this cutie pie hates when he’s told to do aegyo but he naturally has a lot of cuteness in him♡



I’m so glad I’m not in a relationship right now. Dealing with my brothers passive-aggressive bullshit is enough for me. He makes things a lot more difficult than they should be. But I am so proud of myself for standing my ground and doing what I think is best for me because I usually don’t. He’s also forgetting the fact that I’ll be driving nine hours to Portland next week to so 💁🏻

but guys what about a kind of Pocahontas!AU?

listen in the background there’s someone laughing so happily (high pitch laugh ok) while others are like ‘wowowow’ that’s /jiyong/ while his hyung does the silly dancing king move thing

Sometimes I think about how Carmilla is going to outlive Laura and I die inside