anonymous asked:

Why is suigetsu on your list?

Excuse me but why isn’t he on YOUR list? Ahaha I’m just kidding. Don’t take my jokes seriously.

  • He’s the voice of the fandom
  • He has the ugliest(cutest) sense of humor
  • He’s the troll of Taka and the only reason why I actually like Taka
  • He loves them kawaii animals despite his destructive killing spree (he’s such a softie.. kyahhhh)
  • He’s just so damn lovable.
  • His relationship w/ his older brother is in a way admiring (HE’S CONTINUING THEIR DREAM. *SOBS) I honestly wanted to see more on his back story but since he’s only a minor character, the chances of seeing that was low… dammit kishi.
  • He’s just so freaking adorable and I love him to death.