I read that you had suggested that the filmmakers attempt to shoot the Unfriended in one sitting. Did you film it in one sitting several times?
Yes. The second or third day in I was at lunch and I was thinking why aren’t we filming this in one take? It’s lit for it, so I asked Nelson and Leo without asking my co-stars first; I felt really bad. Their eyes just lit up. I think originally they thought that was too much to ask of us because it’s a lot of material to do in one take, but my co-stars shortly fell in love with the process and we really enjoyed doing it in one take. It was very satisfying as actors and I think as filmmakers, and apparently the first version of the full run is a lot of what’s in the movie. It allowed for a lot of weird things to happen organically, and some of the mistakes are the best parts of this film.

My life as a “Larrie”

I’m 24 now and I’m a Christian. I still go to church every Sunday and I believe in the Bible and what it says.

I know the bible says “A man shall not layth with another man” something along those lines. I know that that the bible says that being gay is wrong and it’s against God’s law. 

Yet…I look at these two beautiful souls…

And see nothing but the truest and purest of all love.

I don’t understand why it’s supposed to be wrong just because “God intended man and women to be together” like yeah, he may have intended that but that didn’t exactly the way he wanted, now did it?

It’s this inner struggle I’ve always had since I started shipping them in 2011. When I get happy over gay rights, my parents think I’m crazy but they’re human like us, and I don’t see why just because they like someone of the same gender it’s not okay for them to get married and adopt? Like wtf? I said this to my mom the other day and she said “God doesn’t think so”

Like what…? On one hand, I’ve been taught to believe that God loves everyone, even those who don’t love/know him and gives forgiveness to those who ask for it.

Yet…He doesn’t think gays deserve human rights?

What a fucked up life I live and more fucked up world I exist in.

I’ll always want Larry to be free, I’ll always ship them and believe that they’re in a real life romantic relationship, but it’s sad when you can’t share the excitement with those your close with in real life. It’s sad when people can’t be a little more open minded and accepting,

Anonymous said:Tony and Steve, if you had to do a threesome with someone from the team who would it be?

“Whaaaaat? Why you guys are even asking such questions? Our team is our family, we can’t–”


“… Excuse me?”

“Oh. Ohhh. Did I say it out loud? I didn’t mean Thor, I meant, uhmmm, eem–”

“Thor, huh?”

“It.. It is just theoretically, Steve. Like you know, have a threesome or the world explodes. Not that I would ever go to bed with Thor! I have you! And you should be flattered really! You and Thor are similar in terms of height and musculature, so it is not like I want to sleep with Bruce who is short and hairy, but I want the blue eyes blond type! Like you!”

“Thor, huh? Hmmmm… Gotta say, I agree with Tony.”

“You do? Really?”

“Yeah. You know, if we really, really had to. Not that it would happen, I won’t share you. But if I had to.. you would look so cute and tiny between mine and Thor’s muscled bodies. And I have a super soldier’s stamina, Thor is a deity.. You would walk funny for weeks.”

“Bring on all the sexy, muscled, tall blondes.”

“Don’t push it, I can still make you walk funny on my own.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Captain.”

the thing is:
its never okay
to tear your self apart
and set a fire to your bones,
to keep them warm.
the romanticism of
self destruction
for another,
is a painful journey,
that only ends in your
own heartbreak–
because you think:
‘i burned to keep them warm,
so why did they stray to you?’
and my love,
it is not your fault,
you just hadn’t realized,
no it wasn’t that your branches were wet;
no it wasn’t that the smoke was too thick;
its just the fact that
they never asked that of you,
and you burnt to a crisp,
when all they wanted was
a fresh glass of water.
—  “I did everything for them” / “they never asked you too, its a gamble sweetheart, thats what love is– sometimes you put all your chips in, and lose, so breathe and move onto the next table.” a.c.

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so I have a theory that women-especially feminists and lesbians - are inherently sexist and don't feel empathy towards men. its why you'll never see a woman give change to a homeless man, and why women think domestic abuse against men is ok. lesbian girls tend to enjoy bullying boys in high school, especially the guy who is the aspergers/loser type. lsbians woldnt care if the government passed discriminatory laws against men, such as higher taxes, or making it legal for women to murder men

Wow, did you really just take the time to type this out? Enlighten yourself brah.

spine pretends to be stuck in a soundproof box

he actually is stuck in a box 

the other bots realize they have free reign 

proceed to stick post it notes all over it when they need something

as if he can do anything

pretty soon they start using it as a table and piling books on it 

and he gets buried 

gg starts using the heap as a bed 

rabbit and hatchworth try looking for him. thinking he’s just been pranking them this whole time 

it’s a good thing robots don’t need to breathe 

oh but the water’s running out 

years pass 

spine is the best hide and seek player ever

more years pass 

rabbit and hatchworth and gg give up looking for him figuring he found a better life

he’s long since shut down to preserve a little power for whenever someone decides to find him 

finally someone unearths his robo tomb 

and reboots him 

he stirs. why did it take so long. i feel like i’ve been here for a century.

“have you ever tried eating a clock? it’s very time consuming”

waS THAT A PUN? ?? ?

Things definitely not to think about
  • Grantaire waking up while the battle is still taking place at the barricade
  • Grantaire taking a bullet Eponine-style for Enjolras
  • Enjolras holding Grantaire in his arms and asking why he did it, and when R responds with I believe in you he suddenly realizes that when Grantaire said that in the past it wasn’t the bitter drunken mockery he believed it to be, that R was actually in love with him and holy shit why did I have to be so mean
  • Enjolras feeling guilty and apologizing to Grantaire and asking him if there is anything he can do for him
  • Grantaire replying by telling Enjolras that all he wants is for Enjolras to please live through this so that his death isn’t all in vain
  • A dying Grantaire asking Enjolras tell me about the new world you’re going to create
  • Enjolras cradling Grantaire, using his hand to gently brush away the hair from his forehead and occasional blood from his mouth while he talks to him about the republic, not with the violent passion he usually uses, but softly promising and regretfully sad since he knows R will not live to see it. 
  • Grantaire listening to Enjolras speak like it’s the most beautiful song he has ever heard, and even though he still can’t have complete faith in the cause, he smiles because Enjolras’s belief is like a brilliant light that, no matter how hard he has tried to shut it out, warms his cynical heart and drags him to share in the dellusion
  • Grantaire fighting to keep his eyes opened so he can look at his Apollo, but eventually having to close them as he fades, which causes Enjolras to hold him tighter and begin to speak quickly and panicked because he still can’t accept that this is happening and although the logical side of him knows it is inevitable Grantaire can’t die
  • Grantaire dying content because, even if only for a short time, he had Enjolras’s full attention unaccompanied by any malice, by his side taking care of him and speaking with tenderness he never imagined possible
  • Enjolras weeping silently while still holding Grantaire’s body until Combeferre and Courfeyrac, who had been watching from a respectful distance with the rest of Les Amis, have to help him to his feet while the others move Grantaire into the Corinth
  • Enjolras standing alone before the firing squad, cursing himself for the promise he couldn’t keep and whispering I’m sorry Grantaire as the report resounds 

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Hello! Before I'll get to the actual ask, I'd like to say two things as preface. One, the reason why I'm asking as anon is because I just don't have an account (I'm afraid I'd get addicted all too easily if I did). And secondly, I adore and admire you and your blogs (I mean, I read 'em without following, c'mon), so don't take this as an attack or anything -- I'm merely curious. In the past you've come down hard (and for good reason) on white tigers and other big cat mutations as (1/3)

they’re inbred and created ill basically just because we think they look cool. But what about dog breeds? Aside from dogs not being endangered, it’s exactly the same thing. Dogs are knowingly denied the ability to perform basic life functions. Pugs will never know what it’s like to breathe normally, dachshunds will suffer spinal problems, GSDs’ hips will give out on them sooner or later, bulldogs cannot conceive or give birth without aid, boxers are basically guaranteed to die of cancer at a relatively young age – all because in their breeding looks are prioritized over health and avoiding incest. But you know all this. I find it an absolute travesty, myself, and I wonder how you can post purebred dogs on actuallycute without flinching. :( I hope you can explain your motivations… Anyway, thanks for existing and being awesome, hope you have a nice day. (fin)

Big cat hybrids, as well as golden and white tigers, are not comparable to dogs. Neither serves any conservation purpose, for one, but you already know that. 

Ligers will never be healthy, if you have a healthy mother with no known health issues in their family and a healthy father with no known health issues in their family you will still have unhealthy offspring. White tigers aren’t just inbred, they’re mega inbred! Nearly every living white tiger can be traced back to one animal, Mohan. 

Now with dogs inbreeding was, and still is, an issue but not always to the same extent as white tigers. You’ll notice I don’t post animals from breeders such as Toadline Exotic Bullies that still actively inbreed their animals. A lot of the issues you mentioned are being addressed by reputable breeders, these issues are also found less in working line dogs - for example, have you ever seen a show bred GSD on this blog? ‘Cause I don’t think I’ve ever posted one! 

You also have to keep in mind that not every purebred I post is from a breeder, many are rescues! It is entirely possible to rescue a purebred pup, so just because the dog doesn’t appear to be a mutt don’t assume they’re from a breeder or pet store. Now, to my last point…

Hybrid vigor is a myth, mutts experience the same problems as the breeds in their lineage - even more so, sometimes, since they’re predisposed to experiencing the health issues of numerous breeds, not just one. So if I was to stop posting purebreds because the breeds are predisposed to certain problems I’d have to stop posting dogs altogether, and then I might as well stop posting cats since they’re breeds are also predisposed to certain problems, and so on.

GOT7 reaction to their seeing their g/f enjoying the rain

BTS reaction– I hope you like it. This was a little hard to find gifs for so I just tried to fit the situation to what I had. –


Jr.: Did you have fun? Let’s get you dry before you get sick. *brings you a towel and a sweatshirt to warm up with* 


JB: You’re going to catch a cold, y/n. Then what are you going to do? *lectures*

JB: *ends up playing in the rain with you* How did I end up here? 


Mark: Are you enjoying yourself? *you slip in the rain* *laughs*Why is she so cute!?


Jackson: *thinks about running in the rain with you* … *does it and plays in the rain with you till you’re both tired*


Youngjae: Why is she so weird? *laughs* She’s so happy. 


BamBam: *teases you about the wet dog look* Beautiful~ 


Yugyeom: Is that Y/N? What- *laughs* Of course she’s playing in the rain. That’s my girl. 

–gifs found on google–

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Why did you choose your url?

Bree Landwalker is the name of my LARP character, and I took it on as my working name. I think I’m actually an anomaly among tumblr witches. This has been my URL from Day One and I hope I never have to change it.

What is your Middle name?
Lynn. Just like every other girl the year I was born. I hate my given name. It’s dull and common and sounds like a baby name. If it weren’t for certain legal barriers, I would change it to Bree, since that’s how I think of myself more often than not.

If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
I’d just want a whole bunch of cats that could talk, like Morwen’s brood from the Dealing With Dragons series. :)

Favorite colour?
Royal blue, black, emerald green, rich browns and blood-reds. I like jewel tones and autumn colors.

Favourite Song?
Oh gosh…what day is it? It literally changes that fast. Today it’s The Parson’s Farewell from the Black Sails soundtrack. Tomorrow it’ll probably be something different.

What are your top three fandoms?
WWE, LOTR, and Leverage (MY BABIES)

What do you enjoy about tumblr?
Honestly, I’ve learnt more about witchcraft and paganism from tumblr than I ever did from books. There are problematic elements, sure, but it’s also a fantastic way to network and learn from other practitioners. I’ve met some truly wonderful and amazing people here and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. (Plus, I love text-based RP and the tumblr RP community is pretty damn awesome too. No I’m not telling what my account is.)

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Not Problematic

I think we all need to stop punishing ourselves for taking a shine to characters/plots that intellectually engage us. 

A villain with a complex and interesting motivation, or a hero who sacrifices their morals for a cause linger in our hearts and minds because they make us think. We search them for understanding, and when we find it we feel closer to them because we’ve seen below their mask. This is not approving of their flawed traits or adopting them as our own, this is connecting to a well-written character – and well-written characters are good. 

Which is why I hate the popular term “problematic fav.” Why not just “fav?” Because they did something wrong? Complicated and multifaceted characters /should/ be appreciated, and by putting a qualifier on it, we’re somehow making it “wrong” to like that character, as if the only person in the cast we’re allowed to like without shame is the bland, blameless hero, the one that is inoffensive and safe. People are not like that. Everyone has facets, everyone makes mistakes, everyone has flaws no matter what side of the fictional conflict they fall on, and by belittling our appreciation of the well-rounded ones it’s some kind of universal approval of flat boring “perfect” characters… which leads to more of the latter and less of the former. I don’t want more generic “good guy” characters, I already know what that story is like – they’ll make the good and proper choice time and time again with altruism and confidence. I want more John McClanes and  Commander Shepherds. More Ellen Ripleys being heroic out of fear and rage. Give me villains like Batman’s The Joker with a complex codependent motivation for his madness. I love all these characters. I remembered their names because they felt real, flaws and all.

The world won’t automatically assume that because I claim Gaius Baltar is my favorite BSG character, that I would naturally sell my people to the Cylons. I wouldn’t - at least I hope not! - which is why I want to find out why he WOULD. I enjoy when he’s on the screen because it adds more clues to his mystery. Sometimes I see parts of myself in his mistakes and, I learn something about myself at the same time. Perhaps, if the choice was selling out and the extermination of humanity, I’d make the same decision. Perhaps I’d stand firm and die for our freedom - who knows? I can see what Gaius chose. What an interesting concept to explore. 

Thinking is not problematic. We are allowed to be fascinated by the mind of a serial killer–exploring the thoughts and motivations of someone not ourselves is how we use stories to learn. It means you like watching them move through their universes. You enjoy when they are on the screen. You want to see them do more stuff. It’s okay to like things as long as we all understand that these things are fictional.  Picking Dexter or Hannibal as your favorite character in their respective shows does not mean your new life goal is murdering people. THAT would be problematic.

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Do you think A has trapped the PLLs outside for one whole month??! That seems so horrific and a change of character because the A we saw last episode didn't actually do anything to the girls, and answered when they called "his name". AND WHY IS ARIAs HAIR SHORT ?!?!

I have no idea. I feel like what’s going to happen is we’ll see them outside for you know, maybe two days, something like that, and it’ll just be a time lapse of everything they’ve been through. Janel does say that essentially if they disobey Charles, he tortures them. 

I think what happened in that episode is that Charles thought maybe, just maybe, they understood him and who he was, why he was doing what he was doing. Because truthfully, it’s really not a change of character. We never saw him do anything except hold the liars hostage, true, but you should remember that Mona has been there for months and he tortured her. He did things to try and make her believe she was Alison. 

He is still the same person who presumably tried to kill Alison. Who presumably attacked Alison in her house. He’s still dangerous and he always has been.

On Sasuke and Leaving...

Tbh, the way I see it is that Sasuke is a wonderful father and husband. He’s doing everything to protect his family. Why else would Sakura be so confident in him if he was a deadbeat? She wouldn’t. And seeing the forehead poke panel just made me think of something. He was smiling genuinely at her when he did that, and said he would see her soon. He looked happy because he knew what their future had in store. And it is non debatable that she was important to him and remains important even in Naruto Gaiden–he married her and had Sarada with her.

Sasuke is not a deadbeat, and it bothers me when people label him as such. In chapter 699 he had so much hope for the future he would have with her in his eyes. Now, as of Gaiden chapter 4, he just looks drained. Sasuke’s family is literally the most important thing to him. This is the guy who /lost/ his entire family, including his dear older brother. He wants to just go home.

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I really like how my legs look when I'm wearing tights in the f/w or for special occasions. My bare legs actually make me feel really insecure. But now it's summer and I want to wear dresses but is it weird/tacky/dumb to wear tights casually in the summer with a dress/skirt and like vans or something?

um i hate to sound corny but do you !! like why put aside your comfort + security for random ppl that you pass by. just do whatever makes you feel okay. w that being said though, i used to have this like same exact issue so i would just wear skirts/shorts around my house for a while just to get comfortable even thinking about myself in them and seeing my bare legs etc etc but in the comfort of my own home and i did it so often that i started feeling safer about wearing them out ya know! either way just do what makes you feel comfortable you’re more important than **fashion**

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I was watching your video and realized you kinda took things from Dan's videos and put them in one of yours. I kinda got bugged and I admit it, I get butthurt from little things and I'm sorry for even asking but why? I feel like you try your hardest to genuinely be like Dan.You spent 25 for a neko cat they both got? Did you specifically get it because Dan and Phil had it? I may seem like an annoying arsehole rn but I'm just wondering (ps:ur cosplay was awesome)

I dont understand what you’re saying? I personally don’t think I’m anything like Dan at all, and I definitely don’t try to be like Dan, I want to be my own person. I don’t have any interests the same as Dan accept for the fact I like muse and anime, but thats just a coincidence i guess. I bought the cat just as a spare of the moment thing and I got excited when I saw it, trust me, if you’ve been to a convention before, you’ll know that nothing is under £20. and fyi it looks fucking awesome in my room. Just because I cosplayed as Dan, doesn’t mean I want to be Dan.

Good enough? (Sehun Scenario) (Part 3)

Part 1/ Part 2

It has been a rough night. 
I slept horrible but I couldn’t blame myself could I? 

I laid in my bed, didn’t really wanted to get up. 
It was pitch black in my room, ‘couse of the curtains (I always close them at night, I have trouble sleeping when it isn’t completely dark in my room. Sehun got used to it after a while) 
Anyway, it was pitch black when suddenly something lit up next to me, well okay it was my cellphone but yea. 
I took it from the night stand and guess who wrote me… Sehun..

Sehun 10:23: Good Morning princess, I hope you slept better than I did. I kept thinking about you and of all the possibilities why you’re mad at me… 
I’m sorry, I’m fucking stupid, fucking dense.. because.. I just.. I don’t know what I did… You probably hate me because of how fucking stupid I am. I bet it’s something obvious but i’m just over here not thinking about it… I’m really sorry princess, like really really sorry

seen 10:23

I do feel bad for him and yes he is fucking stupid for not realizing what he did, jeez, why is he like that… 

— 10:24: let’s meet up and talk

Sehun seen 10:24 
Sehun 10:24:
where? when? 

seen 10:24
here, 13:00

Sehun seen 13:00

My heartbeat was increasing with every minute, every second that passed. 
I was nervous, even though I couldn’t tell why.. 
You can do that.. I can do that… Just tell him how you feel.. He isn’t going to laugh at me, right? He isn’t going to leave me…. right? He isn’t going to replace me… 

… right?

When the clock hit 13:00 o’clock, I wasn’t ready at all. I mean physically, yes, I was ready, I mean I look like a hot bomb.. well at least thats what I think.. the thought counts, am I right? 

But mentally, yea mentally, No… I wasn’t ready at all.

I heard the door bell ring which cut me off from overthinking everything. 
I went to the door and opened it up and there he stood.. that stupid handsome fuck.. 

He was starring at his feet, not daring to look up.. 
“Hey”, he mumbled. 

“Come in”, I replied a little bit to harsh for my liking but, who cares..

as he stepped inside, he removed his shoes and hung his coat on the clothing rack. He went to the living room and sat down on the couch.. 
He looked like a little pathetic child, honestly…

“I really don’t know what I did wrong… But I’m really really sorry..”
I starred at him as he slowly looked up and met my eyes. 

They looked sat but I guess mine looked more hurt because his expressions changed in one that was saying, I’m sorry, a hundred times. That showed how guilty he was, even though he doesn’t know as to how he hurt me, his little princess… 

I cleared my throat

“Sehun… think about the last thing you said to me before I left.. Think about the conversation we had…”, I replied rather calm.. 

He though for a while and answered to my surprise with the right think, maybe he isn’t to dense after all,”we talked about.. well I talked about, how you should eat healthier and how you should be taking better care of yourself..” 

“Yes.. you did”

“Are you mad at me because of this?”, he asked with a bit of disbelief in his Voice. 

“Yes and No..”

I though he would react differently, like worse.. but he didn’t

“oh.. than please tell me princess”

I stood silent for a while, didn’t know how I should bring this up or what I should say in general.

“Don’t be afraid.. Please.. I want to fix this”, he said, he had a desperate voice as he approached and stopped right in front of me. 

I took a deep breathe.. now or never.

I decided to spill the beans.

“I was never one that got jealous easily. I never felt uncomfortable with myself. Never had any problems.. But since I met you, since we are together.. everything changed.. You always compare me to other female idols and models. I’m sorry but I can’t be them.. I do not have a perfect body and I don’t even aim for that. I do not have perfect skin, I’m sorry it’s in my genes.. I love food, especially unhealthy food, I’m sorry I won’t stop eating it just because someone tells me too but you… you make it so hard for me to enjoy and like myself….”, I looked down, took a deep breathe and went on,”When I walked away yesterday.. I went to different stores, clothing stores, food stores.. and I couldn’t… I couldn’t look at myself.. I felt horrible.. I couldn’t buy my favorite snacks because I felt guilty and ashamed… You… You broke me Sehun…”. 

Tears started to run down my cheeks. Usually I would hide and wouldn’t dare to show anyone my tears.. my weakness.. but this times.. Fuck that.. He should see how much he hurt me.. 

“I mean, why don’t you just go and be together with you favorite super skinny model or with the cutie from the new girl group or why don’t you just go to any other female you compare me too and spazz about… Maybe you would stop nagging so much than. Maybe you would be happier..Maybe than you don’t need to say, eat healthier, do more for your body, wash your face, change that, change this.. honestly.. please tell me honestly..”

I looked up to meet his eyes.. guilt… guilt was written all over his face.. 

I took my last deep breath and locked my eyes with his.. 
“please, I beg you.. tell me…am I not good enough for you?”

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Why did you unfollow me? :(

I unfollowed several people today for several reasons. Either your blog no longer appealed to me, something you’ve posted offended or bothered me, or I just didn’t want to follow you anymore.

Whatever the reason, I’m allowed to unfollow someone to better control the content that I want to see on my dash. It’s a lot less rude then asking that blog to change everything to better suit your dash, don’t you think?

starnomer asked:

Thanks for the follow bro, and why did you decide to change sex? if you dont mind me asking

well i havent yet but i do identify as female
and honestly ive thought about it a lot and i think the reason i identify as female is because for the first 7-8 years of my life my ONLY role models were female. my parents got devorced when i was like one and my mom got full custody. we went to live with my grandparents but my grandfather died before i was at an age where i could really remember him. so for years it was just my mom, my grandma, and me. my only friend in kindergarten was a girl named stephany. she was rad af but we fell out of touch in 4th grade bc she moved in like first. my mom didnt get remarried till i was 8. we had moved out and i lived alone with her for years and even while she was dating my stepdad he wasnt a huge oart of my life. once they got married we all moved in together in a new house. about that time i was getting closer to my dad so for a few years i thought there was something wrong with me until i learned what transgender was. at first i was confused but after a few months i realized that i felt strongly i was female rather than male, which again i blame on the lack of male rolemodels so i turned out very feminine. i mean fuck until my mom got remarried my favorite color was pink. it is now again as always but now i accept how feminine i am. so yeah thats just a bried history on the influences in my life that i believe influenced my thoughts of myself. i think of myself as female and hopefull will soon get hormones and later surgery. i hope this helps you understand..

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In response to your last anon have they seen a man kiss and nuzzle the necks of someone they consider their little sister repeatedly, blow kisses and look at their little sister the way he looks at Z tell their little sister they love them to the moon and back and they love them with all their hearts, pretty romantic sounding to me, I really could go on and but I advise you to do some research because after you do you'd see clear as day why we find the bro/did laughable

 Exactly! If you just google “valdaya,” there are sooo many images that can be interpreted as Val liking Z more than just a sis. I said this in another post, but think about celebs who have called someone their brother or sister, but they were low key dating?

I’ll name one: Justin and Selena. 

Anybody else want to add?