Name 10 Favourite Characters and Tag 10 People

Tagged by electric016. And because I have too many favourites to just list ten, I’m going to stick to video games like they did and make it easier for everyone.

1, Junpei Tenmyouji (Zero Escape) I can’t even explain at this point why I love this character so much. Help.

2, Yosuke Hanamura (Persona 4) Remember that long post I have about why I like Yosuke?

3, Daichi Shijima (Devil Survivor 2) Kind of useless in combat, but hey, he’s a nice friend. (His email when you choose Yamato’s route hurts, actually.)

4, Lucina (Fire Emblem: Awakening) I think some people hate her because she’s ‘boring’? I love how innocent and clueless and strong she is, though.

5, Chihiro Fujisaki (Danganronpa) Although tbh I probably like Alter Ego more than actual Chihiro because ray of sunshine in the dark (literally). But still. Chihiro has some mad guts.

6, Hajime Hinata (Danganronpa 2) The one with short hair. The ‘normal’ kid. 

7, Apollo Justice (Ace Attorney) I think sometimes Apollo smells of anxiety.

8, Luna (Virtue’s Last Reward) Another ray of sunshine in the dark. Also rather mischievous despite appearances.

9, Locke Cole (Final Fantasy 6) Apparently he’s in Theatrhythm. AAH.

10, Axel (Kingdom Hearts) Who is surprised.

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so I guess its about time I talked about the future of this blog.

as you all probably know, I haven’t really been active here since november. I originally took a short break for personal reasons, but when I tried to come back I realized that I couldn’t do it anymore. I can’t really explain it as anything other than the fact that…I don’t enjoy this anymore. posting on this blog used to make me so happy, but it just feels hollow and futile. I spent so much time here doing requests and trying to please everyone, that now I can no longer remember why I wanted to do this in the first place. I feel so mean for saying this, because I genuinely did enjoy doing requests and making people happy, but I guess there was a limit for how many times I could draw the same thing out of obligation rather than for my own enjoyment. I can’t even remember what I like to draw anymore, and even if I could, I’ve been unable to muster any motivation at all. 

I won’t delete this blog, and it is possible that I will return in the future, but for the time being I will be on hiatus.


4/20 is not when Bob Marley was born
4/20 is not when Bob Marley died
4/20 has nothing to do with Bob Marley at all
The reasons why we celebrate weed on this day are actually unclear because there are so many different stories of the origin.
Yall remember Bob Marley for smoking weed but don’t even look at all the great stuff he did, yall don’t even know how intelligent he was, yall don’t know anything about him aside from maybe 2 or 3 songs and the fact that he smoked.



Wait a minute. I thought Sarada knew Sasuke? I mean…

And also this:

Iruka noticed that Boruto wants attention from Naruto but he is busy (most of the time). It means that Boruto spends time with Naruto but overall he is busy. Sarada said that she has the same relationship with Sasuke. 

But then… why did Sarada say that he left her when she was a baby?

This is actually suspicious. 

I have a theory that Sasuke was erased from Sarada’s memories so that’s why she doesn’t remember him.

I’ve sometimes wondered what would happen if I stopped lying—if I stopped accepting the glasses handed to me without finding ways to funnel some out into flower pots, or if I avoided events with drinking altogether. But fake drinking has become a means of code-switching for me. It’s easier for everyone.

In college, I remember another young Muslim who avoided a student union presidential pub because she didn’t want to be around alcohol, even though she was a candidate for the student union. I did attend that event (though, obviously, I didn’t drink) and was privy to multiple conversations about how weird she was. Some even felt her absence was rude. Fitting in as the “cool Muslim” gives me the ability to straddle these worlds, and my observations usually end up at the same conclusion every time: Why the fixation on booze?

go home Duolingo, you are drunk

well, thanks mate



I don’t even

not much right now

not the precise word I was thinking of

you really aren’t

I think you spent them on vodka

remember when we talked about how it’s not 1936? yeah, that

and how we are not secret agents? yeah that too

that’s a fountain, dude

remind me again why we’re friends?

I did not sign up for this

dude, that’s not toothpaste

*sigh* learn a language, they said, it’ll be great, they said

Prop Guns and You - How to Hold Them

Some of you may remember the post I did a while back regarding proper trigger and muzzle discipline for holding a firearm (real or prop).

Today, we are going to learn how to actually hold a gun you’re posing with!

Why am I going over this? Well, it’s pretty simple! If you’re going to be cosplaying a character that uses a weapon, then they’re going to be familiar with how to hold and handle it. Therefore, you should be too! A good pose can REALLY bring your cosplay to life, and a correct pose even more so!

Sometimes, you want a cool action shot where it looks like your character is about to fire off a round. If you’ve never handled a firearm before, it will be tricky to get the pose right, and can look a bit sloppy.

For a handgun, some people will try to recommend the teacup grip, which has since been found to not be the best way to hold the firearm, as it does not provide the best recoil protection.

The right is a teacup grip, named because it looks a bit like you’re holding a cup of a tea. The left is the correct grip. Thumbs on the side and out of the way, providing a safer hold on your pistol.

Another big issue I see often is holding a rifle. Rifles can be tricky if you’ve never held one. When holding a real one, you need it properly shouldered or you could seriously hurt yourself, either by taking the recoil in the clavicle (ouch!!) or eating an eyeful of scope/stock.

You want the butt end of the rifle snug against your shoulder, on the meaty part between your shoulder and your clavicle. 

Here is a good example of the stock snug against the shoulder. This way, when you get recoil, you won’t hurt yourself.

This, however, is very much not correct. Besides not being shouldered, she’s also in a position that could knock her on her butt after firing.

This is also very much not correct. Hand too close to the barrel, not shouldered correctly… she’s going to get a face full of gun.

Aaand this is why shouldering and proper holding is important!

As usual, if anyone has any questions at all about posing with a firearm, feel free to send me an ask on my main blog! I’m always happy to help.

B.A.P  Reaction!


   “ Bap gif reaction of their girlfriend trying to reach for something but they’re too short lol”

here you go :)

Yongguk: *cockily leans against the kitchen door frame* “Need any help there,sweetie ???” *chuckles*

Himchan: “But,how did you put that thing that high if you can’t even reach it right now ???” *makes fun of her*

Daehyun: *reaches whatever she needs for her* “Now if you want it you have to give me a little something too…” *points his cheek for a kiss*

Youngjae: “Just remember,if you need ANY help,i’m right here…lazily sitting on the couch….watching you struggling to reach that damn thing….”

Jongup: *lazily watches her as she struggles while judging her* “Why did she put it up there in the first place?”

Zelo: *gets it for her* “If you want it then come and get it…” *show off mode on*

enjoyyy ❤


Q: How did Rex survive?

“We went back and forth towards the end of Clone Wars, with Rex’s fate. George and I had several conversations about it. There were a lot of things that once I knew George sold the company that I made sure He and I sat down and we did discuss at length. There were a couple key topics, one was Rex and definitely the other was Ahsoka. How did they Survive? Do they survive? What happens there? We had everything mapped out right up through revenge of the Sith. I know in detail why that is. I’ll give you something because you’re here on the weekend, but If you’ve watched the season six episodes on Netflix with the Clone Arc where Fives discovers the nature of the encoding that they have a chip in their head you have to remember that Fives tells Rex about that and Fives would believe another trooper. So even though it’s outlandish to Anakin that Palpatine is in charge he actually says it to Anakin and Rex right in front of them, Fives accuses everybody. I always felt that truth can break any spell, it’s an old mythological idea that in a fairy tale that if you know the truth you can kind of break these evil spells if your heart is true and you have to imagine if Rex got to that point and how the blaster rays…I don’t think he could do it…What would be hard for Rex, if you could wrap your head around this, is the minute Rex wouldn’t execute his General he becomes a traitor as well and the other clones would gun down the traitor clone, so that was something we had also discussed. That’s a bit of a look at that and you’ll see…just to give you this other tease…because if you haven’t thought this through…We all love Rex…Kanan not so much…” - Dave Filoni @Star Wars Celebration Anaheim


Timeless 2013 [6/?]

heres another story from high school: idk how many of you are from new york but in new york you have to take these awful standardized tests called the regents and you spend months preparing for them and you have to take like five of them a year. i cant remember why they were important. they probably werent. anyway i failed the trigonometry regents (even though i passed the class) which meant i wasnt allowed to take any higher levels of math past that point until i passed it. so i took it again a semester later and failed it even worse than i had the first time, so the next semester i got tutored by one of the math teachers in preparation to take it a third time. on the day of the test i had one last tutoring session beforehand and we both came to the conclusion that i probably wasnt going to pass so instead of taking the test i just. left. i just left the school and walked home even though my house was two miles away and i felt great and it was the best decision i ever made

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how did you first find out about bastille

to sum it up two years ago someone i followed reblogged a photoset that had this picture of dan in it

and i was so fucking stupefied by his hair (i remember actually stopping, staring, and then saying ‘what the FUCK is WRONG with HIS HAIR’ out loud) i went and got into them to figure out why the hell his hair was like that

so basically i got into bastille because dan’s hair weirded me out so fucking much i had to check them out. thats the actual story. i wish i was making this up

12:36am, i need to go to sleep, i need to be up early to take a shower and go back to the apartment and then i’ll have work and then uni and then a friend date dinner with friends and friends and I AM ALREADY SO TIRED

In order for Walker to keep sane and level-headed, he often found himself in a meditating position. He had no clue what meditation actually was, but he just sat on the floor and moved his legs to try and make it look as if he was relaxing. That’s what attempting to meditate is right? Hearing someone coming, Walker kept his eyes closed and stayed in his position. He didn’t care what others thought about him ever, he had better things to worry about. Before he even knew what he was saying, he began to ramble. “I remember when I was fourteen and just thinking ‘I’m young but I know what I want. This isn’t that hard, I’m all grown up already and have everything figured out.’ Now here I am at twenty years old, and my thoughts usually consist of how to keep my business successful. Like damn, where did time fucking go? Why is life going so fast? Tell it to slow the fuck down.” 

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Hi jay have you ever experienced being unaccepted in the black community? Every other race labels me as the black girl but black ppl will make it clear that i am not black and that i do not belong in their community. When im around other races i identify as black because thats how they perceive me but around black people i dont because ive offended ppl in the past whenever i do. Is it strange that i feel like im a black girl when im around non-black ppl but not when im around black ppl

The one time I can clearly remember being unaccepted is when I was in seventh grade. I moved to a new neighborhood, changed schools and was elated that I actually made some black friends. It was astounding I even had the chance to make black friends because in my previous school and neighborhood there were little to no black people. However this one girl insisted on picking on me. I never did anything to her but she kept calling out how not black I was and other stuff. I didn’t understand why she was being so mean. And none of my new “friends” stood up for me. I quit hanging out with them pretty quickly. I was kinda scared of that girl. Honestly I think that’s when I became really apprehensive of black people and internalized (more) racism. I was (wrongly) thinking that all black people are like her. I know this was all a defense mechanism. Who wants to be picked on? I never talked to anyone about it. I was really ashamed and alone.

I’ve learned that a lot of times people won’t stick up for others. Maybe because they’re afraid and just don’t know what to do. But that doesn’t mean they believe the same thing as the perpetrator. And middle school age is when people are really trying to fit in. It’s tough.

I used to avoid any unfamiliar black people because I thought they’d be like that one girl. And maybe she was right. Maybe I wasn’t really black because I missed out on certain cultural aspects and didn’t understand or use AAVE. I talked and dressed like a white girl. Whatever that means.

Also there certain cultural things that I perceived as being mean or picking on me when really it’s nothing personal. I’m
Still hurt sometimes when black people point out my weight like saying I got thick or need to eat more (especially since I suffer from Ed) or tease me. I wasn’t used to being teased in the way that a lot of Black Americans tend to do. I associated the teasing with not being liked, which wasn’t true.

Sorry for the ramble. I guess I’m trying to say is no, I’ve never not been accepted by the entire black community. A lot of what I thought was being unaccepted was really my lack of understanding the situation or not being comfortable in my blackness.

It’s possible that there are certain black people who just aren’t very kind and won’t respect your identity. It doesn’t mean all black people are like that though. I’ve found that most black people more easily accept me as a black person than other poc and white people. I’ve experienced the worst identity erasure at the hands of people who aren’t black.

Idk maybe where you’re from things are different.but I’d be extremely cautious look at your experiences with black people as your experience with the black community.

Also idk why someone would be offended that you call yourself black. That’s totally wrong of them.

If you want to talk in more details about what’s going on, feel free to hit me up. I know how lonely it can feel and trust me you’re not alone.

– Jay

I rarely log in to Tumblr now and when I happen to see gifs of people who are going to end their lifes, I remember how I felt when I saw them time ago. I still complain about my life, but it’s in these moments when I realize how much better my life is right now. I don’t know if that period had to be and was unavoidable, but what I know is I met some people between last year and the new one, who made me feel loved. I don’t even know why I’m writing this here now… This is something I usually did before, when I was almost another me…but I logged in and felt the need to do it. I FEEL I CAN TELL YOU THINGS REALLY GET BETTER because I once had a lot of people telling me so and I never believed them, until someone decided it was time for me to start loving myself and gave me this chance. I’m still not so full of self esteem, but the feeling of looking at yourself and wanting to throw up has now almost totally gone. I feel sorry for my “old” person, because it was not fair hating myself that much… I could go on writing and essay about this topic, but it’s not necessary now. I don’t want to show off. What I really felt like writing, is already been said. There are moments of everybody’s life nobody else will ever know and we won’t ever tell. It’s our choices. But, even keeping those secrets, it’s fair with regards to the ones who saved us, to be thankful and say “Thank you for the things you wanted to do to help me, but even most, for the things you did and helped me without even knowing.”

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I swear, scenes like the one with Sam and Dean and 'you changed your mind' just make me hate him, and not just that, they SPOOK me because he sounds exactly like my abusive parents. They would hurt, and then when you got upset, if you used the slightest wrong word or were unkind, even though they would hurt so bad- they would bring it up FOREVER, like such a bad daughter, remember what you said FOR NO REASON? DISGUSTING you don't love us, how ungrateful- he's JUST LIKE THEM I HATE HIM

So, okay, just so we’re clear here, you’re angry because Dean brought something up that we all thought had been resolved, yes?

I understand your point. And your feelings on this are 100% valid.

But this is why I think Dean saying what he did is also valid. So, he’s kept his mouth shut for a while, and maybe it’s in big part because he didn’t want to make Sam feel bad, but Dean is the king of self loathing. He already doesn’t like himself so much that sacrificing himself, not only for Sam but for a shit ton of random people, is something he’s never questioned. This mark business is just something he’d expected. He’s pretty much always assumed he was going to die early. But the thing is, he’s okay with it.

Now, the situation with Sam saying what he did makes everything worse. Dean is already hating himself enough, but the one person he thought would always have his back suddenly says that he’s okay if Dean dies.

I think Dean is 100% justified in bringing it up again, because that hurt. Because Sam said the one thing he knew would hurt Dean the most, and he said it on purpose.

And it’s entirely possible that Sam even forgot about it. Clearly he feels bad and he wants to prove to Dean that he didn’t really mean it, but Dean feels worse I’m sure. There’s a voice in his head that puts him down all the time. He spends so much time trying not to believe the voice, but then the one person you thought loved you suddenly confirms what the voice has been telling you all this time and you just can’t forget it. You can’t get rid of the voice and your opinion of yourself just gets worse and worse.

I don’t think Dean was necessarily trying to manipulate Sam. I think he said it because he’s been having that voice beat him up for so long that all of a sudden Sam trying to save him feels out of the blue, even though it’s not. I think he was trying to let Sam know that that really did hurt and it’s going to be really hard to forget.

Your experience is different. Your parents use everything you say against you, and I totally get where you’re coming from. My parents use everything against me too. They manipulate me pretty much every chance they get.

And, honestly, if what Dean did triggered you, then I totally get it. And you do have every right to be angry. I personally understood and was happy that Dean brought it up, but I get where you’re coming from too.

So I thought I was okay after few hours but then I realized I cried myself to sleep and cried again when I woke up.

Jeez. But I still believe something beautiful will happen. I guess I’m sad mainly because of the lost time this family could’ve spent together. I still think Sakura is Sarada’s mother though. I’m just sad for Sarada not being able to spend time with her father because I know how that feels, I grew up without one when my father unfortunately died. I’m sad cause Sasuke could’ve stayed but for some reason he can’t. I’m sad seeing Sakura getting weak even though she has the Byakugou for an unknown reason. What’s happening? What’s going on? I’m sad why did they have to create drama to this extent for this family who have so much potential to be a perfect happy little family. 

I remember Rurouni Kenshin’s OVA where Kenshin left Kaoru and Kenji because he was sick but would go home to them from time to time. Eventually he came home and Kaoru welcomed him back to her arms but died after they got reunited. Shortly after, Kaoru also died because she also got infected through sexual intercourse with her husband. I was shocked that almost the same thing is happening with SasuSaku. However, it think OVA’s are not canon that’s why I was able to move on from it.

I was still upset watching it but never as heartbroken as I was yesterday. I want to read the following chapters now cause I wanna know the real deal and get out of this mess already. I couldn’t even function correctly because of what happened! argh! 

Last time I felt like this was when my first real life heartbreak happened. I was moved and caught off guard that fictional characters can do the same thing to me. I thought I’m getting crazy. But no, actually, Kishi did this to me. haha! What a meanie! Just hope he’ll redeem himself and reveal amazing asspulls plot twists to turn the tables and bring the Uchiha family the happiness they oh so fucking deserved after all the unnecessary shit they’ve been through. Especially my queen, Sakura. You deserve so much better baby! 

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