why not to be fat

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Being this fat must be horrible. Why don't you lose weight?Don't tell this bullshit "curves are beautiful" because they are not, It's dangerous

Being this sad and angry with your own life that you have to come and anonymously hate on me because I love myself and I have a great life must be horrible. And don’t give me that “I care about your health” spiel, because it’s bullshit. Hahaha I just feel sorry for you, to be honest. What a sad life you must lead.

And just as a side note, I don’t think I’ve ever once said ‘curves are beautiful’. I believe that all body types are beautiful and I also believe that it’s not my place to jump in and tell someone else whether they should or shouldn’t be happy with their bodies because I’m not the one living in it. You should really take a page out of that book.

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Hey bonny! My mom is taking me to a vegan nutritionist sometime soon, and I'm worried that she will tell me to go low carb high fat since it is a common belief (although I'm completely against it). I'm going to put some information together to prepare for this scenario. Do you have any advice on how to seem firm with my beliefs? Hopefully, I won't need to do this, but I just want to be prepared. I hope you're having a lovely day xx

Yes good idea make sure your prepared to back up why high carb is the best option. If she tries to tell her high fat is best or fruit has too much sugar, make sure you can stand up and come back with some facts
So time to do as much research as you can!

Points to remember-

-Body preferred source of energy is carbs
- only a very small amount of fat and protein are needed
- actually we only need 3-5% of our calories to come from fats
- all the essential fats we need are found in fruits, veggies and greens. They just need to be eaten in large amounts!
- sugar is NOT turned to fat! And especially not fruit, fruit is a whole food and shouldn’t be compared to sugar in anyway!

I recommend you read my why vegan page


And just some other fun facts!





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y'all anons gotta stop. jungkook is an idol now. he is a public figure. HE HAS RESPONSIBILITIES TO NOT FUCKING UP. he might be a young human and all but there are soooooo many sources on why preferring ppl to be skinny and not fat, colorism and toxic and bad as hell. educate your ignorant asses. (im sorry for the swearing. I'm mad.)


Here’s a lil paragraph about why I think ‘fat’ representation is so important
(I put it in quote marks because who am I to decide the limit for thin).
I’ve always struggled with hating my body and tried stupid diets - to the point of not eating - because all I saw was how I was 1 or 2 dress sizes bigger than everyone else both around me and in the media. But, after joining tumblr and seeing all these bigger woman looking like QUEENS I’ve thought “nah. I can eat a shit ton of cake and not worry about not being sexy because look at these perfect people”. So here is something I never thought I would ever do because 'my thighs touch and my stomach isn’t flat so boys don’t like me’. Post pictures.
To the people that called me fat a couple years ago: I love myself and my size 10/12 jeans.
So listen up fuckers:
EVERY body is sexy.
Body positivity is sexy.
The media is a piece of shit sometimes, don’t listen to it.
Ur worth is NEVER defined by whether ur tummy is a bit saggy, if ur legs are wobbly or toned or u have lil or big boobs.
Ur worth is also never defined by whether someone finds u attractive or not.

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Why would you be anti-fat acceptance? You don't like people feeling confident in themselves?

obviously thats what anti FA means lol you should check my tag. I would explain further but i have said it a million times over it is not anti fat people it is anti a movement that is pro obesity…that attacks a girl for losing weight a little girl and theyshout at them for losing weight…like ugh no…

look at the link on my blog please as to why i am anti FA.

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Is tofu healthy ?:)

I like tofu as a condiment! I wouldnt have it as a main part of the meal but to have with my rice sometimes then yeah sure!

It’s mainly protein and fat which is why its not the perfect staple xx

ok but why are ALL women in ads stupid ………..  why do they constantly talk to themselves in their kitchen eating low fat caesar salad while men climb the everest………… why are advertisers so bitter ?????

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of course you'd be a mayweather fan. herpes having fat cunt

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I think your post about skinny people is amazing. I'm a guy and I'm 5'10 225lbs. But when I was in 8th grade and throughout highschool I never weighed more than 115lbs, I've been 5'10 since 8th grade. And people would always be like "you're too skinny" "eat more" "why are you skinny" so then I bulked up and now everyone is like "why are you fat" "lose weight" "you're unhealthy" so thank you

Thank you! Yeah theres a freshman at my school who ppl talk about and its fucking always his weight like pls @everyone go study and find something better to do

My Dad Just Wrote a Poem


When we were little

like third grade

we got milk breaks


It was a nickel 

I took a dime

that’s why I’m fat