Shao Khan Sensei: Mr Hazashi, do you find something funny about the word “tromboner”?

Hanzo: No, sir. I was laughing at something outside.

Smoke: He was looking at Kuai Liang!

Class: Hanzo likes Kuai Liang!

Bi-Han: He does not!

Class: Bi-Han likes Hanzo!

Sareena: He does not!

Class: Sareena likes Bi-Han!

Frost: She does not!

Class: Frost likes Bi-Han.

Shao Khan Sensei: *Nobody* likes Bi-Han! Hanzo, you’ve got detention

Why Mark and Jack Are Important.

Warning, a bit of a rant here.

I think Markiplier and Jacksepticeye have become my favourite youtubers. But it’s not because of the comedy, though they do, in my opinion, make funny videos. See, I’ve been seeing a lot of people around my Facebook and Tumblr feed saying “I don’t find Mark or Jack funny/attractive/worth watching.” and “I don’t understand how they can have so many viewers!” While it’s fine and dandy to have your differing opinions and tastes, I just want you to know, that’s not the whole reason to their fanbases. They differ from other youtubers because they try their dead hardest to be genuine and if not genuine, they try to be as positive as they can. I want to share with you some things said by Jack and Mark. 

“Thank you for deciding my channel was worth your time.” - Mark (x)

“It just emphasizes how much I need to try… to ensure that we as a community do more for each other.” - Mark (x)

“Belief in yourself is all it takes to start snowballing down this incredible plateau of something that you can create out of nothing.” - Mark (x)

“I want this to be a community and that’s really what I feel like it is.” - Jack (x)

“It’s really nice to put faces behind the subscribers because I keep promoting individuality and how I respect you all…” - Jack (x)

“You’re never alone, as hard as life seems sometimes, as alone as you may ever feel, you are not. There are always people who love you.” - Jack (x)

This only just scratches the surface of them and their impact on people and community as a whole. They are doing all they can to help everyone they can, and I really really hope that even if you don’t find their humor funny, you can at least respect that. Thank you.

I rly hate hallucinogenic drugs and I don’t wanna do them nd ppl r rly
ignorant to that like ugh lame why would u not :/ and like just the idea of doing them makes me feel scared and lonely I kno I would do something so bad and I hate ppl joke pressuring me to like I don’t find it funny it’s so awkward and makes me feel like a loser but like…… when even smoking weed makes u feel depressed u don’t wanna risk that shit. it’s not a joke???? not something I’ll randomly change. not everyone can just do drugs and have fun nights like omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kaotickanine asked:

Why do you want us to insult you? Well, here's mine: You're so dumb you make Big the Cat and Sonic 06's writing look smart!

Because I find them funny, plus I’m preparing for the nerd war.

maybe that’s it: maybe big the cat is on the writing team…

“what do you think should happen next, mr. cat?”

“duhh… he rescues the princess”

“again? okay…”

thanks!! send me sonic style insults!

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Something I find incredibly funny is that your archive is full of texts posts about how hideous you are and how you want to die. If you've ever felt that way, why the hell would you want to take the risk of making someone else feel that way because of their appearance? Do you realize how damaging it is to put someone down because of what they look like? Clearly you must, if you feel your skin and face are disgusting. Don't be such an asshole. Figure out your own shit and stop spewing hatred.

You find it funny that somebody has major depressive disorder? Read your sentence again. You find it funny that somebody has major depressive disorder. I provide genuine, caring, thoughtful and correct medical advice to someone at serious risk of imminent, painful conditions, and you take the time out of your day to let me know that you think it’s funny that I suffer from a horrendous illness. This is astounding to me.

  • Police:Where do you live?
  • Me:With my parents
  • Police:Where does your parents live?
  • Me:With me
  • Police:Where do you all live?
  • Me:Together
  • Police:Where is your house?
  • Me:Next to my neighbors house
  • Police:Where is your neighbors house?
  • Me:If I tell you, you wont believe me
  • Police:Tell me
  • Me:Next to my house