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You're kinda just a boy that pretends to care about the world to get famous...

You obviously have never met me, been following me long, nor realize how much I care about things.

If I really wanted to ‘get famous’ I would be the worst kind of person, it would be way easier. Grabbing at headlines, using and manipulating the people around them, using their followers.

Don’t always think people have to be different than what they portray. I work damn hard to be the best that I can be and do as much as I can to help the world. Why do you think I founded and am launching CharityDrops.org? A service that has been nearly a year in development? Because I care that much about helping the world and want to make it a better place.

I’m still really not sure why I’m getting my period.. I know I’m not pregnant. “Lesbian” is the best birth control brand I’ve ever used.

Tall Girl Problems

Walang size sa sapatos. Usually kasi, kapag matangkad ka, mahaba rin paa mo. Tapos yung gustong-gustong-gustong-gusto mong sapatos, wala ka ng size. Like, ugh, I’m giving up on life!

That’s not a dress. That’s a shirt. But no, seriously, alam kong dress yan. Nagiging shirt lang talaga sakin. The struggle is real.

Hindi ako kasya. Hindi ako pwede sa mga masisikip, hindi kaysa legs ko kahit anong tupi ko!

Laging sa likod. Bitches, please. Ugh.

“Uy, paabot naman.” Sa susunod, magbaon kayong patungan niyo.

“Girl! Bakit naghi-heels kapa?! Eh ang tangkad mo na!” WA.LA.KANG.PA.KE. Kneel before me, mortals!

Mas matangkad sa ibang lalake. Ugh. Universe! Why are you doing this to me?!

Too long for beds. “Ate, pabiling King-Size.” “Ilan po kayong hihiga?” “Ako lang mag-isa at wala kang pakealam.” At bakit naman tatanungin ng saleslady kung ilang kayong hihiga?

Low ceilings. Fuck you.

Legs are 99% of my body. Legs here, legs there legs everywhere. Sa tingin ko advantage naman minsan yon.

The Grudge

Kurel had taken the portal out of Sunspire to Gadgetzan without the forethought of how he intended to return. Maybe because he wasn’t entirely sure he would, this storming the gates of the Mirage could very well be his end. That thought alone had been the defining moment for why he mouthed those three damning words against Kelliann’s forehead. She begged him to stay, but she should have known. Understood, he hoped.

Earlier that night she’d been targeted for an assassination attempt. The Vengeance crew hadn’t escaped from the detonation as lucky as she had, Kurel included who’d practically been holding the device in his bare hand when it went off. The wounded were taken back to Sunspire for attention, followed by a train of bystanders and newly-made trade alliances. Among them, Ghost who happened to still have been lurking around when the incident occurred. He set to work on collecting the scraps and the comms of every Sunspire Port and Siren’s Bounty affiliate.  Inside each one?  A small scarab-like gemstone, forged from a particular source of mana and crystallized. A rune was embossed on the underside of each.

Its purpose? A tiny mana bomb, capable of obliterating a radius of approximately fifteen-hundred square feet. They were the symbol of the Mirage, Kurel’s own desert home, but far more advanced than anything the shadow sect had produced in the last one thousand years. The instant Cero had set one into Kurel’s hand, he knew where it had come from. At least he thought.

Mags was right. If he wanted to know why and what Zelphryin was doing, he had to go to his brother directly. The only way to do that was to walk through the front gates and straight to the heart of the city.

This time Kurel wore no cloak or cover. He didn’t hide in the back of any caravan. He simply entered, exposed.

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my grandma says that there’s always some sort of spirit (whether good or malevolent) that’s watching over you. it’s why you’re not supposed to jokingly point a gun or hold a knife/sharp object towards someone because if a bad spirit happens to be around you, it can push your arm or w/e and cause you to harm someone unintentionally

Why do people continue to fuck with spirits oh my god leave their dead add alone they do not wanna associate with your mortal ass