Lights on the water:
gold on blue on white.
Vines curling around
castle walls.

An hourglass filled with
rubies. Time slipping
away, watching empires
crumble into dust.

Daylight breaking over
ash-filled skies. You and I
at the top of the world.
Waiting, waiting.
The Earth trembling
beneath our feet.

Our handprints in stone.
Footprints on the forest floor.
A palace on a mountain
going up in smoke.

You and I at the ground floor.
Watching, watching.
A kingdom spiralling around us,
everyone shouting our names.

Wildfire in ribbons of red.
Saltwater in waves of blue.
You and I and the sky.




So yeah, since my blog just turned 2, I decided to make a follow forever!
And also, to thank those 1k80 beautiful person who decided to follow my blog!  (*◕ᴗ◕*)

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simmeringtea replied to your post:.

Dang no wonder you have a hard time keepin’ up with your dash :U I follow I think like 500 less than you do omg xD

Haha yeah so if I miss posts this is why -dies- I follow a little over 600 blogs.

legit why would you reblog a rossi set to say you hate him and like gideon 


what did you even hope to achieve? 

no really, i genuinely don’t understand this total lack of earth logic


And one day you’re gonna wake up and realize that it was her. It was her all along, but it’s too late. She’s gone and never coming back.
—  Cwayand