so I was chatting to my mums friends kid, who is 15, and WTH IS THIS, LIKE OMG KID, WHY IS THIS MY LIFE.
  • me:so you like comics
  • boy:Yeah I love the avengers, especially Iron man
  • me:oh me too, tony stark is so badass, I love JARVIS too, the avengers really made me love loki, that sass war between loki and tony, perfection. I wish JARVIS would sass loki though
  • boy:who's JARVIS
  • me:his AI, or robot butler
  • boy:oh cool
  • me:what other superheros do you like
  • boy:I like Ironfist
  • me:I prefer spiderman, peter parker is such a great nerdy guy, I mean so awkward and a photographer too like me
  • boy:wait hold up, PETER PARKER IS SPIDERMAN
  • me:um yeah
  • boy:what the hell, why would you spoil that, I mean why would you do that to me, urgh nerdy girls are the worst. urgghhh
  • He stormed off, he wasn't even trolling me, he swore at me and sulked the entire time I was there, news flash kiddo if you claim to like iron man, then you have to know about JARVIS. I was in shock the entire day. and how do you not know peter parker is spiderman.

the weirdest fucking thing just happened.
so I was going home from hanging out with a friend and this guy starts to talk to me on the subway about how pretty I am, so I just laugh at him a bit like okay cool story, anyway I misunderstood him about where he lives and he misunderstood me so we ended up getting off at the same station and he asked if I wanted to hang out and I figured I could walk with him for a bit cause I had nothing else to do.
I think we spent at least 2 hours just talking and stuff and it was pretty cool, he seemed funny and kind of sweet. also he’s 19, so two years younger than me, and he kept referring to that, calling me noona and all.
so it was getting late and I said I have to go home now so he walked me to my building, and then he got really weird. I suppose he developed some sort of puppy love for me cause he just refused to let me go. repeating ‘noona gajima’ like 500 times, while holding my hands so I couldn’t leave. and like I kept saying “no, I have to go” “goodbye” “goodnight” “no” “I need to sleep” and he just didn’t listen, and then kept saying he loves me and doesn’t want me to leave. what the hell? I finally managed to get away from him cause I said I’ll meet him tomorrow, but fuck no I won’t. I prefer not having completely mental people in my life, good god.
so yeah, that was eventful.

I had a REALLY good time with lostintrafficlights though so I’m gonna write this down as a good day despite having a strange encounter…