‘What does it take to inspire you?’
He asked.
'I need to fall in love,’ she replied.
'Surely there must be an easier way,’
he retorted.
'Why, I have already fallen in love twice today,’ she answered,
'First, when I set my eyes upon the ever precipitous mountains that surround us, guarding us like the skin that stretches along our bones,
and second, with the uncertainty in your voice when you asked if there is anything easier than falling love.’

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Exo reaction to you (his crush) having to share the same room on roommate, and could you do a part 2 where you ask him to pretend to date you for a prank.

Suho: 1. “WOOOOO” *gets a party*

2. “Girl you must be kidding right?” *unless its real i aint doing it*


2. *when it comes to pretending*

Chanyeol: 1. *when he sees your name as his neighbour*

2. “I don’t see why not.” *Is literally dying on the inside*

D.O: 1. *the first time he sees you* “Hueyyy Im so excited to make you love me- I mean live next to you……hehehheheh.”

2. “That is if you don’t fall in love with me in the process.”

Baekhyun: 1. “I thank everyone in the whole world who made this possible.”

2. “So when we pretend we have to kiss right?” *gets way into it*

Kai: 1. “Oh ok…well this is going to be fun.” *smirk*

2. “Oh I was born to do this.”

Luhan: 1. “YAAAAS!”

2. “Oh no no no.” *Doesnt know if he will be able to control himself.*


2. “Oh sureeeeeee lets you know…. PRETEND…” *doesnt get that you are serious*

Yi Fan: 1.*as soon as he meets you*

2. *should i risk popping a boner doing recording or not?*

Lay: 1. *can’t fully process what is happening*

2. *says he can do it but fails* “Um ye uhhh ye we are dati-dati-n-n-n-g phew.”

Tao: 1.

2. *he tried to kiss you but you two got interrupted*

Xiumin: 1. “I will return the favour by making this the most successful show in the world.”

2. “Oh ye lest do exactly that…just for the prank.”

Hope you like it!

Send in reactions for BTS and EXO


Le Petit Petit

The new film “Why Must I Fall In Love” from Le Petit Petit is giving us some serious fashion inspiration for the weekend.  We’re totally into the sheer maxi/hooded-poncho combo.

6 AM: Wide awake in bed. I love mornings. Happy time. Energetic as fuck.

4 PM: tired as fuck. Can’t go on. Falling asleep in the middle of conversations. Refusing to take a nap so I’ll be tired at bedtime.

1 AM: Wide awake can’t stop moving. I must clean entire house, check my bank balance 6 times, pee every five minutes, floss, learn how to yodel, and run a marathon. Still not tired.

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Why do people feel the need to define themselves, even just in terms of sexuality? Personally, my opinion of someone won't change just because they tell me about their preference. I know other people do judge, but I feel like there's really no need to put label on yourself, especially if you aren't even sure yet.

It’s a sense of community in a world dominated by high libidos and heterosexuality. Especially in an age in which sex is seen like a must to be a fulfilled person and people who don’t fall in love (aromantics) or who generally don’t want sex (asexuals) are seen as deviations. Maybe your opinion of someone won’t change, but you’re a single person in a sea of judgmental people. There’s a need for names and community because so many people were relieved to know that they’re okay, that nothing is wrong with them for not wanting society imposed “necessities”.

A summary of today’s writing session

“No, I will not ship Lucrezia and Esp–goddammit?!!”

TBH… I loved Daredevil! at first I started watching it and was all “Don’t get attached to anyone because they will most likely die.” And I was doing pretty good until Wesley walked in in his first scene and I was like “OH crap… Nope don’t even start to like him… No no no!” And I continued on this path until Wesley smirked and I’m just “NOOOOOOO why!!! Why did u have to be so cute!! Shoot! I’m dead…” And low and behold he died and I turned to my sis and said “he’s so not dead…! He’s faking or he’s gonna get saved at the last moment!!” And my sis was all “Em, he’s dead… Get over it, move on with your life.” And I’m like “I will never give up! He is ALIVE!!”

End of rant


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I'm sorry about this, but I feel like I must admit this to someone or I will be driven more insane then it's making me. As you are my favorite Tom blog, I picked you. Sorry!. I'm insane! I'm a fan, a normal girl that Tom will never notice. So why do I worry about him like I do? I worry if he is happy, safe, going strong in his career, ect. I know it's stupid for me to do so, because we have no effect on each other, and I try not to worry, SO HARD! but my heart just aches for him. Insane, right?

Don’t ever worry about venting to me! ^-^
I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with worrying about him. If you care about someone, even though you don’t know them personally, it’s a completely natural reaction to worry about their well-being. Being protective of people we care about is something that’s a part of our biology.
Personally, I sometimes worry a little too much about him as well, but I realise fully well there’s no need for me to, it wouldn’t help, and he can handle himself just fine. As long as you can distinguish reality from fiction, and I feel that you do, I think that doctor’s appointment isn’t necessary haha, but if it gets a little too much, don’t be afraid to come to my inbox to vent :)

Nonnies are starting to point out that it has been three months since I updated the shadow on my FF… lynyrdwrites.  Oops.  I’m so bad at this game. back to work!

Why is captain swan so very distracting.  You know what I need to shift my focus back to beka and rosto….. a beka rosto/ CS crossover

evil–isnt–born : tell her to do the thing!

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Marion's imitation of edith piaf was too melodramatic for me

first, she’s not copying edith, she’s portraying the director’s vision of edith piaf’s life, and i think her dramatic range is perfectly fine, i mean there’s this scene i love when she’s looking at her in the mirror and she cuts some of her hair off, takes a deep breath and stares at her. this is such a short scene, but you see her being totally miserable, maybe thinking wow how did i get here? why am i so unhappy? why is everything falling apart? that was absolutely brilliant.

Pleasure To Meet You, Again - Finn Harries Imagine

“She’s awake!” an unfamiliar voice called out, furthering the dull throbbing in my head. “Nurse, she’s awake!”

As my vision came into focus, a woman in a blue dress and white apron rushed over and began checking all the wires and monitors around me. Wait, why do I have wires attached to me? 

“Oh my god, (Y/N), I’m so glad you’re alive,” the man who had called out for the nurse said. He squeezed my hand so hard I thought my fingers were going to fall off. “I love you so much.”

I frowned, “What?”  My voice was nothing more than a croak. This must be some kind of dream. “Who are you?” I asked the guy.

He laughed, a handsome smile crossing his face, “Really funny, (Y/N).” When I only gave him a panicked stare in reply, his smile dropped and skin went pale. “You really don’t know who I am?”

I shook my head. I wanted to know who he was desperately, but I couldn’t think; everything was so fuzzy

“Shit,” he mumbled, leaning back slightly on his chair, but his hand still remained latched onto mine. “Nurse, is this normal?”

The woman who stood on the other side of the bed to the young man nodded her head solemnly. “She’s suffered from a traumatic brain injury; memory loss is common,” she told him. 

He turned back to me, “So you don’t remember me at all?” His green eyes were sad, achingly so.

I shook my head again. “I’m sorry,” I tried.

“(Y/N),” the nurse said, “Look straight ahead for me.” I did as I was told and she shone a bright light into my eyes. “You’re responding to light just fine. I can’t imagine you’ll have to wait long before you can be discharged.”

“Can I ask what actually happened?”

“You were in a car accident. You’ve been in a coma for the past twelve or so hours,” she informed me.

All of this was hard to process; I could hardly believe what was going on. “Was anyone else hurt?”

“I was the only other person in the car,” the green eyed boy said from beside me. He looked defeated, running a hand through his unkempt hair, “The guy who hit us got out without a single scratch.” 

Something on his hand caught my attention; a ring on his marriage finger. I looked down at my left hand and there they were: two rings – one engagement and one promise band – sat gleaming just above my knuckle. “Are you my husband?” I asked.

He looked up; a spark of hope brightening his features suddenly, “Yeah, I am. Do you…?”

I shook my head for the third time, “I just saw the rings…”

The brown haired boy noticeably crumpled in on himself as I said this, and he released the grip he held on my hand. “I suppose I ought to introduce myself then,” he sighed.

I shot him an apologetic smile; this must be killing him inside and I could do nothing in my power to help him.

“My name’s Finn,” he told me with a tightly set jaw.

“Like Huckleberry Finn,” I said.

He nodded, a smile breaking his ridged features whilst tears spiked in his eyes, “That’s exactly what you said the first time I met you, besides now.” 

Something in his sad grin gave me a weird sensation of déjà vu, but it wasn’t something I could hold onto and ponder over for long. It was as though my life was one of those old undeveloped photo films and someone had just cut a huge chunk off the end, leaving me with black emptiness in its place. I knew memories were missing, but I didn’t know which ones, leaving me treading water, going nowhere.

“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you, Finn… again,” I said.

He nodded, biting his lip as he looked away, unable to keep eye contact with me, his hands noticeably trembling. “I’m going to get some coffee, do you want anything?” His voice was strained as he stood from his chair and made his way out of my hospital room, pausing at the door. 

I shook my head once again and he left. Through the windows that looked into the hallway I could see him pace away, hitting the walls with a bunched up fist as he went along before stopping to press his forehead to it as his shoulders shook in staccato. 

Despite not being able to remember the young twenty-something, I could feel an almost magnetic pull to him, something far stronger than the apparent legal ties that bound us together. I unplugged myself from whatever monitors I was attached to, and padded out into the hallway to where he stood. He turned when he registered my presence and before he could say anything I pressed my lips to his. He cupped my face ever so gently and kissed me in such a way that I knew he was the one.

When we pulled away from one another, Finn laughed a little, his fingers stroking my cheek softly.

“I figured you must be a pretty great guy if I agreed to marry you, so why not skip formalities and get straight to the juicy stuff,” I said, a blush reddening the tips of my ears.

“Things like that are exactly why I fell in love with you,” Finn replied, unable to control the grin that spread across his features. 

“Well then, now’s your chance to do it all over again,” I told him.

Finn nodded eagerly, biting his lip. “I’m always up for being able to have two ‘first kisses’, especially when the second one involves you wearing an open-backed hospital gown.”

My eyes grew wide at my sudden realisation of the breeze tickling over my behind and I quickly turned my back to the wall. “I really took skipping formalities to the next level, didn’t I,” I laughed.

Finn put his hands up in defence, “I’m not complaining.”

Truth be told, it took some major convincing to get me to believe the little British guy from Undeclared was the huge dude in that show about motorcycles with Peg Bundy. Another truth, I’ve only ever seen one episode of said hit show so you can guess that’s not why I have any love for Charlie Hunnam — but because he’s a fellow April baby like myself and happens to be turning 35 this week, we’re going to talk about why it seems like he’s everyone and their mom’s must-have man. I mean, I get it. I have eyes and I can see why Sons of Anarchy was all about this guy, but why else do people fall all over him?

(Continue reading Fangirl’s Guide to Charlie Hunnam at Fandomania)

How Taylor fixes every fight
  • Me:Oh my goodness I hate you so much!
  • Best Friend:Aww! I love you too! ❤😘
  • Me:You think its funny when I get mad, right? Ugh I can't believe you would do this to me! Why am I even friends with you? I must be out of my mind, I'm going!
  • Best Friend:Stay, stay, stay and I'll be loving you for quite some time, time, time..
  • Me:*falls forgivingly into his arms*
It’s not that I can’t fall in love. It’s really that I can’t help falling in love with too many things all at once. So, you must understand why I can’t distinguish between what’s platonic and what isn’t, because it’s all too much and not enough at the same time.
—  Jack Kerouac

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A-z 💕💕💕💕

why must you do this to me rowan
I’ve decided to make this all about music because I love it so much and also why not

A: alex gaskarth / all time low / andy hurley
B: brendon urie
C: (the) click five
D: don’t panic / dirty work / dashboard confessional
E: every avenue
F: future hearts / fall out boy / full frontal
G: green day
H: hold me down / (a) hangover you don’t deserve
I: infinity on high
J: jack barakat duh (favorite human ever) / joe trohman
K: kerplunk!
L: linkin park
M: (the) maine
N: nothing personal
O: oasis
P: put up or shut up / (the) party scene / pete wentz / patrick stump / panic! at the disco
Q: queen? kinda idk
R: rian dawson / rowan eyy
S: so wrong it’s right / simple plan / state champs
T: the three words to remember in dealing with the end
U: (the) upsides
V: vices & virtues / vessel
W: we the kings
X: xo (by fob)
Y: you me at six
Z: zack merrick