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why is beetle so cuuuute

Beetle is just made of all things cute I guess UuU

But if you think plain ol’ Beetle is cute, here’s a Baby Beetle for you: 

Her speckles didn’t even grow in completely ;u;

I can’t bust out my tablet to draw responses yet ;^; but I can sketch ‘em, so if y’all wanna send any asks, I’ll be sketching most of this trip and I can stock up on those between wifi hotspots ;3 

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Special Delivery~

2. A baby

Why were people so insistent today on business after hours? Vandrysse began to draw the door open, but immediately stopped when she heard a distinctive gurgle. Peering through the couple of inches of space, she took another look at the visitor who had knocked at The Bunnery’s front door. A red hooded female that she didn’t immediately recognize was holding a basket with a baby inside, swaddled in a cute duck print blanket.

“How may I help you?”

“‘Miss Vandrysse Dyce’?,” The Courier read from the tag. Now, that voice was familiar …

“I haven’t seen you in ages,” Vandrysse whispered. The door opened a few more inches. “What’s with the baby?”

“I’m afraid this is purely business, even though this is the first baby I have been asked to deliver.”

Vandrysse smiled, albeit weakly. “Literally, huh?” She glanced at the child. “Uhhh, there’s been some kind of really weird mistake. I wasn’t expecting a baby. I have no reason to expect a baby.” The words were strange coming out of her mouth, given the fact this had been such a sensitive issue for her in the past. 

“I’m afraid that I can only do what was requested of me, Miss Dyce.”

Dumbfounded, she watched as The Courier gently placed the basket on the ground and walked off, checking an item on her list as she hurried to her next destination. Vandrysse brought the child inside the shop. It cooed and gurgled some more as she mentally ran down a list of orphanages, but secretly wondered what it would be like to finally raise a child of her own. 

She wanted to faint, but most of all she wondered how in the hell she was going to explain this to ellisterthorley

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Hello :D I absolutely love your blog! Those Sosuke imagines are so cute/cool/awesome!!! :D Could I please request one where Rin take his little baby to his fathers place of rest and they have a little moment together? (His s/o is waiting at home with their dinner ^-^) Good Luck!!!! Thank you (~^_^)~

Gah this is almost too cute… But also rather sad, no?(´ヮ`)I love this idea, anon darling, and it was a pleasure to write. I tried to write it so that the S/O here could be whatever gender the reader wants, so if it’s a little ambiguous at times, that’s why. Enjoy!! ♥

When they had made the decision to have a child, Rin knew that a time would come when he would have to explain to his little one why they had no grandfather. Why their father had no father, himself. And a time would come. Just not yet, Rin thought as he held the small child in his arms. They weren’t quite old enough to be curious about those things yet, but Rin had thought it might be a good idea to introduce his father to his child, whilst they were still young and blissfully ignorant. His beloved had heartily agreed, and had ushered Rin out of the door, promising dinner for when the two of them got back home.

All these years later, his father’s gravestone was still a fairly emotional place for Rin to go. He occasionally came here with Gou, whenever the two of them had the time to meet up, but considering he had settled down a little closer, it would be more often that he would come on his own, spending time sat next to the grave as he told his father stories about his journey in life. How he’d made it as a swimmer, how his dream had come true, and how he had met the love of his life. He had brought his partner here with him several times now, in fact. Now, he had a whole new chapter of his journey to tell him about, and he wasn’t going to do it alone this time.

"Hey, dad. I’ve got someone new in my life now. Someone to take care of… A child of my own. It feels a little strange, actually."

As Rin knelt down by his fathers grave, arms still around his child, the familiar feeling of melancholy came across him, but this time, instead of it overwhelming him, the feeling seemed to ebb, as though it were finally letting go of him.

"I hope I can be there for them my whole life. My family, I mean. It must have been difficult for you - having to leave us when you did. I don’t think anything could take me away from those two now."

He had never, ever blamed his father for anything - he never felt angry, just… Hollow. Even now, years later, with his own dream being fulfilled, and his own family to care for, that hollow feeling remained. And yet, when he looked away from the grave to the child he held in his arms - his child - his eyes widened. 

That feeling was gone. Utterly gone. He couldn’t explain it, because he hadn’t felt so alive since his father had passed years ago, but it almost felt like a part of his being was returning to him, making him feel whole again. He didn’t know when it had happened, when he had stopped feeling so wistful and started feeling so complete again, but what he did know is that it was beyond time that the gloomy feeling that he got whenever he came here left him.

The eyes that looked back at him were so alive - so innocent, so ignorant, but uncaring of their own naivety. He looked into his child’s eyes and knew that even if his father’s dream was never fulfilled, his was. And he was damn sure that his child’s dream would come true, too.


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