help i fell into gravity falls. shows about small towns with weird/creepy shit going down?? do u mean my most favourite genre ever

dipper’s hat was uncooperative so pretend it just got blown off. the cipher on dipper is bill’s, saying “trust no one” and the one on mabel is the author’s, saying “i trust you” bc hA HA THAT LAST EPISODE, kill me

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Why do you like Brooklyn Beckham though? Is it because he's David Beckham's son?

darling, I probably have 27869182982 reasons on why i like him but here, let me state some (with pictures for your convenience)

1). Me being a football (soccer as you may call it) player, I find it a HUGE turn on when a guy likes the same sport as I do. Knowing he’s the son of a famous football player, heck yeah he’s a football player as well (and pretty good too)

2). He’s a great big brother to his little sister Harper which really shows how caring and sweet he is. He’s always carrying her and covering her eyes when paparazzi’s there. And oh one time, harper fell down and cried, so he picked her up and comforted her. 

3). Well can’t deny that he’s really REALLY good looking. I mean, he can pull off anything!

 a). with braces

b). without braces

c). modelling

d). sleeping

e). frowning 

f). smiling 

g). chewing on chips, pizza or whatever

h). and even if he’s turning his back he’s still HOT DAMN 

he can just stand there and he’ll still be damn gorgeous let’s be honest there.

4). Vanity and boys don’t really go well unless you have that photogenic edge like him because he can take a mirror selfie any day and he will still make me all heart eyes emoji

5). i mean holy jesus he doesn’t even try he just looks really good wtf man

okay moving on,

6). His voice is literally heaven. I mean this video is like 10 seconds long but you will instantly fall in love with him i swear to jesus 

and his smile is just :-) i can’t anymore

7). He’s not ashamed of his mom kissing him in public which goes to show how down to earth he is because he doesn’t care being called a momma’s boy which is really cute :(((


9). Like father, like son and tbh both are flaming hottttt 

10). well maybe because he’s a combination of everything perfect to me..

me: reads gut-wrenching, extremely well-written, A+ plot zutara fics until 2am, clutching pillow for dear life as the feels spill out from every crevice and fiber of my being

author: last updated 2012


so i’M TEXTING MY FRIEND AND SHE SAID SORRY AND I SAID dont be sorry *3699112294728 spaces* CRAFT AND SHE SAID WHAT THE FUCK IS CRAFT AND I SAID dont question *471966226644777937801753749027 spaces* CRAFT AND SHE SAID WHAT DOES IT MEAN AND I SAID dont ask what it means *448200098643145700965288151937668887 spaces* CRAFT AND SHE WAS SO CONFUSED AND I’M SCREAMING I’M LAUGHING SO HARD