"To be honest, Arashi’s music really has a lot of parts where we cannot develop freely according to our own will. But to be content with ourselves even under many different restrictions is also our style. ‘It’s precisely because it’s us that we can find pleasure in what we do’ kind of feeling. That’s probably very important too. If we can’t find the joy in what we do, then how can the fans do the same?"

- Ninomiya Kazunari's 10,000 word interview (source)

anonymous said:

Can you remind me why we all in love with niall

Loving Niall is a lot like self love, because Niall just makes you happy. Loving Niall is so fucking intense because once you let him in your heart, you just know that, even if the hype you feel might fade one day, he will always have his place there. Niall just changes your life for good because without being physically present, he just gives you what you need. He shares his life with all of us by posting cute pictures, he’s a gifted musician, he makes you laugh because he’s just silly. He both reminds you of the childish idiot of a crush you had in sixth grade, that immature, crazy boy that would tease you and pick on you but fight everyone who’d lay hands on you and the man you want to get married to and spend the rest of our life with, a smart, reliable, honest and well mannered man who does not only look good in suits, but also knows how to handle his business. He’s beautiful. On the outside ( his face is both cute with his big blue eyes and his cute big nose and also manly in the simplest way ever, his face isn’t complicated or “unusual”, it’s just plain beautiful by the simplest means ; his body is well shaped, he’s not too skinny, he looks like the kind of guy you don’t expect to be strong but I am absolutely sure he is; he’s got strong, veiny arms, a nice amount of hair on his manly chest, chicken legs that make him look especially cute, hands that you just want all over your body and beautiful hair and teeth and nice moles and birthmarks and pretty skin ) and on the inside, because he’s a genuienly good person. He can also be an asshole- he’s the kind of blunt guy that acts like a bad boy but cries over a Disney film. You both feel the urge to take care of and cook for him but also let him fuck you until you can’t see straight. He’s the perfect combination of cute and hot. His personal clothing style is absolutely adorable. Niall knows that he’s hot and he likes to show it off. He’s cocky as fuck, but not self centered. He’s arrogant, but not in an unfriendly way. He knows he’s good, but he’s still trying to get better. Niall is a perfectionist. And that’s by far what I love most about him: He’s so PASSIONATE. Everything he does, he does with passion. He’s grateful for his success but most of it is earned because he keeps trying to do better. HE wants to learn new things. He wants to be the best. He’s a leader personality. He’s a king type of man. THere’s not many things Niall isn’t good at. He lives with PASSION. And in the present. He’s a careless young man who enjoys being himself, enjoys living his life. And if you let Niall in your life, it gets a million times better. He’s an absolute dork, CLUMSY as fuck, but the fact he doesn’t take himself too seriously still makes him a winner. Niall is a heart and stomach guy, not a brain guy. And the fact that a nice pizza, the Stepbrothers DVD and some good music still makes him happier than any of the exclusive events he, a multi millionaire at the age of 20, could go to- I think that pretty much explains why I, and you, and so many people, love Niall Horan.