Heathers Webseries

So after seeing a post about Veronica making vlogs about her life, I had an idea of creating a webseries where Veronica is making vlogs and stuff through the course of the story of heathers.

For example; In the earlier videos (I’m thinking about it being a ten or nine part series of videos ranging from 1-4 minutes long) she could have a “bestfriend tag” with Martha (or Betty if it goes off the film), and as it goes on Veronica’s videos would go along with the story of Heathers and sometimes it would even be kind of like a video diary.

I have a lot of other ideas for this but I don’t want to make this too long. I’m making this post because I want to know if anyone would be interested in this actually being made? So if you would like for this to actually be created please like/reblog this post.

Also, for a web series, it would need actors, editors, writers, graphic designers, or pretty much anyone involved in the arts, so if anyone is interested in any way with helping out with this series, please send me a message! :)

I really hope this can happen!

A guy I went to high school with...

and LITERALLY haven’t talked to like ever (even in high school) Facebook messaged me in the middle of the night with fucking 10, TEN, dick pics. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH BOYS. WHAT. I DON’T GET IT LOL. LIKE WAS ONE NOT ENOUGH!? No, I didn’t even want one, yet you felt the need to grace me with a collage of your dick. Y’all need to chill. That’s all I know. Why do guys think we like dick pics? WHY? Keep your unwanted dick to yourself. THANKS.

The Sharkaroo Drug

So I was trying to explain to my mom what Sharkaroo was and she just looked at me and went “What in the world is Sharkaroo? Is that like a drug? Are you doing drugs?!”
You guys don’t know how tempted I was to just say yes. I just sighed. “Why do I even try to explain these things?”
Then we had a wonderful conversation on how bad drugs are. Yay!

I seriously don’t even know anymore

Cosima used to be my do no wrong favourite character but now

She’s honestly doing my head in. Like you guys understand how much i love(d) Cosima, cause loads of us do. Probably too much. But i dont even think i know her anymore

Right, we’ve accepted the Cophine angst. But why? If you think about it, how hostile is Cosima behaving towards Delphine? And she didn’t even do anything wrong. Let’s face it, they got back together after Delphine had sold out her entire family tree to Leekie. After she didn’t tell Cosima that the stem cells used for treating her were Kira’s. After Delphine lied to her face about where she came from, and even about her name.

So now, when Delphine breaks up with Cosima so she can better protect her sisters, Cosima flips out into sulky teenager mode? Nah. I thought you were better than that. Ignoring her and being all one word answers is just irritating to me.

And Shay is so shady. Maybe even shadier than Delphine. Delphine obviously knows something’s up, well also she’s jealous, but I just do not trust the shizz out of Shay.

So yeah, although Delphine is seeming to be losing it paparazzi style, I think she knows something is up. And I wish Cosima would stop being so immature. Her naivety and young-seeming nature was one of the things I loved about her, cause she reminded me of me, but now she’s just going too far. I don’t know. I’m sure she’s acting this way because she loved Delphine so much, probably she’d never been with someone she actually believed she ‘loved’, but come on. 

The only hint at anything was the ‘I miss you’ thing and Cosima tearing up. And she tried to ‘slow things down’ woth Shay after Delphine told her that. SO maybe it’s endgame. But I don’t even know if I want it anymore. I do actually think maybe Cosima doesn’t deserve Delphine anymore.

paranoodle replied to your post:How did Cullen even got popular honestly, how do…

back when companion mods started coming out on the nexus there were a bunch w cullen and at first i was confused bc i didn’t remember anyone by that name? and then it’s like wait you mean that creepy guy in the tower who advocates for mass murder ok

seriously there are cullen romance mods for both DA:O and DA2 like pls raise your standards

i’d say find the maker, but i suspect this is why he fled the golden city

About the Ask Box

Hello there!

You might have noticed that the ask box wasn’t open yesterday. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about it! But we got an overwhelming amount of confessions when we opened it last week (not to mention that it was open for several days), nearly four times as many as we usually get!

Even though it was obvious we’d get a lot of confessions after closing the ask box for a month, this is still a surprisingly huge amount of confessions, which is why the ask box was closed yesterday.

I’m very sorry you have to wait another week, but the alternative would have been to just close the ask box after 140 ask like we usually do last week, and that would’ve hardly been fair, seeing how long you guys waited to send in your confessions.

I hope you understand this decision, and I promise that everything will finally be back to normal again next Saturday.

That’s everything I wanted to say, thank you for your time, and I hope you have an amazing day ahead!

Stop with the hate

I’m sick and tired of seeing so much hate between SQ and CS right now. I’m a CS shipper but I honestly have never had a problem with SQ before, and we used to all live peacefully together until this stupid photoshoot thing happened.

I don’t understand why certain (not all. Some of you guys are the sweetest people I have ever met) SQ shippers had to make such a huge deal out of Colin and Jen getting their photo shoot together. It’s pretty obvious that they would be getting a shoot together. They are cannon in the show, not SQ. I’m not trying to be rude, but quite honestly, why do so many SQ shippers feel like they are entitled to get Lana and Jen in a photo shoot together? They aren’t cannon. It doesn’t even make sense!

And don’t even try to make the point that the writers/directors are homophobic because that’s not true. Sure, there aren’t any gay characters in the show (besides Mulan) but there doesn’t have to be. I would be incredibly happy for there to be a gay couple in this show, but that doesn’t mean that there is going to be.

We need to stop bringing the actors and actresses into this drama, because this isn’t exactly their choice. Jen has been bullied by too many SQ shippers and it needs to end! I’ve never had a problem with any other ships until now. We should support the cast no matter what happens!! We are all here because we love once upon a time, but our fandom is being ripped apart by this stupid drama. We are fans of this show, not just because of our ships, and some people need to get that through their heads! I’m really angry tbh. I don’t care if you unfollow he because of this.

hail-lennard asked:

So me and my friends were playing episode 3 and throughout the whole time me and my friends were waiting for them to kiss like every time I was like this is going to be THAT scene yes kiss do it do It. Finally when Chloe dared you to kiss her I smashed the shit out of the X button. You know it's a good game when 3 teenage guys 17,18, and 19 want fictional relationship between these two girls. I even stayed up all night googling the butterfly effect too 😂.

That’s why I love this game so much. No mater how old you are or where are you from the story is so epic and the characters are so amazing that everybody can’t help but to fall in love with them and to root for their favorite couple. <3

anonymous asked:

My best friend came out to me as gay but a few weeks later I lost my virginity to him in a one night stand when we were really drunk. Now I might be pregnant and he's dating a boy but I think I love him, what do I do?

Why do you think you’d pregnant? You guys do know that it takes more than one time right? Like do you realize the crazy process the sperm has to do to even get in your uterus IF it even gets in you to begin with? You aren’t pregnant. It was a drunken stupor. Don’t think about it too much. I’m sorry it happened. Talk to him about it, find closure.

anonymous asked:

idk a lot about dance but i don't understand why you guys think that the "best dancer" it's the one with the greatest technique ? like he or she could be the best at it but maybe their hip hop or tap or reggaeton or jazz or ball room dance sucks or isn't really good ?! i bet that the first dancers in the world didn't even had great technique ?! idk these days people only care about technique.

the first dancers in the world? Yo, you’re pushing it lmao.  Technique goes with every style.  You need technique in the style that you’re doing.  If you’re lines ain’t good, you’ll get destroyed in ball room dancing.  

“only care about technique”  Yea, because technique is an important factor in dance COMPETITIONS. WHICH IS WHAT DANCE MOMS IS ABOUT AND WATCHING ALL THESE LITTLE DANCERS COMPETE!  

me if i ever interviewed 1d
  • me:you guys have said previously, quite emphatically, that you like girls who are natural, don't wear much makeup, that kind of stuff
  • them:yeah...
  • me:then may i ask why the fuck you have a makeup brand
  • them:...
  • me:why do you tell girls that they are collectively beautiful even when, and /especially/ when, they don't know they are beautiful, then sell them makeup and beauty products under the same slogan (see: One Direction What Makes You Beautiful Lighted Make-Up Mirror), only to say over and over again that you dislike girls who wear makeup? and make fun of girls who wear makeup?
  • them:...............
  • me:louis do you tell your sisters that they are only beautiful without makeup? when your sister charlotte, for instance, is in fact training to be a makeup artist? do you make fun of her for that?
  • louis:.....
  • me:harry what about your sister? what about every girl you've been linked with? what about the makeup you yourself are wearing right now for this interview?
  • harry:..........
  • me:liam, when sophia wears a face full of makeup, do you tell her to take it off? do you tell her you only like her when she's "natural"? do you tell her not to fake tan, shave her legs, any of that stuff?
  • liam:........ .... .......
  • me:niall when you're selling all this merchandise, memorising all these scripts you're so good at, acting as if you lot personally picked out a selection of garish blue eyeshadows to sell to all your impressionable young fans, do you ever think about the mixed messages you're sending them?
  • niall:...........
  • me:how do you feel about directly profiting off of a culture industry that objectifies women and girls of all ages while simultaneously demonising those girls who put the same effort into their appearance that your brand demands?
  • them:........
  • me:*to the camera* we'll be right back with more after the break

So the entire fucking cafeteria ended up clapping at me today. Including the staff table.

I was sitting at a table with about five of my friends, and I announced that I’d officially written 70,000 words (basic word count for scifi/fantasy novel genre)… and I expected like “cool” or “good job” or something in response to that


They started clapping. Really loudly.

And then a girl from the next table over joined in the clapping.



So I was kinda mad so I wrote a thing

White Parents, you think you know shit, but you don’t

Why do your kids spend so much time on the internet? It’s a question you guys seem to have a throbbing erection for asking, just like a straight boy trying to get nudes on tindr.

Because there, kids aren’t written off in the way parents do, with the totally academic response “because I’m the parent, I say so, it just is, I know more than you, wisdom beats youth.”

They are allowed to explore, see and feel things they never experienced

Hear stories they couldn’t imagine, meet people they never thought existed

But here’s what I think you’re scared off: They can see the world through glasses provided by someone other than yourself.

Suddenly, their whole perspective changes.

Why do the girl and guy always get together? Why are white people so over-represented in culture? Why is T Swift critiqued for the same kind of music boys make? Maybe the victim isn’t asking for it? Maybe the problem isn’t “Black Culture.” Is smoking this joint really going to ruin my life? I can’t understand why my parents don’t trust the family of the nice Muslim girl I go to school with. Maybe we should stop assuming straight people are the norm. Native people are actually really kind and really smart. Vaccines obviously don’t fucking cause autism and even if they did, why is that a bad thing?

Suddenly, you can’t control your child’s worldview any more. You may become the bad guy.

You told me that sexism isn’t a problem anymore but then always comment on my feminine interests and the fact that my closest friends are girls.

You told me racism isn’t a problem but when I had immigrant friends in 7th grade you made comments on diets, accents and languages when all I cared about was the pokemon we were trading that day.

Rape is bad unless the she was wearing something revealing or in some neighbourhood and when it shows up in fiction glorified by the media it’s okay it’s only an apologist message being heard around the world and to be honest that’s fifty shades of fucked up. If only my Dad knew about the night in Cuba that I claim I don’t remember but can’t seem to forget.

You told me it was okay to be gay but when I spoke out about discrimination, harassment and bullying I “needed to respect the opinions of others” and those opinions were literally “put all the faggots on an island and nuke it”

You spew shit about “fixing relationships when they’re broken” but that’s rich coming from an aunt who broke it off with her husband on the plane back from their honeymoon and centered her life years later around a kid and a man only to find out that he wasn’t the father. 

You told me my music was crap and shit and not real music but when I express distaste for the same old bullshit you listen to I don’t know what I’m talking about. Here’s an idea. Maybe the music industry understands your kids more than you fucking do?

I was taught that everyone has the right to an opinion but you used the word opinion to disguise your ignorance and used idealism to write off the opinions of an entire generation in the equivalent of that thing that emu’s do while at the same time sticking your thumb up your ass and ignoring some real issues because they don’t affect you and you can’t change.

Well guess what, that’s called privilege and it is sociology 101. Oh wait, that’s right, you dropped out of college Dad. God only knows how you got a job and house when you came to pick me up from CAS where my mother left me for good. Oh wait, the 90’s was a great time, when people still had the promise of jobs and careers and actually being able to afford a mortgage.  Gee, I wonder what that must have been like, before the recession and before the planet was stripped almost entirely of natural resources.

So while you all share those lovely “What’s wrong with young people today” articles on Facebook, on a computer a lot of you call your children to troubleshoot for you, maybe think about this: Why do we insist on critiquing a whole generation of people we raised, in a world so fucked the rest of the universe is probably laughing at us, instead of actually fixing the systematic problems that we created?

While young people go through a shit ton of problems that weren’t even thought of yet in your day, realize that while no one generation knows everything, you guys certainly don’t know as much shit as you think you do.


  • Western movie/show:yes we have poc representation look we even have Arab representation
  • Me:where
  • Western movie/show:right there do you see that person we dressed up as a terrorist and gave guns and had kill everyone for no reason other than that we need a white hero to be portrayed as heroic for stopping the bad poc guys
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:what's your definition of representation exactly
The Signs at The mall
  • Aries:Ugh all this ugly shit's expensive
  • Taurus:I want it but I can't afford it
  • Gemini:*waves handful of 20 dollar bill around* You hoes are jealous
  • Cancer:Who wants something I'll buy it for you
  • Leo:*stops at every single mirror*
  • Virgo:Who wants to buy me this bright yellow clown shirt?!?!
  • Libra:*picks out the best outfit*
  • Scorpio:Why am I here I don't even like you people
  • Sagittarius:*Dances to the music in the store*
  • Capricorn:Guys do you think I'd get in trouble if I just stole this?
  • Aquarius:Hoe get outta my way that dress is MINE
  • Pisces:*breaks down because they thing they're ugly*

the steamquestria update is…not going well. this is like the fifteenth rework of it I’ve done. >:( I’d just post what I have but I’m not even sure how it’s going to end up yet and I don’t want to lock myself in til I figure that out…I guess this is why we don’t make everything up as we go (and here I said I wouldn’t do that again after Moonstuck HA HA HA).

eta: aww thank you everybody for the support! I don’t deserve you guys. :c don’t worry though; I’m just venting ‘cause I’m frustrated at this update. if I were seriously upset about it I wouldn’t even be talking about it on here. THIS IS A HAPPY PLACE

so uh yeah here are some dorks who will probably never actually appear in steamquestria, but I needed a break and I wanted to draw cute hair. Night Glider and Party Favor were supposed to be there too but I didn’t like how they were coming out so they can stay stick figures. :I

also Starlight should probably be dressed down more, but I liked how she blatantly ignored her own rules and had a fancy hairstyle and everything, so I figure she just wears what she wants and nobody dares question her because she’s their leader (even though of course leadership is a special quality and therefore no one in this town has authority over anyone else and uh *mumblemumble* but listen to Starlight anyway because *mumble*). guys, maybe you shouldn’t have been so surprised to see that cutie mark come off, that’s all I’m sayin’.