day; it happens to everyone, those unwanted thoughts. You’re not pretty enough; you’re not skinny or you don’t have enough muscles; you’ll never be like the “beautiful” people. Well you know what? Fuck them. Everyone is beautiful in their own damn skin. For years I found myself fighting a battle against myself that I couldn’t seem to win. Nothing seemed right & I felt like nothing was ever going to be right. I was good at hiding my pain, no one ever really knew I had a problem. So I was fighting this alone. i turned to music, & EDM was eventually what saved me from myself. 🎶 But you? You’re not alone. Whoever is reading this, you are not alone. You never will be alone. Keep that beautiful face of yours high & your self esteem higher. Keep on keeping on, because even though it may seem like there’s no light at the end of this dark lonely tunnel, there will be one someday, & that day will be the beginning of the rest of your life. Stay strong & PLUR on. 😘😊✌💖🙏👬👫👭 @whywerave #whyirave #Suicideawareness #TWLOHA #staystrong #PLUR #Itgetsbetter #staystrong

Besides amber, I have no idea who these girls are or where they’re from. We just knew we had to introduce ourselves & tell them how cute they looked. I remember them telling me Escape was their first rave ever, & how much fun they were having. We continued to chat about escape, insomniac, Pasquale, costumes, and Plur. Amber and I traded them their first kandi. These girls were incredibly sweet, beautiful, and full of light. #WhyIRave is something so much more than the outfits, the djs, the venue, any of that. I rave because for a moment, under the bright lights, in that hot crowd, we are one. In a world that we divide ourselves by our differences, we are united by edm, and with that, Plur comes into effect. Raving has forever made its imprint on me. I look at everyone both under the #electricsky and the normal one as equals. Giving everyone a chance to be nice and well…. Plur. @pasqualerotella has created a world for us out of his love for the scene for us to dance, laugh, and most importantly L❤VE. We “escape” to a place we all consider “home”. These events help to pull us through hard times & give us a “light at the end of the tunnel”. The #latimes has painted our awesome rave scene with such an unflattering color. Simply because they are judging what they don’t understand. Yes the drugs are there, people don’t know their limit & act recklessly. But that’s life, & that’s everywhere. By Pasquale giving us a safe place to come, rave & enjoy the simplest things in life. He is in turn giving us a place to truly & freely live. The people I have met, the friendships that have been born are most definitely genuine. My extended rave family grows more and more each time. When I was hospitalized, so many of my rave fam reached out to send kind words and offer comfort. And it warmed my heart. How could these people whom I’ve met once or twice, or some that I’ve only spoken to a couple times on instagram have so much love & support for me? That my friends, is plur and the main reason that I love this scene. So la times why don’t you open your mind, and Minot let the actions of few represent the scene as a whole. Do not judge what you do not understand.


The rave scene has always been such a comforting place for me. The speakers became my friends and the dance floor became my heaven. I’ve never felt accepted anywhere. Always protruding in a crowd. But when I started raving I felt a sense of being, I felt alive, I felt not only something- EVERYTHING.
Ever since my first rave I took PLURR every where I went and felt a sense of being. My rave family is the family I never really had growing up, the family I had always wanted. The scene takes care of me, and I do my best to take care of it.
This is OUR scene, shared by the thousands of warm bodies as far as the eye can see. We thrive for it, we CRAVE it,
We love it.

How It Started

My mom was always the over protective mother you hear about. Setting a curfew of 9 throughout all of highschool, and never letting me go out with friends. When i went away to college i was bombarded with so many new exciting experiences and of all the different things i tried, raving is where i felt most at home.

At my first rave, i had no clue what to expect but everyone i had gone with were “professional ravers” in my eyes. They showed me what it was like to be a part of their family and ever since that night i havent stopped. The best moment to me during raves is when you see someone who looks out of place or looks clueless as to what they do. Raves are about everyone coming together and forming new friendships for life. When i see those new people, i love to go up to them and give them kandi, teach them about plur, and show them that a rave is a place of no judgement. A place to let the music fill your soul and radiate through every molecule in your body. For those few hours of a concert or those few days of a festival you and the music and everyone there are one. It’s all about peace, love, unity, and respect. No one feels left out. Because as soon as you step foot into a rave, you’re part of the family.