No matter what you do to me, I’m still here. For some odd reason, I
 stick around and put up with all your mood swings and unkind words. I
 just let your comments roll off me into a puddle on the floor. I make up
 excuses on why you didn’t call, try to think of all the answers. I keep
 going back for more even though sometimes you push me away. I 
don’t know if I can do better, but do I really want to? You’re quick to
 push me down when all I want is to be brought up. When I walk out for
 good, when I really gain the strength I need then maybe you will see.
 Maybe you can look back and say, “Wow that girl really did love me.

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My mom and stepdad are physiologically and emotionally abusive. I remember when I was nine years ol and arguing with my stepdad I said to him "why do you always pick on the bad stuff? Why don't you ever comment on the good stuff" and he looked at me with such hate in his eyes and voice and said "because there's nothing good about you" and that's something I can't stop thinking about, even now at 19, all I can think is that there's nothing good about me.


honestly why are people so cautious of DC like they don’t even know what to do with it, i keep seeing comments like ‘i’m not a huge fan but it looks cool” “idek what to expect of this” and i just don’t get it i mean marvel movies are cool and flashy and all that but this is batman and superman for heaven’s sake you don’t get any more comic book hall of fame than this


Annie and Hal are judging you and they are tired of this bollocks and frankly they will have none of it while exchanging meaningful looks and making faces at each other like an old married couple they are oops

Impossible (part 2)

[Part 1]

Thank you all so much for your comments ♥♥♥ Now, let’s find out why this one’s called “Impossible”…

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I'm Asian American. Some consider me white passing, but a friend of mine did the whole "Wait, what are you?" deal during our 2nd encounter, so... Anyway, I usually don't let such comments get to me, but lately, this white friend keeps "calling me out" on my identity. In the past two weeks, she's said I'm not "even" Asian (I guess because I'm not East Asian?) or that I "don't actually look Asian." Besides these hurtful comments, I do consider her a close friend. Why is she doing this?

Because whites aren’t taught to mind their own gd business tbh

Honestly though I don’t understand why your white friend (or anyone else for that matter) thinks they have business policing your identity. I know it’s difficult to drop close friendships, but for someone to invalidate you like this doesn’t particularly feel like friendship to me. Have you talked to her about it or told her to stop? If you have and she keeps doing it instead of apologizing profusely to you like a friend should I suggest you distance yourself from her. People who constantly police your identity are not good friends, they are toxic and bad for your own identity formation.

- Melody

I love how some Bethyl fans accuse me of bullying.

Let’s just get what I have never done out the way:

Comment on looks, even the braids that looked odd. You know why? That went beyond shipping and fandom disagreements,

Comment on fanfics. You know why? Writers do have passion and that’s crossing the line for me. That’s not respecting a fellow artist and just no. Even when I had the offer, I had to let the person know I’d be honest because I 💜 books.

Comment on personal issues. Well except the mom and dad jokes about them being okay with Bethyl, I didn’t comment because that’s outside the shipping shit. Why make fun of someone with loss? Why make fun of someone who’s struggling with weight? ( well make fun of Chandra and batshit. Fuck those two, especially chandra for making someone lose income.)

So when I hear I’m a ‘bully’, I feel like it’s a lie. MKOTB don’t do these things and to make us seem like real bullies is far fetched. We might discuss the spoons and other things but we don’t take it to those levels.

So for those Bethyl fans to rally together, fake suicide and self harm anons, YOU WHO PARTICIPATED IN ORGANIZING THIS SHOULD REALLY GO TO HELL. You guys have disrespected mental illness, you guys have disrespected those who self harm. You don’t get any love from me and you owe your fellow shipmates who did like Beth Greene because of her struggle an apology.

You guys should seriously make posts to openly apologize because that was wrong and it didn’t matter if I am a hate blog. YOU guys crossed the line. YOU guys disrespected your shipmates who are overcoming these struggles, and it is YOU who are true bullies.

Apologize for what you guys did to anyone and everyone who struggles, Bethyl fans struggle, caryl fans struggle, Richonne and even general audience walking dead fans struggle with real mental illness and self harm. You guys had zero right mocking this to run me off and to even try and organize for SG to bring Beth back.

Shame on you

I really don’t know how I feel about...

this Regina steals Belle’s heart spoiler. To those wondering if Belle is a willing participant, I’m not really sure why they would use the word “steal” then? So that scene in the woods is probably part of this story. It’s also another Skin Deep parallel, with Regina putting Belle in danger. Though I do wish Belle wasn’t being used as a pawn again.

I wish Regina wasn’t resorting to this though. I felt she was regressing in the last episode and this looks like it’s part of it. I just wish Regina would know by know what her sister is capable of, and how she could be holding something over Rumple. Why doesn’t she consider it or even seem to remember that he was her slave for a year? The characters should just be smarter than the way they are behaving and it’s all for the sake of the plot.

I’ll comment more when I actually see it, but for right now, I wish that Belle wasn’t being treated this way again. On a Rumbelle front I feel like it could be something dramatic. They might get a good scene out of it. It might also make Rumple try to keep her away from him, because even when they are on the outs someone is using her to get to him. I don’t know. It’s just one thing after another, after another. They really want Rumple to hit rock bottom, and just when you think he couldn’t lose anymore then he does. As a Rumbelle fan though, I feel like I’ve been losing all season. Hopefully it all builds to a positive outcome at least.

things i would ask exo members if i got the one on one chance

ksoo- do you shave your legs cause iv literally never seen hair?

jongin- do you know your loved, and are they feeding you well, how are your dogs?

suho- have you slept well, do you need anything, anything at all?

pcy- how do you feel about the society we live in today where even in a diverse world darker skin is still looked down upon, and immature colorist comments and jokes like yours and others is ultimately making things worse?

tao- why didn’t you escape when you had the chance baby, do you know how important you are, hows candy?

I’ve been thinking about Graham McTavish’s comment at Hobbitcon about why they took off their armor before joining the battle and that his answer was that it was a suicide mission.

Then I came to think of Fili’s death and how much I hated that they didn’t even allow more than a few tiny seconds of Kili witnessing it (not to mention no one mourning him afterwards either). And while this hate wasn’t aimed at Kili, but the desicion of doing this - it kind of makes me look differently at it after hearing Graham’s comment. 

If it was a scuicide mission maybe it was “easier” for Kili to snap right into the state of mind that “These fuckers killed my brother. Time for me to do what we came here for.” The moment Fili died Kili was ready to join him and was going to take down as many enemies as possible when doing so.

Though it only helps but a little because frankly we didn’t get any moment between Fili and Kili before leaving Erebor either so that is certainly lacking and I’m forever bitter about it. Couldn’t give us Fili and Kili moments in the last movie they’re in and which they both die. I mean, it’s a great pity that apparently brotherly love isn’t good enough for these studios so instead they replace it with a forced love story. Because relaced it was. 

Not for a moment do I doubt that these do would have given us something better. 

Hey Kamen Rider fandom! Why do you hate Shijima Gou so much? What has he done?

I really don’t understand why there is so much hate for him. He has to be one of the better secondary riders in years. His arc is commenting on how a lot of secondary riders get shafted to make the main riders look ‘cooler’ even though they should both be on equal footing. On top of that his ‘brash’ attitudes and loudness are there to cover his obvious issues of self worth , see the comment about being the rider that destroys. 

Like what the hell fandom.

I was on EXP’s instagram to see if they were being forreal or if it was just a meme and most of the comments on their pics were saying things like, “how is this kpop?” and “you’re just copying EXO” and other reasonable reactions to the group.

But then…. I don’t even know why I bothered to click on the pic and read the comments, I should’ve known what to expect in this fucked up world, but I clicked on the black guy’s pic and all the comments were racist af. They were saying things like, “You’re trying to be Kai but Kai’s not that dark” “you went to far with your skin tone, Kai doesn’t even look like that, nice try” and bullshit like that. And some bitch even commented “They’re trying to be exo but they’re just doing bad things like gangs”. Like wtf is your ignorant ass even talking about? It’s a pic of a guy smiling, semi-shirtless, doing a peace sign and you’re talking about gangs? These racist fangirls, I swear…

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What happened to Yeol? Let your frustration out.

People are sending him bad comments and death threats on insta cause of what he said to jongin on that fricking radio show. And right now I wanna cry cause he doesn’t deserve this and I can’t do anything to  make it all better and god this is so frustrating! Why are people acting like this? yes I was mad at him also when he asked that but then again they are boys and I’m sure that even tho kai was looking like was so done with yeol  when he heard that, i bet he wasn’t really offended, cause they are friends and he knew it that yeol didn’t say it with a mean heart. And let’s be honest he is not the only member that said something stupid in his life and I think people are really taking it to extrem. Like death threats? are they for real? this is very immature from them and I just wanna smack them all for making him go through this. i can already imagine him reading those comments….god!

To state the obvious, a work uniform is not an original idea. There’s a group of people that have embraced this way of dressing for years—they call it a suit. For men, it’s a very common approach, even mandatory in most professions. Nevertheless, I received a lot of mixed reactions for usurping this idea for myself. Immediately, people started asking for a motive behind my new look: “Why do you do this? Is it a bet?” When I get those questions I can’t help but retort, “Have you ever set up a bill for online auto-pay? Did it feel good to have one less thing to deal with every month?”

More distant co-workers have even asked if I was in some sort of sect—religious or otherwise. However, those types of comments ended abruptly when Mashable published the widely read, “Why Successful Men Wear the Same Thing Every Day.” It came out almost two years after I had started wearing my uniform, and to some extent, it was a relief. My work ensemble didn’t come off as a mystery anymore. On the downside, I couldn’t help but notice that it appeared as if I needed a male authority to legitimatize my choice of clothing in order for others to truly accept it.

I usually don't. . .

voice for celebrities, especially one from the Kardashian-Jenner clan but why are people reaching saying Kylie Jenner’s recent Photoshoot is “blackface” all over social media. Like no, stop, it was a edgy photoshoot with dramatic makeup. And her saying “this i how I wished I looked all the time” comment on that now deleted pic, could simply mean she wish her lips and makeup was that dramatic all the time (probably minus that weird metallic grey skin).

Social media breeds so much group thinking, and accuses people of of things they didn’t even do or probably think of doing, before posting something online.

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Do you think kim kardashian has a nice body

You know I can’t comment because I’ve never seen her in real life, what you see in pictures isn’t always the same in real life… Like for some reason my boobs look bigger in pictures even when I’m not wearing a bra…. I dunno why it’s just photos for you…. I think people forget she’s really short to, short people look a lot more curvy on photos then someone who is tall because people assume they are tall so they think a tall person has an ass that big… When a lot of short people do have quite big asses… Not that big but you get what I’m trying to say… Would I like her body on me…no. But I think it’s the waist trainer she uses that makes it looks not real and weird because no ones waist is naturally that small unless your naturally small…. So why would you want your body to look like something that it’s not is what I don’t get, I think the waist trainer look is horrible anyway..I think if she didn’t use that thing her waist would be a lot bigger and her butt would be in proportion…. And I think if people where taking photos of me everyday I wouldn’t like my own body because of bad angles and stuff… So yeah