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oh man but petra is really compatible with the trio. she's able to tell eren to calm his shit down or else he knows what might happen, she's caring and gentle enough to be a really good mother-like figure to armin and help him through his times of doubt, she's reassuring and kind when mikasa thinks everything might be gone, in her rare moments of weakness, petra would be able to pull her back up almost as well as eren or armin could. this would've been so perfect why did she have to die why

Petra seriously has such a nurturing personality but like she knows when she has to really step up and be a total badass too like ugh. She would have been such a good mentor and nurturer for the Shiganshina Trio. :’)

Condé’s obviously referring to Mary in this scene, and that’s precisely why it made me laugh so hard.

Look, I may just be a hopeless romantic, but when I think of somebody missing someone as much as he claims he will miss her, there has to be a hell of a lot of love there. Genuine, unconditional love. Love that people would die for.

So, if he truly loved Mary as much as he claimed by making this statement, why did he marry Elizabeth behind her back to save his own skin instead of, oh, I don’t know, staying with her even if it meant dying for their love?

I know why; because unlike Francis, who always put Mary first (even to the point of sparing the life of her lover just because she asked him to despite having a good enough reason to even think about killing him), Condé, at the deepest core of his being, only truly thinks of and cares for himself, regardless of his outward claims of undying love. His actions in 2x19 only served to prove that.

If anyone still ships Mondé at this point, I will be truly shocked.

  • Sylvia:hey, hey mally
  • Malistaire:what
  • Sylvia:wanna hear a knock knock joke
  • Malistaire:Sylvia pls no
  • Sylvia:ok so why didn't rattlebones cross the street
  • Malistaire:Sylvia please
  • Sylvia:wHy DiNdN't rAtTlEBoNeS CrOsS tHE stReEt
  • Malistaire:*sigh* I don't know
  • Sylvia:BecAuSe he DiNd'T HaVe tHE GUTS
  • Malistaire:bro
  • Sylvia:okay why did the death professor die ThReE TiMeS
  • Malistaire:bro.
  • Sylvia:BeCausE Hhe wAS A dEad MaN
  • Malistaire:this isn't funny
  • Malistaire:brooooo
  • Malistaire:bRO

So i was thinking about this scene.

We know that sasuke used genjutsu to knock Sakura out so she won’t interfere. However, there why did he have to show a genjutsu of him stabbing her?

I was thinking that maybe, somewhere in sasuke’s mind he not only wanted sakura knocked out but he also wanted her to hate him. Like from her second confession its clear that she still loved him.

before this fight, sasuke was probably prepared for the possibility that he was going to die. So what if he did this violent genjutsu on sakura so that she would hate him and thus feel less pain if he were to die?

Dear confused part of fandom, who doesn’t know why Ragnar wanted to be baptized - let me explain it with an easy example.

Have you ever read The Lord of the Rings? I bet you have. Remember what Arwen did? Yes, good answer - she gave up her immortality and she didn’t sail to the Undying Lands like her people do. By doing this she needed to say goodbye for good to her father, her brothers, she was never able to see her kin again. Why did she do it? Because she loved Aragorn and would rather be parted forever with her family, than with him. She wanted to live and die like a mortal she gave her heart.

See, you have almost identical situation in Vikings, just a little bit less fantasy-like, but equally romantic. Athelnar is also a story of two people in love who are destined for different worlds, different afterlives. So Ragnar makes his choice - he gives up his chance for Valhalla and meeting again his ex-wife, brother, sons one day to gain the chance to meet the man he loved instead. He decides to share Athelstan’s destiny.

See? It’s simple. You’re welcome.

PS. As far as I’m concerned, Aragorn wasn’t Arwen’s dudebro.

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Prompt: first kiss. i have no imagination hahaha go wild :*

“EMMA! NO!” Regina screamed into the whirlwind of light and flames as Emma threw her arm up to the sky with the dagger in her hand. Regina went to jump forward but was held back by Robin.

Emma lets out sickening scream before everything became still. Regina moved Robin’s arm out of her way and rushed forward towards Emma who has fallen into a heap on the ground.

“Emma? Emma come on you have to wake up” She lifted the blondes head off of the ground and onto her lap. Emma’s eyes were shut and no breath came out of her down turned mouth.

“Regina, her name, it’s…it’s on the dagger” Robin said behind her, but she didn’t show any sign that she had heard him.

“no, no Emma you can’t die. You’re the good guy, the savior - why did you sacrifice yourself? Why did you do it for me of all people?” Regina didn’t notice the tears falling down her face as she gently smoothed down Emma’s hair.

“What am I gonna do? How am I going to tell your mother and Henry-oh god Henry- you can’t leave him Emma you can’t leave…” Regina heard Snow sob behind her and she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the heartbreaking sound.

What felt like hours later, Regina felt a hand on her shoulder. When she turned her head she saw it was Snow, who was barely holding herself together.

“Kiss her” Snow whispered, staring down at her still daughter’s face. 

“What?” Regina couldn’t believe what Snow just said, she must have misheard her.

“Kiss her, Regina. It’s always been you, saving Emma’s life. and Emma has always saved yours. Please Regina, just try” It was crazy, yet it made so much sense in that moment.

Regina looked down to Emma and then focused on her lips. Slowly leaning in, she hovered over her lips for one moment of hesitation before pressing them against Emma’s.

For one gut wrenching moment, it was happening all over again. Lifeless Daniel on the stable floor, her kiss, her love not good enough to wake him.

Emma gasped.

Her eyes flew open and Regina jumped back.



i just can’t believe that korra choosing asami to bring her father to safety was only there was a device to sideline asami. korra knew full well that there were most likely going to be causalities. She knew the extreme danger they would be heading into. but she chose asami to go to safety. to get as far away from the utter destruction that was going to come as possible. and she did it without hesitation. like how long was she thinking about making that decision? don’t tell me it’s about bending because then why didn’t she tell bumi to go too? or what about tenzin? one of the last airbenders. having him die would have been a huge tragedy. 

and it can’t just be that she trusted asami with her father most because at that point she trusted everyone she was with very deeply and wasn’t that close to asami.

so why did she choose her?

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what do you mean it wasn't handled seriously it wasmn't a problem to begni with

Maybe you missed that chapter?

Jason grinned. “You got it. How you feeling?”
“Better. I…I have to admit, when I was choking on that poison, I kept thinking about Akhlys, the misery goddess in Tartarus. I almost destroyed her with poison.” He shivered. “It felt
good, but in a bad way. If Annabeth hadn’t stopped me—”
But she did,” Jason said. “That’s another thing friends have to do for each other.”
“Yeah… Thing is, as I was choking just now, I kept thinking: this is payback for Akhlys. The Fates are letting me die the same way I tried to kill that goddess. And…honestly, a part of me felt I deserved it. That’s why I didn’t try to control the giant’s poison and move it away from me. That probably sounds crazy.”
Jason thought back to Ithaca, when he was despairing over the visit from his mom’s spirit. “No. I think I get it.”
Percy studied his face. What Jason didn’t say any more, Percy changed the subject. …
(p. 208, possibly wrong because nook pages)

[post in question]

And that was it. It was just brushed off and never talked about again, and seriously, when your friend thinks that they deserve to die, you say something. You do something. 

Percy was trying to see what Jason had to say, how Jason felt, if he could relate, if he could help in some way, but let’s just never talk about it again that’s fine