Marmalade the Cat Demonstrates Why It’s So Difficult to Enjoy a Meal With a Begging Feline Around

why is it so difficult for white people to grasp the whole “FOR BLACK GIRLS” thing? like it’s really not that hard. yall had “whites only” signs up forever but can’t understand what it means for black people to have their own……

What I wanted: Alistair.

What I fear I got: Wonky Cullen.

Shit, I can’t even draw him when I’m staring at his picture. ALISTAIR, WHY IS YOUR FACE SO DIFFICULT?!

Anyway, I remembered that I also like shading in pencil, so I basically said, “Fuck it, it looks wrong, but I’ma shade the hell out of it.” I did fix some of the highlights in Photoshop after they got too endarkened when I adjusted the levels, though. Oh, and the random blue-gray color blob.  

Also, forgive the random white loopy circles. I must have forgotten to put my scratch sheet between the prior page and this one… >.>;

Why do people find it so difficult to understand that it’s hard to do anything when you’re depressed. Like, socializing and standing and smiling and breathing. ???? I just want to lie in bed!!!!!!

A few problems every emo trash knows
  1. trying to get those pair of skinny jeans on after having a shower.
  2. having your socks pulled off by your skinny jeans while you’re taking them off like w t f no
  3. summer + black clothes
  4. not knowing whether you pass as emo kid or as prep
  5. wenn the eyeliner isn’t even
  6. living outside america or not in the uk — that makes fangirling hard and the shipping costs are more then the thing you’ve ordered
  7. “what music do you listen to”
  8. when your mom just doesn’t get it and still buys you colorful clothes
  9. having so much black in your wardrobe makes searching for one particular top SO FUCKING DIFFICULT.
  10. “why don’t you remove your leather jacket, it’s hot”

Eliza Taylor on Periscope being super damn cute before going to sleep