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Day 2: Summer Job - Striped Carnations

continuation of yesterday’s comic -> Day 1: Pining- “2 am”

Once again, Happy Eren and Levi Week ~!

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A “shirtless Kenshin” appreciation post

And one extra, because SOMEONE decided the live action movies didn’t need any shirtless Kenshin:

anonymous asked:

What does the tag WN stand for? Sorry, just curious. Also, thanks for ruining my life with that series man.

You’re welcome! (✿◠‿◠) Nah, I’m kidding, sorry about that, darling. But anyways, it stands for “Wrong Number” as it’s the Wrong Number series. 

The Wrong Number series:


Don’t Talk to Strangers 

Midnight Texts 



Q: Jimin’s attractive point is?