a thing that will always baffle me about anti-self-dx sentiment is

diagnostic criteria aren’t kept in some Secret Vault of Psychiatry that only Worthy Medical Professionals can access with the Mystic Key of Diagnosis

the DSM is available online, and even if you don’t have access to it, you can look up any disorder on Wikipedia or Google and get diagnostic criteria for multiple associations as well as links to sites that have more information

self-dx isn’t taking an online quiz, and it isn’t describing yourself as OCD because you like to keep your room clean. it’s literally using the same diagnostic criteria medical professionals do to evaluate your own experiences and behavior.


“You could call Owl City infectious electronic pop.”

A list of awesomeness

I’m constantly being asked for blog recommendations and I figured that I should have an updated list of blogs/people that I love. It’s a mix of my friends and people I love talking to, people I admire from afar (maybe we kind of talk or not at all but I’m shy so *hides*) and blogs that I’m particularly stalking at the moment. Basically you’re all awesome.

Please don’t be offended if you aren’t here. I’m sure I’ve forgetten at least someone I wanted to include here because I do follow 1,200+ blogs! Eventually I’ll do a master post kind of thing.

It’s A to Z to avoid bias. Note that not all of these are book blogs!

You can find more blogs via my Follow Friday posts and my book blogs tag

and, like, I really resent the tone of people shaming people for shipping things romantically. Like, I know platonic relationships (specifically cishet platonic relationships though because there’s an abundance of bro comedy movies and ‘circle of woman friends’ dramas, like its not something that’s at all rare in media) are underrepresented but that does not automatically make shipping it platonically the morally righteous choice. It still ultimately comes down to that’s how you interpret it, if you saw it as romantic you’d ship it as romantic, its generally not a moral decision.

like, I just find that argument so disrespectful. Like no type of relationship has inherently more value than another, it doesn’t ‘cheapen’ a relationship to see it as romantic anymore than it cheapens it to see it as platonic. And I so resent all the fingerwagging at people daring to ship something romantically that other folks see as platonic because its all like “not everything is about sex” which is so presumptuous to assume someone ships something romantically for “cheap” reasons rather than genuinely feeling it as well as implying that all romantic relationships are inherently sexual (they’re not) as well as implying there’s something cheap or wrong about a sexual relationship (there’s not)

Folks ship things for a myriad of reasons. Maybe they see themselves in the relationship, sometimes people see themselves in a pair of characters romantically while another person sees themselves in them platonically. These are both equally valid interpretations. To assume that the reasons you ship something are inherently more righteous and pure than why someone else ships something is ridiculous. 

“there are other fandoms other than superwholock gosh!”

*lists harry potter and/or merlin*

Happy TMS Acoustic release day!

I don’t believe in anyone else

a revolutionary trio mix ((listen))

1 summer house- gold motel (tell me nothing will ruin us) // 2 antiche danze ed arie per liuto, suite no. 3, p. 172- siciliana (ignoto fine sec. XVI) // 3 beast- agnes obel (i consider you) // 4 the execution of all things- rilo kiley (and if you’re well off, well then, i’m happy some for you/ but i’d rather not celebrate my defeat and humiliation here with you) // 5 mass romantic- the new pornographers (this boy’s life among the electrical lights) // 6 golden age- tv on the radio (love don’t you falter/ burning hearts/ dragged behind/ the horses dancing on the altar/ hooves breaking gods) // 7 holland, 1945- neutral milk hotel (and isn’t it sad to see the world agree that they’d rather see their faces filled with flies) // 8 all for swinging you around- the new pornographers (we crash-land the first page/ on a crumbling world stage) // 9 us- regina spektor (we’re living in a den of thieves/ and it’s contagious) // 10 love love love- the mountain goats (then we shall see each other face to face) // 11 the canals of our city- beirut (walls gone over the sea/ but not for me) // 12 no sound but the wind- the editors (help me to carry the fire/ we will keep it alight together) // 13 concerning the ufo sighting near highland, illinois- sufjan stevens (in the spirit of three stars)


The Matheson-Monroe Family | 2.12

“And all this time, I thought I was living the life.”

Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust album art

Alrighty, so as some of you may already know, I decided to make a calender page of the birthday’s of my fellow tumblr users. So, then the wonderful Sabi came along and suggested that we should do this for the entire bollywood fandom. So then I decided to make a separate tumblr so that it would be easy for people to access and look at which who’s birthday is on which date. It’s also for those of us who have horrible memory and forget birthdays easily or for people who’d like a reference to who’s birthdays are coming up and stuff. So if you’d like to be on this calendar please write your name and birthday so that I can add you to the calender. (Also, if you don’t wanna share your name or whatever, you can also just put your birthday so that you’d still be on the list.)

If you guys could also like reblog this or make others aware of that this thing exists, that would be amazing because not everyone checks the bollywood tags on a daily basis so they might be missing out on something they might be interested in. Anyway, if you still have any questions then feel free to send me a message on my personal blog: www.bechain.tumblr.com/ask since the ask link for this blog isn’t working atm and I’ll have to try and fix it. 

I keep wanting to half apologise for posting so much cosplay (aka Loki, let’s be honest here). But then–it’s my blog, and I’m proud of my work, so why shouldn’t I post it when I want to? It’s sort of a constant debate in my head. Anyway. I hope you guys don’t get annoyed with it. :/

I respect your ships but all I ask is that you do the same for mine and do not vilify or erase female characters for the sake of your ship (◡‿◡✿)

In order to move out and not end up in the ass end of the bronx and in a decent neighborhood, I need to make at least 650$/ week. So roughly 32 hours if I’m making 20$/hour. 4 days a week. All while being a full-time student.

What made me think it was a good idea to go into the anti clexa tag

Relating to one of the least appreciated character in a serie is so fucking awful -3/10 do not recommend